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Republicans, Far Right, Religious Right & Conspiracy Theorists Join To Fight Obama & The New World Order

UPDATE:11:48 AM & 12:52 & 1:32 PM Sept.4, 2009- This post was not just updated but was for the most part rewritten.

It is odd and a tad hypocritical and disingenuous of the right wingers, radical right & conservatives to talk about dissent being silenced by Obama after eight years of the Bush Regime in which those who disagreed with Bush's policies were over and over again called traitors and unAmerican and even pro-terrorists.It should be noted and remembered that it was not just the members of the Bush Regime and the Republican Party who engaged in these attacks on those who spoke out and criticized the Bush Regime's policies but it was also a number of Democrats and much of the mainstream media in the United States who took part in attacking, chastising, deriding, ridiculing and labeling those who spoke out as being UnAmerican, as traitors, as agitators, trouble makers who were disloyal and did not "love their country".These attacks were defended by constantly repeating and using the events of 9/11 as a means to silence the opposition. So it was seen as seditious to question such policies as "indefinite detention" without charges being laid and that abuse and even torture of "detainees' and the use of "extraordinary renditions" were necessary to protect America and widespread spying on large numbers of American citizens was justified and that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was absolutely crucial to America's security.

But as most Americans now accept is that torture did not result in providing reliable actionable intelligence and if anything besmirched America's reputation and led to even more mistrust and antagonism towards America in general and in Iraq it fueled a wide spread resistance and the so called "insurgency". Americans even now refuse to accept the fact that the Iraqi people were reacting to a foreign occupation of their sovereign nation in the same way Americans would if a foreign army occupied their nation.

And we also know that invasion and occupation of Iraq was not necessary and that rationale for it was based upon misrepresentation of facts, exaggerated concerns, "cooked up Intel" outright lies as part of a well organized overwhelming propaganda campaign by the Bush Regime and enabled by the mainstream media who appeared to be taking their marching orders ie "Talking Points" from Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove & Condoleeza Rice etc.

In the face of overwhelming propaganda common sense, intelligence , the power to reason, rational thought is by-passed as it appeals to peoples emotions, their sentiments, their sense of patriotism,their anxieties, their feelings of fear and helplessness and to their hopes and aspirations. In any case when abused it creates an unhealthy mindset in which individuals are no longer connected with reality. They are told as Orwell pointed out that 2+2=5 and that if this is what those in power say is true it is therefore by definition true. For instance if those in power claim "torture works" then this becomes "the Party Line" and those who question "Fact" are disloyal and UnAmerican. The propagandists in the government and their fellow travelers in the media tell the people that a war is necessary when in fact it is not and so the people are put in a position or mental state in which they must reject any facts which contradict "The Party Line" because only "The Party Line" is presented as a true depiction of reality. They are misled about a leader told that the leader is saintly or evil.

Usually propaganda uses these extremes of good versus bad everything is in terms of black and white there is a belief in certainty where there is no certainty-shades of grey do not exist in such an either/or world. So Saddam is not just a bad guy but is absolutely Evil and is out to destroy America by any means necessary while George W. Bush is depicted as a God Fearing Real American doing whatever he can to defend America and all his intentions and motivations are pure and in "Good Faith" while the motives of his opponents in the United States are questionable and anti-American.

As I have discussed before the Evangelical Fundamentalists views the world in these extreme terms there is good and evil, God and Satan and they apply this formula to every issue they encounter. Homosexuality, abortion, pre-marital sex,atheism, secular humanism, evolution are all portrayed as evil. The Far right and conservatives also see the world in similar terms ie government is evil, taxation is evil, socialism is evil, Free market Laissez Faire capitalism is good , unions are evil, regulation is evil, minimum wage laws are bad etc. So now in the Republican party in the United States its main base consists of the Religious Right ,Evangelical Fundamentalists ,the Far Right and an extreme form of conservatism and Patriot groups and militias. All of them are joined together to fight the Obama administration which they see in a word as UnAmerican.

Besides this radical and dangerous mix of groups who hold to a set of rigid beliefs they have joined forces with a variety of conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones and others who adhere to a belief in the New World Order and Fema Camps or that President Obama was not born in America and that he has some sort of hidden agenda .

Anyway here is more paranoia , conspiracies and hate from and its affiliated Right Wing groups who are planning a big rally against Obama's health care on Sept. 12 in Washington DC.

In the video clip below African-American Pastor Broden speaking at a(Glenn Beck) "9/12 Project" event in June of this year he sets up the argument which we have seen before ie Francis A. Schaeffer 1982 in which it is argued there are only two competing and incompatible world views so we need to understand this and thereby reject one and accept the other. These two world views are that of the values systems and beliefs of Judeo-Christianity or Biblical view of reality and the competing views and values system of "Secular Humanism".The Judeo-Christian view is that God created the world and gave his laws to the various prophets ie Moses, Abraham , Jesus etc. and that God created man and that our duty is to follow God's Laws in order to be saved and born again and cleansed of our sins. The Secular Humanist view is that the Universe and man are a result of chance without any real purpose.

