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CAIR Asks Newt Gingrich to Not Speak at Anti-Islam Anti-Muslim Rally in NY on 9/11 Anniversary & More Geller Lunacy & Jon Stewart Chimes In


From Pam Geller's Bigoted Islamophobe blog Atlas Shrugs-

Photo of Obama in Muslim garb found at Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs.
Newt Gingrich using "Ground Zero Mosque " controversy for his own political agenda while giving credence and legitimacy to Anti-Islam anti-Muslim American organizations and individuals.
Gingrich and Geller liken Islam to Nazis.
(for instance within the revisionist history of the Islamophobes is the theory that the idea of The Final Solution for the Jews of Europe was first imagined and instigated by Arabs and Muslims and that Hitler was their dupe-ah yes the dumbing-down of America is now baring fruit-that is ignorance, racism, hate , bigotry etc.

Jon Stewart first applauds Obama's inspiring speech about Islam and the American principle of Religious Freedom.
The he is dumbfounded as many of us were by his so called clarifying remarks.

Jon Stewart on Absurd Controversy Ginned Up Over Islamic Center: “WTF Is Wrong With You People??? Posted by AlterNet Staff on August 17,2010

See Comedy Central for longer clip Canadian viewers see: "Daily Show Jon Stewart Not In My Baqyard"
(Will post longer version when available)
On Monday’s Daily Show, Jon weighed in on the brouhaha surrounding the Islamic Community Center planned several blocks away from ground zero.

Enlisting the help of his Senior Religion Correspondent, John Oliver, Stewart raised a number of questions about fundamental freedoms, media inadequacy and what it means to be “American.”

The debate, of course, devolved into shouted expletives between Stewart and his limey counterpart. Jolly good fun all around.

Experts say anti-Muslim rhetoric undermines struggle against extremism via Media Matters August 16, 2010

Foreign policy experts have warned that anti-Muslim rhetoric surrounding the planned Islamic cultural center and mosque in New York City threatens to undermine anti-terrorism efforts. Moreover, the Bush administration maintained that it is "very important that we show the world that America is a very tolerant and diverse society where people are welcome to practice their faith."


CAIR is alarmed by the anti-Islam demonstration to be held in New York on 9/11 anniversary with the likes of Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer and neo-fascist racist Geert Wilders.

One can readily see this event as an orchestrated first major offensive against Islam and against all Muslim Americans whom these professional bigots & propagandists characterize as having no real loyalty to America or Western Civilization.

CAIR issued a statement regarding Newt Gingrich's intention to speak at the ostensibly Anti-Ground Zero Mosque demonstration by which Gingrich's presence will lend legitamacy to the bigoted anti-Islam crowd.

But the demonstration to be held in New York on the 9/11 anniversary is mainly a propaganda tactic being used by anti-Islam organizations and individuals to encourage mistrust and hatred of Islam and all Muslims including Muslim Americans and to demonize Islam and Muslims as being the enemy.

They also characterize any who dare defend Islam or Muslim Americans as being enablers of Islamic Terrorism and its desire to force America into at the very least to accept Sharia Islamic traditional law for all Muslim Americans and eventually for all Americans.

August 17, 2010
3:01 PM

CONTACT: Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR)
CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper,
202-488-8787, E-Mail:;
CAIR Communications Coordinator Amina Rubin,
202-488-8787, , E-Mail:
CAIR Asks Gingrich Not to Speak at Rally with Islam Hater
Presidential hopeful scheduled to appear with Dutch extremist who calls for ban on Quran

WASHINGTON - August 17 - A prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization today called on former House Speaker and presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich not to speak at a rally in opposition to a planned Islamic community center in New York City featuring an anti-Islam extremist who has called for a ban on the Quran, Islam's revealed text.

CAIR said Gingrich is scheduled to appear with anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders at the September 11 rally sponsored by the hate group Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), which is led by individuals with long histories of promoting Islamophobia.

[NOTE: Other speakers scheduled to appear at the rally include Ginny Thomas, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's wife, and controversial conservative activist Andrew Breitbart. SEE: ]

Wilders has in the past called for banning the Quran, taxing Muslim women who wear Islamic head scarves, ending immigration from Muslim countries, and prohibiting the construction of new mosques. He has said, "I hate Islam" and has called Islam's Prophet Muhammad "the devil."

"Anyone who aspires to become president of the United States should not be seen lending support to hate-mongers and Islamophobes," said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper. "Muslim-bashing may score Mr. Gingrich some cheap political points in the current climate of anti-Islam hysteria, but if he occupied the white House, such associations would inevitably harm our nation's international image."

