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Obama Making Nice With The Jackasses and Crooks

UPDATE: 12:09 PM,& 2:09 PM Sept. 17,2009

"We can do this. At this point, all that stands in the way of universal health care in America are the greed of the medical-industrial complex, the lies of the right-wing propaganda machine, and the gullibility of voters who believe those lies."

- Paul Krugman, The Swiss Menace

And Trey Ellis at Huff Post gives Obama a few words of advice:

Please Mr. President, More "Jackass" Outbursts Trey Ellis at Huffington Post Sept. 14,2009

Conciliation only gets you so far.

On health care for example, conciliation got some concessions from Big Pharma and the Insurance lobby yet at the same time they keep pumping millions into crippling those same reforms. If there is no consequence to that treachery then every other industry from Wall Street on down will know how to cheat to win.

The money changers are in the temple. It's time for even the most peaceful and conciliatory leader to throw them out on their ears.

The first step is to call them a bunch of jackasses.

Obama should stand up to Republicans and conservative wing-nuts instead of acting as if these people are well meaning -they just hate Obama, the Dems and the majority of non-white Americans and of course non-Evangelical Christian Americans.

Bill Maher live on 9/11/09 - Democrats have no spine

and now some more insightful and alarming images & speech at the 9/12 Glenn Beck Tea Party March on Washington as they express their hate, anger and frustration their white Supremacist views that America is not like it was a hundred years ago or even fifty years ago when minorities knew their place in American society and kept their mouths shut- Meanwhile Fox News continues to praise these people and to inflate the number of participants from 75 thousand to half a million or even 2 million- They of course argue the evil Leftist Obama loving Media is lying about the number of participants.



On 9.12.2009, we went to Washington DC to document the Tea Party protests against, well, a lot of things, including health insurance reform, the IRS, abortion, global warming, and our "socialist/communist/fascist/Nazi/Muslim " president, Barack Obama. Some of them called for a return to McCarthyism, while others called for Glenn Beck to run for office--indeed, it seemed the only thing that everyone agreed on was Fox News.

This NEW LEFT MEDIA film was produced and edited by Chase Whiteside (interviewer) and Erick Stoll (camera operator).

JOIN OUR Health Care for America NOW!:Facebook

Health Care for America Now (HCAN) is a national grassroots campaign of more than 1,000 organizations in 46 states representing 30 million people dedicated to winning quality, affordable health care we all can count on in 2009. Our organization and principles are supported by President Obama, Vice President Biden, and more than 190 Members of Congress.

Some users have pointed out that White House "Czars" existed long before Ronald Reagan. As it turns out, Donald Nelson, appointed under FDR as a "Wartime Production Czar", was the first. The Republican Gov. of Colorado, John A. Love, was later appointed under Nixon as an "Energy Czar". We appreciate this correction, though such an oversight does not dilute our point. The current outcry against Czars is merely alarmist propaganda perpetuated by Glenn Beck and the rest of the right-wing media.

And so much for freedom of speech as the crowd turns on a man carrying a "Public Option" Sign. Too Bad Obama and the Dems don't have this type of courage.

The thing is that Obama and the Dems like the Republicans before them are just middle men working for corporations and Wall St. to sell their products and services at inflated prices & poor service to the people. What the reform bills will end up being is just a way to merely protect the status -Quo. The health care insurance industry and other powerful interests such as the Banks Wall St. Speculators , the armaments industry or the Privatized penitentiary industry when it comes to these rich and powerful industrialists and their advertising firms and public relations firms and lobbyists they we now see in America decide on what government policies are going to be and the American people be damned.

Teabaggers can't handle a little dissent

***UPDATE***: The brave man is Edward Kimmel, 58, of Takoma Park, MD. He is a hero for speaking truth to idiocy!

A brave man walks through the teabagger protest on the National Mall in Washington, DC, with a large sign that reads "Public Option Now". If not for the cops that escorted him through the crowd, they probably would have eaten him alive.

Even Obama it appears has some sort of rosy view of America and has bought into the propaganda and the lie characterizing America in their Mythical History as an Exceptional Nation that was always committed to the the values of equality and freedom and equal opportunity. But America's sense of itself is based on these lies. Just listen to Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity etc. They spend a great deal of time on air rewriting American history to suit their own agenda.