"Secular Humanism " is therefore characterized by Francis A. Schaeffer and Pastor Broden and other Evangelical Fundamentalists as being a Godless philosophy or world view which is man centered and therefore cannot have an ethical or moral system to guide the behavior of human beings. While Evangelical Fundamentalist believe in "special Creation" of human beings by God the Secular Humanists believe human beings are a result of millions of years of evolutionary adaptation and chance.

So there is a conflict going on between these two competing and incompatible world views and only one can be victorious. American society they argue is now dominated by the "Secular Humanists" view and the problems in American society such as permissiveness, pornography, greed , corruption, pre-marital sex, adultery and the collapse of the Family unit and of Family Values and Judeo-Christian values is a direct and inevitable consequence of the "Secular Humanists" prevailing view of reality.

Pastor Broden and other Evangelical Fundamentalist believe that the United States government is being controlled by the Secular Humanist and the Secular Humanist world view and therefore it is up to Christians to take back control of the US federal government and of the State's government and local governance to restore America to its Judeo-Christian founding principles and values to once again become a Godly Nation. This is to be done by voting these politicians out of power or by means of impeachment and if these peaceful means do not work Pastor Broden and others who are part of this Religious Right Movement and their fellow travelers ie conservatives and the Far Right then an insurrection or bloody Revolution will inevitably be necessary and justified.

Pastor Broden uses the same extremist rhetoric by comparing what is happening in the United States today under the Obama administration to Nazi Germany in which the people and especially the German Jews were unable to accept what was actually happening until it was too late. Therefore he instructs his audience that they must be vigilant and actively taking action against the government and its allies on a daily basis because this threat of the "Secular Humanists" and "liberalism" the most ominous and dangerous situation to ever face America If they lose this battle Americans will never be able to regain their liberty from these evil tyrannical forces.

Note this clip and the next feature African American preachers who's videos have a prominent place on website and other affiliated website and are thereby being used as part of the Right's propaganda battle by showing supposedly that one they are not racist and second to give the impression that a large number of African-Americans are also disenchanted with the Obama administration.
Judeo-Christian Values versus Secular Humanism
Compares NAZI Genocide Of The Jews To Where America is Now
Fight legally but if this fails then Revolution /Insurrection
912FTW America's Awakening - Pastor Stephen Broden Part 2

* Added by John B, Mo 8th Dist Coord on August 31, 2009 at 8:35pm

Part 2 of Pastor Stephen Broden's amazing speech at the 912 Project Fort Worth's America's Awakening event held on June 11, 2009. Pastor Broden calls it what it is, plain and simple tyranny and how we must fight to take back this country by all means available in the U.S. Constitution. 912 Project Fort Worth is modeled after Glenn Beck's 9 Principles and 12 Values.

In this clip Rev. Manning who is also an African-American Calls Obama a usurper who is not even an American citizen, refers to Obama as a half-breed who's out to radically change America. He argues that the Obama administration and the previous administration have in effect laid siege on the average American through increased taxes and passing laws which go against the average Americans values and interests. He predicts rioting and an insurrection and a violent bloody revolution as average White Americans fight to retake control of their country.

The White Rodney King- at

In the next clips the master of conspiracy theories Alex Jones explains how the FEMA internment camps are being set up in preparation of the coming police state in America which he argues will be part of "The New World Order" which is out to turn the whole world into one vast "Prison Planet" where the rich and powerful can rule and do as they please while the rest of human kind is basically enslaved.

The odd thing to note is that his videos are now on such websites as or are linked to these sites as if Alex Jones Conspiracy theories were now acceptable and reasonable views about the current world political situation.
Alex Jones Tv 5/5:The New America!!-Sept. 1,2009
The Alex Jones Network

Alex Jones - 500,000 Plastic FEMA Coffins ?

Big International Bankers rule over the world (like the octopus image used in The notoious antiSemitic forgery The Protocols of The Elders Of Zion).

Obama's Plan To Silence Dissent In

"Obama's Plan To Silence Dissent In America by enlisting young street thugs to act as his 'Civilian National Security Force', as his acorn thugs were documented to do during the recent town hall meetings against the elderly who were there to protest socialism and big government. Wake up people. Time is short. Keep your weapons clean and your powder dry. Obama brownshirts may be coming to a town near you at any given time"

Obama Kill The Elderly Policy Exposed - Nazi Obamacare Healthcare Reform Euthanasia Genocide
July 31,2009

Congresswoman Bachmann "No Health care for the disabled" July 27 2009

Judge Napolitano on Glenn Beck: Everything the Government Runs is Bankrupt! 8/18/09

Is he encouraging Americans to not pay their taxes-ie a tax revolt like the Tea Party campaign Or massive demonstrations in the streets across America.

His main point is more anti-government in general than anti-Obama. Many of those on the right as mentioned before believe in a small federal government with little power while the enforcement of laws is at a state level and at the local level of small town sheriffs.It is more difficult to see how this notion could be transferred to large cities such as New York.

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