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Fox News At 9/12 March On Washington Fakes & Stages Events;Inflates Size Of Crowds & Ignores Its Extremist Tone

Kudos to for the video of a Fox News producer behind the cameras coaching the crowd at the Glenn Beck 9/12 Project/Tea Party March on Washington.

"Candid Camera: Behind the scenes video at 9/12 protest shows Fox News producer coaching crowd" September 18, 2009 by Karl Frisch at

We just received the following behind the scenes footage from an anonymous tipster showing what appears to be a Fox News producer encouraging a crowd to scream and holler during a "report" by Fox News' Griff Jenkins at the 9/12 protest:

Here's how it looked on Fox News:

and the article continues with the understatement of the year:

We would expect that type of behavior from a producer of, say, a daytime talk show with a live studio audience like Oprah or Maury or Jerry, but from a cable news producer? Really?

I guess it wasn't enough for Fox News to promote the hell out of Glenn Beck's 9/12 death march – they also needed to incite the crowd – you know, get them nice and pumped up so they'd looked good for the cameras.

Fair & Balanced? More like Fake & Staged.

also from
Playing clip of Beck, CBS's Greenfield notes "fear" of Obama "fed ... by Fox News pundits"
Greenfield also fact-checks Fox's false ad claiming other media outlets did not cover tea party protest
From the September 20 edition of CBS Sunday Morning:

Fox News is now officially the Propaganda channel for the Anti-Obama faction in America. It is also the official Propaganda organ for the Tea Party organizations and for Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project/ Tea Party March on Washington which was held on September 12, 2009. Fox News has engaged in the use of fake photos to staged events by Fox News producers to wildly inflating the numbers of participants from 75 thousand to 1-2 million to claiming that the crowds represented a cross section of the American populace and that there were only a handful of extremists in the crowds.
At the various websites promoting the 9/12 Project March potential participants were told to act in a civil manner and that there would be "zero Tolerance" for inappropriate signs or speech comparing in any way Obama to Hitler, the Nazis, to Fascists or Mao or anything which could be construed as racist and yet these signs were everywhere according to various reports by those not connected with the Fox Channel.

This is just plain old fashioned staged propaganda Goebels & Hitler would be proud but Jesus Not So Much .

Odd how these Tea Party protesters and their conservative and Republican friends are constantly accusing Obama for using various propaganda techniques which they themselves employ.

The inflating of the numbers is important in this sort of game since the anti-Obama faction want to prove that they represent the average American . What they appeared to have hoped for was a crowd equal to the 2 million or more which showed up for Obama's Inauguration Ceremony which would then give their cause credibility.

If their numbers were only 75 thousand then this may not be enough to convince many Americans that these protesters represent the average American. So the 9/12 Tea Party Project organizers needed to have a much larger number of demonstrators but since the number was low they have resorted to inventing another Mainstream Media Conspiracy Theory that the pro-Obama Media under reported the 9/12 March and that they gave out these low numbers of participants in order to damage their cause.

The Tea Party organizers also claimed that much of the media intentionally focused on the most outrageous extremists at the march whom they claim were a tiny minority but the interviews and films of the crowd shows these extremists were not a minority but were closer to representing the majority of demonstrators.

Now that has obtained film footage showing a Fox News producer actively orchestrating the responses of the crowds in the video above we now have a smoking gun as it were proving Fox News is entangled with the Religious Right and anti-Obama anti-health care reform while promoting various conspiracy theories about Obama while enabling and giving credence to extremists including white supremacist. What appeared on Fox News was a loud cheering crowd who were at times drowning out the person giving the live report on the March. This is rather incredible and outrageous and for a News Agency down right unethical. As the writer of the story points out this is not some TV talk show like Jerry Springer, or Oprah or Ellen or Dr. Phil this is supposed to a picture of reality.

The other issue is that the reporter seems to be giving Glenn Beck exactly the answers to his questions that Glenn would want. The reporters long list of those attending as representing a cross section of the American population appears rather scripted as opposed to being off the cuff live reporting.

Rick Sanchez of CNN takes on Fox News for lying and misleading the public by claiming that CNN did not cover Tea Party Rallies or the Glenn Beck Tea Party anti-tax anti-Obama 9/12 Project.

He says CNN covered these events extensively but did not promote these events since that is not the job of CNN as a news Network because to do otherwise would be unethical which is of course just what Fox News did . So Fox News is upset that CNN and other networks didn't promote or show their support for these events.

CNN's Rick Sanchez Calls FOX News Liars

Obama to CNN's King: "The easiest way to get on CNN or Fox or ... MSNBC is to just say something rude and outrageous"
From the September 20 edition of CNN's State of the Union:

The Religious Right are not followers of Jesus but rather they favor the selfish ideology of getting ahead anyway you can. There are as they say no rules in love or war or capitalism or the Free Market Place. There are only winners and losers and the losers should take their lumps and stop complaining.

This is the Religious Right and Republicans and Neo-Liberal view of the world .In such a world honesty and civility are the values of the weak and the naive. In Obama's response to all the over heated rhetoric and vitriol he appears rather naive. Because with the 24 hour news cycle a misrepresentation of the facts or misinformation and outright lies can go unchallenged long enough that a large number of people will take these as facts and spread them to others through the internet on My Space, Face Book, Blogs, Youtube, Twitter etc.

Obama may be sincere in his attitude but his opponents are not interested in civility or reasonable dialogue but rather in convincing people that Obama is out to destroy the country they love and they will use all the means at their disposal and will eagerly cross the line from misrepresentation to outright lying and name calling and spreading a hundred different conspiracy theories which by their very nature are difficult to disprove. If one offers evidence to disprove a particular conspiracy theory then that evidence the proponents of that theory will say is fabricated because of course Obama or the government is going to deny what the Conspiracy Theorists claims to be the truth.

Howard Dean argues in the video of his interview on Countdown at MSNBC that the Hate Radio Jocks & Fox News Professional agitators & Republicans who use angry vicious rhetoric appeal to the worst in people. People fear change and the Right plays on these fears. So they stir people up reaching out to those who hate Gays or Blacks or Hispanics or feminists or whomever it is that they distrust and fear and by doing so empower such people lending credibility to their unreasonable hatred and paranoia.

So Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Glenn Beck want to stir the pot and make matters worse feedong the populace insane "Conspiracy Theories" combined with misinformation and outright lies. They are against the notion of tolerance and understanding and empathy for those who are different from them. So these Hate Merchants use the notion of the "other" as a target and as a scapegoat for whatever is wrong in their own lives or what is wrong with the nation. Their audience can then feel superior to these "outsiders' Blacks, Hispanics, Gay ,feminists, immigrants , intellectuals , the poorest of the poor the homeless, the jobless , those dependent upon welfare or Food Banks and Soup Kitchens etc. So in their fantasies and nightmares they fear that all of those outsiders and the evil hordes in the Ghettos will one day rise up against their white superiors.To those on the Right tolerance means caving into other competing groups rather than fighting them and insisting on maintaining the status quo ie white male christian supremacy. So the Hate Jocks appeal to these sometimes deeply buried or not so deeply buried fears and fantasies.

Howard Dean & Keith Olbermann Discuss Right-Wing "Hate Radio"; & Beck & The Pig-Man's Role

(Via ) Discussing incendiary remarks on "hate radio," Dean said "Limbaugh," "Beck" are "taking advantage of" the "underside ...

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