SEE: Newt Gingrich Compares Mosque to Nazis via August 16, 2010

Below are the links in this article elaborated upon followed by more of the lunacy that is Atlas Shugs' Pam Geller and other anti-Islamic groups and individuals , Jihad Watch, FrontPage Mag etc.

CAIR: What Would Bush Do About the Ground Zero Mosque? by Andrea Stone August 17, 2010

WASHINGTON (Aug. 17) -- The political battle over plans to build an Islamic center two blocks from ground zero is reaching biblical proportions as Republicans pummel President Barack Obama and Democrats for being insensitive to victims of 9/11.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Monday compared the center -- which many prominent Jewish officials support -- to Nazis trying to protest outside a Holocaust museum. Republican campaign staffers send out e-mails placing Obama on the same page as the leader of Hamas. And GOP candidates in places far away from lower Manhattan quickly launched TV ads declaring, "Mr. President, ground zero is the wrong place for a mosque."

...days after the 9/11 attacks, Bush had much to say about the need for religious tolerance even after Islamic extremists carried out the worst foreign attack in history on U.S. soil.

"The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam," Bush said at the Islamic Center of Washington in a speech that set the tenor for when he later sent U.S. troops to fight on Muslim soil in Afghanistan and later Iraq. "That's not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace. These terrorists don't represent peace. They represent evil and war."

He went on to say, in words that Democrats who disagreed with Bush on nearly every issue now recall fondly, that despite raw emotions, millions of American Muslims "need to be treated with respect. In our anger and emotion, our fellow Americans must treat each other with respect."

Experts Say Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Undermines Struggle Against Extremism
CAIR-FL: Fear-Mongering's at Its Bigoted Peak for Primaries
Conservative Muslim-Americans' Letter To GOP Leaders: Don't Bring Mosque Debate Into Elections

Hooper said SIOA's founder, Pamela Geller, has claimed that "Hitler and the Nazis were inspired by Islam" and offered rhetorical support to both accused Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic and slain Apartheid-era leader Eugene Terre'blanche.

SEE: How the "Ground Zero Mosque" Fear Mongering Began
Pamela Geller: The Looniest Blogger Ever

She has posted images on her blog that include a photoshopped photograph of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan in a Nazi uniform, another fake image of President Obama urinating on an American flag and drawings purporting to depict Islam's Prophet Muhammad as a pig. In a June 25 blog entry, Geller posted a video claiming that Muslims engage in bestiality.

SEE: Screen Shot of 'Muslim Bestiality' Post on Geller's Blog
CAIR Video: TV Host Exposes Pamela Geller's Anti-Muslim Bigotry
SIOA is an Anti-Muslim Hate Group
Fox Opens Its Airwaves to Anti-Muslim Activist Geller

SIOA co-founder Robert Spencer has called Islam's Prophet Muhammad a "con man." The independent national media watch group Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) identified Spencer as one of "Islamophobia's Dirty Dozen" who systematically "spread fear, bigotry, and misinformation." In its report, FAIR said, "By selectively ignoring inconvenient Islamic texts and commentaries, Spencer concludes that Islam is innately extremist and violent."

SEE: FAIR Unmasks the Smearcasters - Robert Spencer

The United States Patent and Trademark Office refused to grant SIOA a trademark because: "The applied-for mark refers to Muslims in a disparaging manner because by definition it implies that conversion or conformity to Islam is something that needs to be stopped or caused to cease."

SIOA, Geller and Spencer are all affiliated with another anti-Islam hate group, American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), the founder of which wrote: "[T]here are no innocent muslims. islam is subject to killing on grounds of political expediency on the same basis as islam kills its victims, and islam cannot ethically and morally claim otherwise." [Note: Grammatical errors in the original text have been maintained.]

SEE: SIOA Co-Founder: Kill Your Liberal Relatives and All Muslims posted by Emperor at

SIOA is an outgrowth of a similar group in Europe called Stop the Islamization of Europe, which seeks to block the construction of mosques on that continent and "considers Islamophobia to be the height of common sense."

CAIR is America's largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

Daisy Cutter;

SIOA co-founder: kill your liberal relatives and all Muslims by Daisy Cutter

The recent nontroversy over the not-actually-”at”-Ground-Zero not-actually-a-mosque is sure to heat up now that the first piece of red tape was shredded away. One of the key leaders of the movement to demonize the project, along with every other mosque being constructed in the country, is well-known wingnut blogger Pamela Geller. Along with Robert Spencer, she incorporated a nonprofit known as the American Freedom Defense Initiative. This organization seems to be the umbrella group that operates the more familiarly known SIOA (Stop the Islamisation of America). It is this group that provided the funding for legal counsel in its lawsuit to allow for anti-Islamic bus ads.

The articles of agreement for the non-profit corporation was registered in New Hampshire and can be found here . One of the founding members of the board is named John Joseph Jay.

