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Despite Obama Islam Bashing Continues to Grow And The Geller Factor

Frenzy of Mosque building in America???

Islamophobe & hate mongering Nonie Darwish Caught in a Pool of Lies August6,2010.


We are going to have an explosive breakdown of the clownish Nonie Darwish, another charlatan akin to Wafa Sultan who is milking the Islamophobic cash cow for all it's worth. Jim Holstun, a professor at SUNY Buffalo wrote this great piece in 2008 that lays bear Nonie's excessive Islamophobia, as well as her contradictions and lies

Islamophobia: The new red scare?
Immigrants and Muslims being used as scapegoats
are Muslim Americans sincere yet naive about being accepted by all Americans. There are those who suggest the rights and freedoms of Muslim Americans should be

TheAlyonaShow | August 11, 2010

Islamophobia is on the rise in America. Politicians are using the peoples' fears to their advantage, and making them worse. It's almost as if Islamophobia has become the new communism, the new red scare. Hani Madhoun blogger at Kabobfest debates with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser President and Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy who says political Islam is radical Islam. Madhoun questions the sources of money working to fund the proposed mosque to be built near ground zero.

The Geller Factor
or how a few propagandists managed to make The Cordoba aka the "Ground Zero Mosque" national and international news.
Justin Elliot at Salon.com writes an important piece about the growth of the story till it filled the airwaves and the internet . Ah the power of a few bigots given the right conditions when their message of hate is more palatable.

How the "ground zero mosque" fear mongering began : A viciously anti-Muslim blogger, the New York Post and the right-wing media machine: How it all went down by Justin Elliot at Salon.com August 16,2010

A group of progressive Muslim-Americans plans to build an Islamic community center two and a half blocks from ground zero in lower Manhattan. They have had a mosque in the same neighborhood for many years. There's another mosque two blocks away from the site. City officials support the project. Muslims have been praying at the Pentagon, the other building hit on Sept. 11, for many years.

In short, there is no good reason that the Cordoba House project should have been a major national news story, let alone controversy. And yet it has become just that, dominating the political conversation for weeks and prompting such a backlash that, according to a new poll, nearly 7 in 10 Americans now say they oppose the project. How did the Cordoba House become so toxic, so fast?

In a story last week, the New York Times, which framed the project in a largely positive, noncontroversial light last December, argued that it was cursed from the start by "public relations missteps." But this isn't accurate. To a remarkable extent, a Salon review of the origins of the story found, the controversy was kicked up and driven by Pamela Geller, a right-wing, viciously anti-Muslim, conspiracy-mongering blogger, whose sinister portrayal of the project was embraced by Rupert Murdoch's New York Post.

Here's a timeline of how it all happened:

New Islamic Mosque at Ground Zero? (12.21.09)

Laura Ingraham talks to Daisy Khan, Executive Director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, about her husbands (Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf) plans to build a Mosque very close to Ground Zero in NYC.


* Dec. 8, 2009: The Times publishes a lengthy front-page look at the Cordoba project. "We want to push back against the extremists," Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the lead organizer, is quoted as saying. Two Jewish leaders and two city officials, including the mayor's office, say they support the idea, as does the mother of a man killed on 9/11. An FBI spokesman says the imam has worked with the bureau. Besides a few third-tier right-wing blogs, including Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs site, no one much notices the Times story.

* Dec. 21, 2009: Conservative media personality Laura Ingraham interviews Abdul Rauf's wife, Daisy Khan, while guest-hosting "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox. In hindsight, the segment is remarkable for its cordiality. "I can't find many people who really have a problem with it," Ingraham says of the Cordoba project, adding at the end of the interview, "I like what you're trying to do."

* (This segment also includes onscreen the first use that we've seen of the misnomer "ground zero mosque.") After the segment — and despite the front-page Times story — there were no news articles on the mosque for five and a half months, according to a search of the Nexis newspaper archive.

* May 6, 2010: After a unanimous vote by a New York City community board committee to approve the project, the AP runs a story. It quotes relatives of 9/11 victims (called by the reporter), who offer differing opinions. The New York Post, meanwhile, runs a story under the inaccurate headline, "Panel Approves 'WTC' Mosque." Geller is less subtle, titling her post that day, "Monster Mosque Pushes Ahead in Shadow of World Trade Center Islamic Death and Destruction." She writes on her Atlas Shrugs blog, "This is Islamic domination and expansionism. The location is no accident. Just as Al-Aqsa was built on top of the Temple in Jerusalem." (To get an idea of where Geller is coming from, she once suggested that Malcolm X was Obama's real father. Seriously.)

* May 7, 2010: Geller's group, Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), launches "Campaign Offensive: Stop the 911 Mosque!" (SIOA 's associate director is Robert Spencer, who makes his living writing and speaking about the evils of Islam.) Geller posts the names and contact information for the mayor and members of the community board, encouraging people to write. The board chair later reports getting "hundreds and hundreds" of calls and e-mails from around the world.

