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"Values Voter Summit" Religious Right Hate-Fest

UPDATE: 2:56 PM Sept. 18, 2009

Religious Right Gears Up For Another Fun-Filled Hate-Fest

In this video these Religious Right nutters are depicted as mere "Clowns" but these clowns have clout and a stockpile of hatred and guns while they wait for Armageddon or think they can hurry it along.

The Clowns Of September-DanVojir

The month of September '09 will go down in history as the Great Age of Political Clowns. They are amassing for Values Voter Summit and the like. Never have we seen such an array of baffoonery!

and now the lost Baldwin brother at the 2008 " Values Voter Summit":


Ken Stevenson visits the Values Voter Summit, where he's being educated by Steven Baldwin

banner for Gary Bauer's " Our American Values " Sponsor for "Values Voter Summit 2009"

If interested: A Riotous Weekend of Comedy: Live from the Values Voter Summit...

If you are unable to make the Values Voter Summit this Friday and Saturday, don't worry, you can still catch it on the internet. Our friends at American Family Association (AFA) will be partnering with FRC Action with a live webcast from the Values Voter Summit. You will be able to watch former Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, former Govs. Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-Minn.), Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas), House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), best-selling author Joel Rosenberg, and many more. Also, you will be able to attend virtually FRC Action's health care town hall meeting featuring Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), and Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) You can watch it free online beginning Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. ET.

Tony Perkins: King David Was a Values Voter
Submitted by Kyle on September 18, 2009 - 9:20am
Right Wing Watch
Family Research President Tony Perkins kicks off the Values Voter Summit by declaring that the hope for America is present in this conference room; people who know their rights come from God and not from government government, who won't let a "radical minority redefine the family out of existence,” and who are ready to rise to the challenge ... people just like King David:

Pence: Starting Now, DC Is A No Czar Zone
Submitted by Kyle on September 18, 2009
at Right Wing Watch
Rep. Mike Pence addresses the Values Voter Summit, declaring that for all his power, nothing is more important that his relationship with Christ before proclaiming that, starting now, Washington is a "no czar zone":

Carrie Prejean Speaks At the Values Voter Summit
Submitted by Kyle on September 18, 2009
Right Wing Watch
Carrie Prejean addressed the Values Voter Summit today and we have uploaded her entire address in two YouTube videos below, but for those who don't want to sit through her the entire fifteen minutes of her self-pity, defiance, martyrdom, and egotism, here is an edited version in which she declares that she was called by God during the pageant to stand for truth and so "even though I didn't win the crown that night, I know that the Lord has so much of a bigger crown in Heaven for me":

Lisa Derrick at Firedoglake thinks the Summit would be a hoot-she might but they don't like spies.

Values Voter Summit: Oh Please Someone, We Have To Attend! Lisa Derrick at Friday July 24, 2009

How could anyone not want to go to this absolutely lulz-filled weekend of wingnuts, whackjobs, blowhard bloviators, bigots, hypocrites and high-horsed, narrow-minded numbskulls known as the Values Voter Summit?

It's a tea party on acid, beyond Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Oh won't someone send me, pleeeeeease? (Sadly though, my Values Voter heroes, John Ensign, Mark Sanford and Paul Stanley weren't invited....)

Along with guests like the obvious (Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman, Bill O'Reilly, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Jim DeMint, Don Wildmon, Glenn Beck, Bobby Jindal) and party fossil celebs Fred Thompson, Ben Stein and Phyllis Shlafly, plus actor Gary Sinise and former teen star turned-uber-freaky Jesus dude/Way of the Master pitchman Kirk Cameron, there will be the new illiterati of the theocons: Those multi-media stars Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean and Stephen Baldwin! Wow, there is part of me that wishes Baldwin would pull a Rob-Lowe-at-the-1988-DNC-Convention video moment with the two former beauty queens. Now that would have some value!

Check out these rocking breakout sessions! It's gonna be so hard to decide which ones to attend!