...A Google search for his name comes up with multiple accounts on right-wing anti-Muslim pro-Zionist web sites. One of which is Israel Insider. This profile further links us to his blog.To put it lightly, this man is clearly very disturbed.

In this post, he makes it known how far patriotic right-wing Americans should be willing to go in order to preserve their freedom from the liberal menace.

for instance he is quoted as saying : "buy guns. buy ammo. be jealous of your liberties. and, understand, you are going to have to kill folks, your uncles, your sons and daughters, to preserve those liberties."

and: in short, that there are no innocents in islam.

in short, that there is no innocence in islam.

that all of islam is at war with us, and that all of islam is/are [a] combatant[s.]

and goes on : islam has no pretension to “innocence,” no more than the victims of islam. there is no innocence. there are no innocent muslims. islam is subject to killing on grounds of political expediency on the same basis as islam kills its victims, and islam cannot ethically and morally claim otherwise.

and shockingly argues that this is all part of God's design to raise up Christianity and to eliminate Islam and all Muslims:

in short, dear muslims, g_d in his infinite wisdom saw in advance this struggle between men and religions to win his favor, and the only thing that is foreordained, is that the strong and the resolute shall win his favor, and so far, it has been amply demonstrated that he has chosen the jews as his people, and favored christianity with science, technology, culture and military power. to islam, he has given the hind and dry tit, and the sewers and the deserts of the world in which to inhabit, and in which to fester. i do not know what the future holds in particular, save that islam will be defeated, and i make this assertion on history as i have seen it: islam flowered, and the flower withered on decay and degradation and intellectual sloth from which islam will never recover. you owe all your contemporary “success” because of the indulgence of western socialists who want to defeat free market economics, and when their indulgence wanes, … , well then, you will suffer your destruction.


Pam geller at Atlas Shrugs in her Islamophobia hysteria characterizes Islam and all Muslims as the enemy of Israel America and Western Civilization.
Now she says the Middle East is only three days away from Armageddon.
She argues that once the nuclear reactors in Iran go online it will be too late to stop Iran from developing a nuclear arsenal.
Pam compares Muslim Iran to Nazi Germany and as a clear and present danger to Israel the Middle East and America
She and others also compared Saddam to Hitler and that he had enough WMD to kill tens of millions seems that wasn't true but here we go again . Three days to Armageddon.

So she sees the enemy that is Islam progressing towards world domination with arming Iran with nuclear weapons while in other spheres in Europe and America working overtly and in stealth as a fifth column to undermine America's and the West resolve to defend its culture and its way of life.
They the enemy are building community centers in NY and planning to Nuke Israel and then all of Christendom .

Atlas Shrugs Aug. 17,2010
Israel Has Three Days Left to Save the World

Just as we revere our parents and grandparents as the greatest generation for defeating the forces of evil in their victory over the Nazis and the axis of powers, our children and grandchildren will despise us for leaving them held hostage to nuclear rogue regimes and their proxies (Hamas, Hezb'allah etc.)

It has come to this, reporting on the play by play as we catapult towards catastrophe. Israel is our only hope as the post American president is aiding and abetting a nuclear Iran. Barack Obama is enabling Iran’s Islamic bomb, is inveterately hostile to Israel, and generally appears intent on turning America’s historical enemies into friends and friends into enemies.

In a breathtaking surrender to Russia in August 2009, Obama abandoned our allies Poland and the Czech Republic, scrapping their missile-defense shield for Russian cooperation in stopping the Iranian bomb.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, told Israel Radio today that there are only three days left for Israel to attack Iran if it wants to stop the Islamic Republic from manufacturing nuclear weapons.

On Friday, Russia announced that on August 21st, it will start loading nuclear fuel into the Bushehr reactor. Bushehr is Iran's first atomic power station. Bolton said that once the reactor, also built by Russia, becomes operational on Friday, it will be too late to attack, because the attacking it would result in fallout of radioactive material as far as the Persian Gulf and hurt Iranian civilians.

Ostensibly Obama made a deal with Russia: he would scrap the missile-defense plans for Eastern Europe in exchange for Russian help in blocking Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons. The silence in the media on this catastrophic failure is deafening. Bomb meet boob.

Doing a Google search of "Islamophobia" or under "Muslims in the White House" at Atlas Shurgs for example:

Atlas Shrugs 267 posts categorized "Muslim in the White House?" includes the following headlines that are anti-Obama, accusing him of being a secret Muslim as if this were equivalent to being a Nazi or a Commie -

Tuesday, June 02, 2009
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December 2007:
Obama, the Muslim Thing and why it Matters Israel National News

March 2008:
Obama and Islam: The Third Rail in American Politics

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