* May 8, 2010: Geller announces SIOA's first protest against what she calls the "911 monster mosque" for May 29. She and Spencer and several other members of the professional anti-Islam industry will attend. (She also says that the protest will mark the dark day of "May 29, 1453, [when] the Ottoman forces led by the Sultan Mehmet II broke through the Byzantine defenses against the Muslim siege of Constantinople." The outrage-peddling New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser argues in a note at the end of her column a couple of days later that "there are better places to put a mosque."

* May 13, 2010: Peyser follows up with an entire column devoted to "Mosque Madness at Ground Zero." This is a significant moment in the development of the "ground zero mosque" narrative: It's the first newspaper article that frames the project as inherently wrong and suspect, in the way that Geller has been framing it for months. Peyser in fact quotes Geller at length and promotes the anti-mosque protest of Stop Islamization of America, which Peyser describes as a "human-rights group." Peyser also reports — falsely — that Cordoba House's opening date will be Sept. 11, 2011.

Lots of opinion makers on the right read the Post, so it's not surprising that, starting that very day, the mosque story spread through the conservative — and then mainstream — media like fire through dry grass. Geller appeared on Sean Hannity's radio show. The Washington Examiner ran an outraged column about honoring the 9/11 dead. So did Investor's Business Daily. Smelling blood, the Post assigned news reporters to cover the ins and outs of the Cordoba House development daily. Fox News, the Post's television sibling, went all out.

Within a month, Rudy Giuliani had called the mosque a "desecration." Within another month, Sarah Palin had tweeted her famous "peaceful Muslims, pls refudiate" tweet. Peter King and Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty followed suit — with political reporters and television news programs dutifully covering "both sides" of the controversy.

Geller had succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

Queen of the Islamophobes Pam Geller characterizes Obama's speech on Mosques and Muslim Americans as being another example of Obama's appeasement towards Islam which is either just wrong headed or naive or calculated signaling that he is or might be a secret Muslim or at least out to destroy America.

She then question's Obama's knowledge about Islam, Sharia Law and the Qur'an giving her own rather biased interpretation of the Qur'an which she accordingly finds and picks out of context verses which she believes supports her belief that Islam is evil, intolerant, violent . She argues that fighting , conquering all non-Muslims is basic to Islam.

Pam Geller (SIOA) at Atlas Shugs Obama's Ground Zero Mosque Blessing August 14, 2010

and : at Salon.com Angle, Vitter issue unasked-for opinions on "ground zero mosque" by Alex Pareene, August 16,2010

Over the weekend, Barack Obama attempted to explain that there is no legitimate constitutional method by which the government could or should block the construction of an Islamic community center in lower Manhattan.

Now that the president has weighed in, we get to hear from even more people who have very important opinions on what should've never become an issue outside of some sparsely attended community board meetings!

Sharron Angle, a holy warrior on a Blues Brothers-esque mission from God to defeat Harry Reid, basically made Obama's argument, almost exactly, while attacking him for loving Muslims.

"Our forefathers made it very clear in the U.S. Constitution that people of all faiths have the right to practice their religion here in America. As with all religions, Muslims have the right to worship in New York or Nevada or any state in our nation.

However, by supporting the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero, President Obama has once again ignored the wishes of the American people, this time at the expense of victims of 9/11 and their families.

So... while Muslims enjoy the same constitutional protections as all the rest of us, the president is wrong to not be upset about that fact. I think.

Harry Reid has not yet said anything on the subject, in part because he, like most prominent Senate Democrats, is a political coward, and also because it has literally nothing to do with Nevada.

Another state where the construction of an Islamic community center in lower Manhattan won't affect a single soul is Louisiana. Senator David Vitter had this to say:

President Obama's support of building the mosque at Ground Zero is a slap in the face to the American people and I've demanded that President Obama reverse his position.

At least birther queen Orly Taitz is being more proactive than Vitter and Angle with her opposition to the Cordoba House! She is calling on her followers to erect a pig's head at the shuttered Burlington Coat Factory building, which will put an end to this whole mess.

Jase Short on Islamophobia in America
From: EricAllenBell | August 16, 2010

"As the economic crisis grows deeper and people's resentment - which is legitimate - against the Federal Government grows, people are going to be looking for answers. And this group, the Religious Right, have answers set for them. Pick on the weakest people you can find - the Muslim population in America." - Jase Short

Beck characterizes Mosque at Ground Zero as tied into Islamic Terrorism.
Then he goes onto say that all Muslims are radical and fanatical and have no respect for women and others.
Just because a Judge confuses the issue of rights versus faith and says its ok for a man to rape his wife. At one time Christians also claimed that under the law a husband cannot by definition rape his wife.
Other Christians believe that a husband can beat his wife or at least spank her for offending him ???
Beck here claims to not hate all Muslims just those who follow the qur'an- he again confuses Qur'anic laws with secular traditional laws which have become part of Sharia Islamic law.

Glenn Beck - Too Much Tolerance in America? (8.11.10)

Glenn Beck talks about the motives of the Imam (Feisal Abdul Rauf) who wants to build a Mosque near Ground Zero. He also talks about the excessive tolerance in America and the consequences we are suffering as a result.

and so it goes,

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