Monday, August 30, 2010

Glenn Beck's "Jesus Was a Free-Market Capitalist Rally " dishonors Martin Luther King Jr. And all Who Favor A More Just Society: " Social Justice"

The question is no longer "What Would Jesus Do ???" but rather " What Would The Beck Do???"

In what sense is Glenn Beck the multimillionaire anti-Social Justice Professional Agitator/ entertainer Rodeo Clown spewer of hate on a daily basis Gold-shiling ( Goldline inc.)Con Man anything like Martin Luther King Jr.
Besides is Glenn Beck aware Fox News is owned in part by Saudi interests.
Are rich people and or white Americans being told to go to the back of the bus or refused to even step onto the bus as blacks were.
Are rich kids and white kids not allowed to attend public schools with poor and lower class kids.
Are many white Americans discriminated against and even prevented from voting as Blacks once were.
Are rich folk and white folk prevented from eating in Walmart
Are rich folk and white folk told where they can and cannot live.
Are rich Folk and White Folk harrassed by the local police, the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security etc.

Are rich people & white being hunted down by some death squads sort of like a leftist version of the KKK. as hunting blacks "Coon Hunting" was a pass time for White Americans like a fox hunt is for upper class white Brits.
( This innovation occurred when the rich were no longer permitted to hunt down peasants and could no longer rape peasant women or use their right to rape a newly married peasant before her new husband-ah yes we are told those were the good old daywhen child labor and poor houses and the tread mill never stopped when the poor new their place .
Then as now the rich or well off say they are the chosen one's of destiny, of God of Karma so they deserve to be rich and do as they please and the peasants are left to suffer and die because God Hates the Poor, the aflicted etc.

Sinnerman (MLK remix)
jimmydoe | January 20, 2008

Video honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nina Simone with a remix version of her classic Sinnerman.

"Social Justice is a perversion of the Gospel of Jesus " Glenn Beck- all Hail the Beck!!!

OMG Jesus was a socialist, a communist and therefore according to Glenn Beck Jesus was a Nazi, a collectivist, a believer in eugenics -What Would the Beck Do-
As for Beck he hates the idea of Social Justice and Economic Justice.
God Beck says loves the rich, the powerful, the successful and punishes all others as lazy and lacking in Christian Faith. The more faith the more money.

Glenn Beck attacks 'social justice' Christians as Nazi's & Communists - Countdown goog2k | March 12, 2010

Lawrence O'Donnell & Rev. Jim Wallis discuss Glenn Beck's recent WACKO attacks on Christian churches that advocate "social justice." Duhh??? From MSNBC &

Preaching hate against any Christians who believe that Jesus was concerned about Social Justice. and many Christians interpret Jesus' words as not just giving some loose change /a few alms to the poor but to actually work towards improving their lot by encouraging economic justice .ie regulate interests on loans (Usury old Testament )


MoxNewsDotCom | March 12, 2010
March 12, 2010 ABC News

A couple of examples of people at Glenn Beck's Rally
several people compared him to Martin Luther King and the Messiah or Jesus of Nazareth and one preacher referred to Glenn Beck as The Son Of God????

Death Camps Arabs X

Impeach Obama Treason

The Muslims are coming. The Muslims are coming.
Fox News and Ground Zero Mosque both financed by Saudi Prince
Imam planning Mosque worked with President George W. Bush as well as the current Obama administration as an ambassador of good will in Muslim Countries.

GOP releases Anti-Muslim Attack Ad -The Young Turks

In case you missed it re-posting:

Glenn Beck Is NOT Martin Luther King Jr.
bravenewfoundation | August 25, 2010 Sign our pledge and leave a comment to commit to stand with Martin Luther King Jr's vision, and against Glenn Beck's hate, on August 28th. Forty seven-years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream Speech". This year on that date, Glenn Beck will hold a rally in the very same location. The hate-filled tenor of Beck is in direct contrast to Dr. King's noble and unifying vision.

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