... Sponsored by American Values;Focus on the Family Action; The Heritage Foundation; by American Family Association; , Family & Freedom Gala Dinner Honoring Phyllis Schlafly on Saturday Evening

Sadly, Palin and Prejean haven't confirmed, nor have Mitt Romney, Maggie Gallagher, Sean Hannity, or over half the names on the invited speakers page which reads like a C Street spank bank list, but even if they don't, it'll still be a hoot with sixteen exhibitors like
Let Freedom Ring,
Watchmen on the Wall founded by Tony Perkins who is the President of Family Research Council,
Chalcedon: Reconstructionists, the very Catholic group American TFP (Tradition, Family, and Property),
The American Civil Rights Union,
Liberty University School of Law ,
and of course Americans United for Life,
plus sponsors American Family Association,
the Family Research Council (plus FRC Action, their legislative action group)
and The Heritage Foundation .

and some helpful links:
Values Voter Summit 2009

and list of : Speakers at The Values Voter Summit

and a list of:
Sponsors of Values Voter Summit

Our American Pres. Gary Bauer

and last years summit :

"Religious Right Activists Serve Up Rancid Rhetoric, Partisan Posturing And Even A Racist Waffle Mix At ‘Pro-Family’ Confab" By Rob Boston October 2008 Featured at Americans United

Although billed as a “pro-family” gathering, it would have been more accurate to call this year’s “Values Voter Summit” a collection of mean-spirited rants, delivered by a parade of ultra-conservative activists, against anyone who dares disagree with the Religious Right’s political agenda.

It also had the feel of a two-day rally for Republican vice presidential can­didate Sarah Palin, an evangelical Christian. At times during the D.C. gathering, it was easy to forget that U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is actually heading the GOP ticket. His name was mentioned infrequently. Any use of Palin’s name, however, inevitably sparked a round a cheers and applause from the audience. Many attendees sported stickers reading “Palin Power” and “I ♥ Palin.”

The Religious Right’s Cult of Palin flourished without a personal visit from her. At the beginning of the event, Family Research Council Pres­ident Tony Perkins announced that invitations had been issued to the McCain campaign and the Demo­cratic ticket of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and U.S. Sen. Joe Bi­den (D-Del.). All four said they could not make it.

...Star Parker, an anti-welfare activist much loved by the Religious Right for incendiary rhetoric that she delivers through a screeching howl, accused media elites and leftists of “trying to mock our candidate.” Parker added, “The God-haters try to deceive us…. I really feel good about the place we are.” (For good measure, Parker blasted sending children to “these cess­pools we call schools so that they can be indoctrinated by anti-Christian worldviews,” opined that people are poor because they’re not right with God and said taxing the rich to pay for social service programs is “a violation of the Scripture.”)

During the event’s closing banquet Saturday night, FRC staffer Gil Mertz, who served as emcee, laid it out for the audience.

“This is a spiritual battle,” he said, “and I believe and I think you will join with me, that we just need to cover Sarah Palin with prayer for the next 50 days against the spiritual forces of darkness. It’s just quite that simple.”

...Fox News Channel host Sean Han­nity ridiculed Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention at a sports stadium in Denver whose stage had been decorated in Greco-Roman style, mocking the candidate as “Barack ‘Apollo’ Obama” and saying his main accomplishment is the ability to “read the words of others off a teleprompter.” (Ironically, during the Saturday banquet honoring Charles W. Colson, the ex-Watergate felon who founded Prison Fellowship, the stage was decorated with four Greco-Roman columns.)

and a note on the mean spirited partisan phony journalist Sean Hannity- he should have been forced off Fox News for taking part in the convention and for his comments esp on Ted Kennedy-but no matter Americans are becoming immune to this sort of gutter sniping from the Extreme Right which has now become the Mainstream of the Right.

Hannity made jokes about the sobriety of U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), who is battling a brain tumor that could be fatal. He led the crowd in yelling “No!” to a series of questions about Obama’s fitness to be president and concluded by remarking, “You have a choice. I’m pro-choice. I’m voting for John McCain and Gov. Palin!” (After announcing his intention to vote for McCain-Palin, Hannity promoted his upcoming interview with the Alaska governor.)

and from the lost Baldwin brother:

Actor Stephen Baldwin, a convert to evangelical Christianity, ranted about the evils of Hollywood – a city that has provided him with a comfortable living – and vowed to assail its walls.

“A majority of what [Hollywood] does is evil,” Baldwin said. “The culture is being terrorized by this evil spirit that is operating through these things. And now I gotta tell ya something – I’m sick and tired of it.”

The way to make America better, Baldwin asserted, “is to make more Christians.” He later asserted, “We are the hands of the Lord Jesus here in this room. I don’t know about you and I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I’m putting some boxing gloves on mine.” He urged attendees to begin “kicking butt for the kingdom of God.”

and so it goes,

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