But the history and legacy of slavery, Lynchings, the KKK and Segregation and Jim Crow laws and the White Citizens Councils and the ongoing harassment of Black Americans are all part of America's history and are still being played out in the streets of America and in the courts, penitentiaries , on the floor of the Congress and in the oval office . These Tea Party -9/12 Project Freedomworks, Resistnet & Dick Armey & Joe Wilson and the Republican party are in denial of the great wrongs committed by America and once again as in the 1960s are fearful that the status-quo is changing. These Neanderthals want to turn the clock back to what they perceive as being a better age or a Golden Age but it never really existed.

They and even Obama himself are in denial about how slavery was a great evil perpetrator on Africans who were abducted from their homelands and taken to America to be treated as if they were mere beasts or livestock there was nothing Godly or Christian about this practice. The oppression of blacks in America didn't just suddenly end when slavery was abolished instead blacks were subjected to just another form of bondage and inequality . Til 1950 blacks could be "lynched" by whites with impunity. So it is only since the passage of civil rights legislation in the 1960s that African-Americans were finally free but even that freedom has to be qualified because there were and are those who still refuse to treat African-Americans as equal to white Americans.

So are Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Pat Buchanan, Lou Dobbs, Eric Cantor, Joe Wilson , Sarah Palin,Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, John McCain, Fox News etc. just the new faces of racism in America representing the interests of White Christian Americans and especially Rich White Christian Americans.
Origins of the Klan
History Channel doc. via Attention 101

The origins of modern racism in this country are well documented and easy to track. The mythologies that the general public are driven to believe in were created by design, and their continued prevalence and influence over our society cannot be denied any longer.

This video explains the origins of much of the bigoted rhetoric that is constantly presented as rationale for the hate and oppression that pervades global society.

Here are some excerpts from an excellent article by Bill Noxid at Attention 101 in which he does a great job getting at the attitudes of President Obama which have been shaped by the lies and propaganda fed to him by a white Christian ruled society. Obama he thinks suffers in part from Stockholm Syndrome that is someone kidnapped taken hostage over a period of time begins to empathize and even identify with one's captors in this case the Slave Owners, The White Segregationists and the average White American Racists who has a pathological hate and fear of Black Americans.
Anyway go read the entire article-

The Obama Problem: Black, and Unaware of it…" by Bill Noxid at Attention 101 ,Sept. 15,2009

The fact that this president’s perception of reality is based on “American History” has been apparent for quite a long time. For instance throughout his tortuous campaign, Obama ( among other things ) made it abundantly clear that he was not a threat to the incomprehensibly false version of slavery and its impact on / contribution to / foundation of the society we live in. The most fundamental denial of this society as a whole is the reality of its dependence on slavery to exist, and sustaining that delusion is of critical importance to the ruling forces that have thrived on it for centuries.

His ignorance and / or denial of this reality have been displayed on numerous occasions. Not the least of which was his Colonial Inaugural Address.

“We the people have remained faithful to the ideals of our forbearers, and true to our founding documents.”

“We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense”

“For us, they toiled in sweatshops and settled the West; endured the lash of the whip and plowed the hard earth.”

“They saw America as bigger than the sum of our individual ambitions; greater than all the differences of birth or wealth or faction.”

None of these statements would be shocking coming from an American president, were it not for the fact that he is Black. The fact that a Black Man could make such petty and fleeting references to the centuries of horrors experienced by the millions of slaves at the root of this country’s wealth and power ( and the builders of the house in which he now resides ), or the millions of natives eradicated during the “settling” of the West, is clear evidence of the American Propaganda he has adopted in place of the truth.

...The answer is fairly simple, and it applies to all colonized countries. He suffers from the same form of Stockholm syndrome that all American Blacks do. Because our true history was erased from our consciousness, we have been forced to adopt the culture and beliefs of the captors’ society. It is the reason that he believes this is the “land of the free,” it is the reason he believes in the “founding fathers,” and it is the reason that any Black Man in this country worships Jesus Christ – in the form he is presented. We have no home, founders, or god of our own.

His unwillingness to recognize this is not just an issue of personal identity failure, and it has already caused irreparable and immeasurable loss of opportunity. The wave of humanity that brought him to the Whitehouse, did so with the expectation that he would genuinely represent the unrepresented in this country, and that he would ( at very least ) attempt to bring some semblance of equality to this society. His representation ( intentional or unintentional ) was a fraud, and his inability to face the realities of his own origins ( whether it be the Kenyan father that he never knew, or his brother that lives in a hut ), has left all of the people who depended on him to be of like-mind, still without representation, and without any energy or resources to seek a new champion.

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