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Ground Zero Mosque Cordoba Center Exposes Wide-spread American Anti-Islam Bigotry

It appears that anti-Islam anti-Muslim American sentiments are spreading or at least becoming more vocal in the United States.
While Bryan Fischer calls for a moratorium on Mosque building in America we have a radio talk show host saying that if a Mosque is built near Ground Zero someone should blow it up and we have the Dove Church of Terry Jones planing a"burn the Qur'an Day to mark the 9/11 anniversary this year.
At the same time Fox News has been ginning up the hate by condemning for instance the Muslim Family Day at Six Flags amusement parks on Sept. 12 and other dates around the country at the end of Ramadan .
And Newt Gingrich argues that Muslims should be denied Freedom of Religion as long as any Muslim dominated country refuses to allow freedom of religion for non-Muslims then according to his twisted logic Muslim Americans should be denied freedom of religion in America.

The anti-Islam groups continue to attack Islam while claiming they do not hate Muslims it's just that they hate the Qur'an and the Prophet Muhammad and Islam .
They claim Islam is really just a violent cult with over 1.3 Billion believers world wide .

Also note how Fox News has been ginning up the hatred of all Muslims as part of its mandate . Fox News et al are stirring the pot of anti-Islamic bigotry.
We have also seen that attacks on American Muslims and on Mosques in America have grown over the years yet these acts of domestic terrorism are more often than not ignored by the main stream media and even down-played by the Obama administration .

So the anti-Islam crowd are fueling hatred of Muslim Americans.
Freedom of Religion they argue should be denied to Muslim Americans.
These Islamophobes continue to claim that Islam is not a real religion but a violent evil cult out to destroy all other religions.
They characterize Muslim Americans as not being "Real Americans".
They claim that Muslim Americans first allegiance is not to the United States but to Islam and the Qur'an and Sharia Islamic laws and traditions.

Bryan Fischer of the right wing organization the American Family Association calls for a moratorium on building Mosques in America.
So he relegate Muslim Americans as second class citizens who are to be under scrutiny and to be feared by Non-Muslim Americans .
This would be a violation of the rights of Muslim Americans.

Bryan Fischer: No More Mosques In America!

Conservative activist Islamophobe Pam Geller's earlier NY metro bus ads directed at Muslim Americans.
The ad ostensibly is to help Muslim American women who want to leave Islam.
According to Pam Geller et al their interpretation of the Qur'an and Islamic law Sharia is that anyone who leaves Islam as an apostate has committed a grave sin and that it is the duty of other Muslims to punish apostates by killing them.
CAIR and other Muslim American organizations claim that this is not the case in America.
The other issue is that anyone who physically attacks an apostate Muslim or even kills an apostate Muslim is under US Law still guilty of assault or murder. Killing a US citizen is still committing a crime no matter what their reasoning happens to be.
As the spokes person points out the ads are seen as an attempt to insult Islam and to stir up hatred and suspicion of Muslim Americans as not acting according to US laws.

NYC bus ads anger Muslims June 3, 2010

Pam Geller's newest campaign of bus ads in New York question the intentions of Muslim Americans who plan to build an Islamic Community centre close to 9/11 Ground Zero.
Pam Geller and Robert Spencer & Fox News & opportunists such as Newt Gingrich & Sarah Palin characterizing the building of this Mosque as a form of Islamic Triumphalism.
Their claim is that historically when Muslims conquered a country the first thing they did was to build a Mosque to celebrate their victory.
So they argue that the building of a Mosque near Ground Zero by Muslim Americans is to send the message that Islam is on its way to victory in America. Pam Geller and her organization Stop Islamization of America SIOA and other anti-Islam activist believe that Muslim Americans are part of a conspiracy to make America into an Islamic state or at the least to institute Sharia law in America .
That is to say that Muslim Americans are to enforce Sharia in America on all Muslims and that Sharia law comes before or supercedes the application of US Laws. So if Sharia calls for the death penalty for apostates such killings could take place without fear of retaliation by US law enforcement.
This is merely fear mongering.
But the Anti-Islam spokespersons ignore the fact that the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and US laws are applicable to all American citizens including Muslim Americans .

Note the use of certain phrases as Talking Points such as referring to the area around Ground Zero NY as "Sacred Ground" and that it is an insult to all non-Muslim Americans.

Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque Part 1- Democracy NOW!

Democracy NOW - DN Debate is intensifying over the planned construction of an Islamic center and mosque two blocks from New York's Ground Zero—but it is not just a local issue. Across the country Muslim groups are facing attacks over plans to build new mosques. We speak to Daisy Khan, of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, one of the main organizations behind the mosque project and the wife Imam Feisal Abdul Rau; and Stephan Salisbury, cultural writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and author of "Mohamed's Ghosts: An American Story of Love and Fear in the Homeland." Published with written permission from

Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque Part 2- Democracy NOW!

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