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David Sirota :Obama Should Be Listening To His Supporters Rather Than Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity & Rush Limbaugh et al

Update: 1:37 PM,4:53 PM Sept. 09, 2009

A mother in America expresses her uncontrollable fear and anxiety over President Obama giving a speech nationwide to school children . The Republicans and the Religious Right et al are worried Obama would try to indoctrinate America's children with his super-hypnotic powers to help him create a Collectivist Communistic state.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 by The Gayly Show
Obama Has Awakened a Sleeping Giant
... Who Is Simply Too Angry to Scrap Book by Alan Cross

Alan Cross, a comedy writer in New York City and a former writer for Saturday Night Live, was able to get this exclusive interview while on assignment with CNN:

Meanwhile Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly gloat over the fact that Glenn Beck was in great part responsible for Van Jones' resignation. Beck continues not just to smear Van Jones but goes on a rant attacking and maligning Obama as a hidden Marxist and Collectivists. Beck has become the new re-branded Sen. Joseph McCarthy - it is game over if Beck decides to go after somebody whether its the president of the United States Mr. Rogers or Pee Wee Herman their TOAST!!!

And the Mainstream Media in America refuses to stand up to Glenn Beck and the other Talk Radio & TV right wing THUGS. Will Beck's influence and his ratings increase as all those who cower in fear of him remain silent. Meanwhile the Mainstream Media ignores a real journalist such as Bill Moyers who criticizes Obama as being too timid and not insisting on a public -option. .

The other pressing question is who will Obama now take his orders from Glenn Beck et al and the Neocons, the Republicans and the Religious Right and the anti-liberal Neo-Liberals or those millions who supported Barack Obama at the time of the election or is he going to just throw all the progressives and real liberals under the bus.

Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck on Van Jones' In-the-Middle-of-the-Night Resignation Sept. 9, 2009

And it seems progressives in the Democratic party are not going to back down in insisting on real substantive health care reform which includes a robust public option.
Tuesday, September 8, 2009 by The Real News Network
Rep. Edwards to Insist on Robust Public Option

David Sirota complains that Obama is not listening to his progressive supporters on the health care issue or other issues but rather is too concerned with appeasing the Republicans, Blue-dog Democrats and critics such as Glenn Beck and the Mainstream Media who are more interested in defending the status quo or a conservative ideology than doing what's best for the average Americans and the 47 million uninsured Americans. Obama should keep to his campaign promise for a real substantive reform of health care and not just more useless tinkering with the system as it is.

"Glenn Beck, Obama's White House, and the Progressive Movement" by David Sirota, via,Sept. 8, 2009

... right now, today's White House officials answer more to Glenn Beck, Blue Dogs and Republicans than it does to progressive members of Congress and the progressive base of the Democratic Party that got them into the White House in the first place. You can see that in the negotiations over health care and climate change. You can see that in the plans to escalate the war in Afghanistan at the urging of people like Karl Rove, and the refusal to stop Wall Street bailouts and push real Wall Street reform. You can see that even in who the president opts to give exclusive interviews to. You can, in short, see it everywhere.

Progressives don't just "believe" they deserve a seat at the table - we actually do deserve that seat, not just because we worked to elect this president, but because our stance on major issues like the public option, climate change, Wall Street reform and the war are the majoritarian positions in America. That's not speculation - polls show that's an empirical fact.

But we won't get that seat at the table unless we demand it. That means the Washington-based progressive groups have to stop kissing the White House's ass and selling out their grassroots membership. It means rank-and-file Obama supporters have to stop framing legitimate progressive pressure on Obama as some sort of disloyal desire to see Mitt Romney elected President in 2012.

It means, as I said in my last newspaper column, that we have to start thinking and acting like a real movement, and not just like sycophantic political partisans. If we do that, we'll get that seat at the table - and more importantly, we'll get the legislative results Obama originally promised, but now hesitates to champion.

and many of Obama's supporters are losing patience with him as he backs down back-peddles gives into pressure from the right from the rich and powerful who appear to have him under their control. Even one of his chief advisers during the election campaign is now criticizing Obama and yet hoping Obama will do something bold and surprise everyone. But Obama has got to give up on this appeasement mindset which really means making no real substantive change because it might upset Glenn Beck or Newt Gingrich and other right wing hate monger extremists.

Adviser Losing Patience With Obama by Ben Smith at,Sept.8, 2009 via CommonDreams

One of President Barack Obama’s former top campaign advisers is “losing patience” with the White House, he told POLITICO Tuesday morning, as frustrations among the president’s liberal allies crest over issues from health care legislation to gay rights.

“I am one of the millions of frustrated Americans who want to see Washington do more than it's doing right now,” said Steve Hildebrand, the deputy campaign manager who oversaw the Obama campaign’s field organization and was an architect of his early, crucial victories over Sen. Hillary Clinton in Iowa and South Carolina.

Obama, he said, “needs to be more bold in his leadership.”

“I’m not going to just sit by the curb and let these folks get away with a lack of performance for the American people,” he said, speaking of Washington’s Democratic leadership as a whole. “I want change just as much as a majority of Americans do, and I’m one of the many Americans who are losing patience.”

Hildebrand is by far the most senior member of Obama’s political team to express public doubts about the White House, though he had already begun to part ways with Obama’s other top aides as the 2008 presidential campaign wore on.

...“The problem is, Obama isn’t listening enough,” Hildebrand said, according to the report. “I love him, I love Michelle, I want him to succeed, but all of us need to put pressure on him and Congress to do the right things. The American people put confidence in the Democrats because they thought we could get things done, and if we fail, they’re not going to give it back.”

“I gave up a lot to elect Democrats, and I expect them to give it up for me. I’m going to speak loudly. The Republicans don’t have power unless the moderates and the Blue Dogs give it to them — which is what they’re doing now,” he said in the speech.

Hildebrand also said, according to the Zenger’s report, that that 2009 is shaping up to be “1993 all over again.” He told POLITICO he blames moderate Democrats in the House and Senate for the party’s weakness.

Ray McGovern chimes in with his version of the speech Obama should give on health care to Congress in which Obama pushes for a strong Public Option or as close to Universal health care Obama can get.

Help for Obama's Speech to Congress :The Speech the President Should Give to Congress, September 9, 2009 by Ray McGovern, Sept 8,2009

...A new strategy will kill two birds with one stone. That strategy finds the money for health care reform by curbing wasteful, self-defeating spending on the military — spending that is making us less, not more, safe. Stay tuned.

First, health care:

Last year I promised to do all I could to ensure that all of you — that is, every single American — would be able to get affordable health care. I said elect me President and then hold me accountable.

You did your part. This evening I will give you a preliminary accounting.

But, first a question. How many of you members of Congress do not have affordable health care?

I’m serious. And the nation is curious.

Okay, let’s do it this way. Any Senator or Representative who does not have affordable health care, please rise.

No one is standing up.

Now a more important question: How many of you Senators and Representatives will stand up for legislation that will give ALL Americans essentially the same access to health care that you enjoy?

I’m dead serious. You and I and the families of members of Congress can get all the health care we need, while millions of Americans cannot.

Again, please rise if you want everyone to have equal access to quality medical care. Rise if you believe it is wrong to consider some Americans, like us, more equal than others.

Thank you. I invite those of you standing to sit down.

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