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Obama Selling Out To Republicans, Conservatives & The Shrill Mob

Even though the 9/12 Project's march on Washington was a failure and even though the Republicans are no longer the government of the US and even though the last eight years of Neo-Conservatives dominance proved their policies did not work and left the country in a mess still President Obama shows far more defference to these groups than he should. Is he overly concerned with bi-partisanship or being a nice guy or is it that he is worried about the 2010 & 2012 elections. If President Obama continues to cave in on major policies to the old guard as it were why then should Progressives and those who want real change bother to support him. Is it that all that matters to most American politicians is maintaining their friendly relations and a bit of quid pro quo ie campaign funding from corrupt corporations including Big Pharma and the health insurance industry. So are these politicians including Obama more interested in helping the rich and powerful than the the poor, the homeless, the working poor, the unemployed since they don't have the big money to give out for campaign funding. Campaign funding appears to have become motivator for public policy decision making. Campaigns in the US are so costly that there is little time for a politician to do anything without regard to how their actions , their votes, their speeches etc. are going to affect campaign funding. The whole point is to get elected so the individual can raise more money for their next campaign. This is circular logic and is graven and shows that the political sysytem in the US has become for the most part bankrupt.

Maddow & David Sirota Killing The Public Option Using a "Trigger" - Sept 11,2009
Why is Obama caving into Republicans and the Conservative Movement
Is Obama just playing the old style politics game

Eric Cantor , Nut Glen Beck 9/12 Movement Rachel Maddow Part2 2/2

Chris Matthews grilling Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)
Eric Cantor believes Military & the Commander in Chief ,the president and not Congress decides on going to war. So much for Democracy. Cantor approved of the Bush/Cheney widening the powers of the executive in which the Congress is merely used to rubber stamp what has already been decided. Would he give the same power to President Obama and VP Biden. No because they are not Republicans and only Republicans are the True Americans who wish to preserve America and renew its commitment to American Exceptionalism, Laissez Faire Capitalism, American Expansionism, American Unilateralism and self-preservation at any costs. and if necessary the cynical Republicans will use "the God card" to gain a wider base of support by claiming America's rightful place as God's Chosen Nation which the religious extremist beleive was founded by means of Divine Providence. Whereas Obama & Biden etc. are not "Real Americans" because do not believe in American Exceptionalism or that America has never committed an error or committed an act of unjustified violence or engaged in an unjustified war. Though these days Obama seems to be buying into the Republican and Conservative Democrats and other pro-war politicians, pastors, chaplains, TV Evangelists and hate-filled, race-baiting Media personalities & stars such as Glenn Beck,Sean Hannity . Besides they all argue that Obama did not somehow win the election fairly and so is a usurper who does not deserve or have the right to be president. Obama they believe is not a "Real American" in attitude and possibly neither by birth and/or that he had an hidden agenda to destroy America .

DNC TV Ad: "Eric Cantor Wants to End Medicare" Sept. 2009

Obama caves in to Joe Wilson is he and the Dems Spineless
Obama and Dems forget they won the election
Placating Republicans and Conservatives just emboldens them
They are rewarding bad behavior
Are they working with a wink and a nod with republicans

Democrats Crumble to Joe the Heckler For No Reason
Sept. 11, 2009
Democrats cave again. Watch more at http://www.theyoungturks.com

Calhoun Conservatism Raises Its Ugly Head by Mike Lux at Huffington Post Sept. 11, 2009

One of the people I spent the most time discussing in my book on the history of the American political debate, The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came To Be, was a man named John C. Calhoun. I went so far as to call him the founder of modern conservatism, and the events of this year, including Joe Wilson's offensive outburst on the floor of Congress, Wednesday night, have added strong evidence to my argument.

Although discussions about the relative power of the states and the federal government had been around since the days of the Articles of Confederation in the 1780s, Calhoun was the South Carolina politician who fused a particularly extreme view of states' rights with a patriarchal and violent conservatism. Calhoun argued that states could come and go into and out of the Union, whenever they wanted to; that they could secede from the Union at any time and for any reason; and that even if they stayed in the Union they could nullify any law they wanted, again at any time and for any reason.

...Calhoun's states' rights theories were used to justify Jim Crow in the South and oppose integration after the Civil War all the way into the 1960s. Today, we are seeing Calhoun Conservatism spreading throughout the Republican party and the right wing movement. Joe Wilson's thuggishness on Wednesday night and the conservative movement's embrace of his action yesterday are just the latest examples. Some highlights from the last year:

• John McCain picks a vice presidential candidate whose husband was a seven-year member of a far right secessionist party with ties to the racist, neo-confederacy movement. Palin had gone to at least one of the party's conventions herself, and had done a warm welcoming video for their most recent convention, telling them she shared their values.

• Texas Governor Rick Perry suggested that Texas might have to consider seceding from the United States.

• One of the congressional sponsors of a right wing rally on the Capitol steps, the "9/12 movement," which will be attended by Wilson and several other Republican members of Congress, is an organization advocating secession and the violent overthrow the United States...

"Editorial :Our Views: Bogus theory of state rights" 2theadvocate.com,Aug. 31, 2009

The blogger and historian Josh Marshall notes that nullification is “sort of secession a la carte,” with state lawmakers trying to assert a right under the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights that “reserves” to the states and the people powers not granted to the U.S. government under the Constitution.

Marshall called nullification a notion that was “crackpot from the start.” Yet among those suggesting it’s an option in the overheated — and widely distorted — debate on health care is U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C. He holds a position once held by John C. Calhoun, who proposed nullification in the 1830s; President Andrew Jackson suppressed that idea firmly.

Unhappily, the South followed the notion into rebellion almost 30 years later; hundreds of thousands of American lives were lost.

In the civil rights debates of the 1960s, defenders of segregation updated the Calhoun doctrine into “interposition” of state authority against that of the U.S. government.

In the immortal words of Gov. Earl K. Long to segregationist Leander Perez: “What you gonna do, Leander? The feds have got the A-bomb!”

Calhoun’s ghost is not a reliable guide to policy. We suggest nullification be consigned to the dustbin of history, where it belongs.

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