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Glenn Beck's Hate Project: "America For Americans " & " Obama's Thugocracy" Part 4

Let's begin with Glenn Beck's Best New Friend Scott Wheeler head of The National Republican Trust (PAC) He is a rather sleazy operative for the Republican party who does some of their dirty work ie Dirty Tricks - He is a "Professional Agitator"
He claims Obama is setting up a Gestapo asking people to turn in those who criticize Obama. Wheeler goes into a tirade defending the Bush Regime and the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq etc. So he is another Spin Doctor for the Republicans who hates any American who criticizes George W. Bush or who support the Usurper President Obama. He is not a traditional conservative but is a radical who believes Obama needs to be stopped and that if necessary it should be done by Impeachment, or other legal means but if necessary by insurrection or secession.

Anyway lets start by watching Glenn Beck the Professional Agitator and Racist squirm during his interview with Katie Couric.

Glenn Beck refuses to define "white culture"
Katie Couric interviews Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck squirms around in his chair refusing to answer Katie Couric question on what is White Culture- he basically says Couric is doing a drive-by interview hoping to get some juicy sound bites. But he was the one who called Obama a racist and that Obama had a deep seated hatred of White Culture. He says she's trying to ambush him and he says anyone who wants to know should go to his website. But does keep pushing for an answer.

Finally he says he has proof that Obama is a racist and that Obama hates the White Culture whatever that might be. So again he pulls out what is now the old tired Reverend Wright gambit that Obama for 20 years listened to sermons which were in Beck's view a bit radical and promoting the destruction of the White Race. He feebly tries to turn the whole question around saying wouldn't it be the public's right to know if George W. Bush had been listening to a preacher who made derogatory remarks about African-Americans . Even now there are those Evangelical Fundamentalist who preach hate of one group or another ie Gays, liberals, atheists, pagans, Muslim or anyone who is not Christian or not an Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian. This sort of preaching of hate does not for a moment enter Glenn Beck's rigid prejudiced brain. To him hating these various groups is to him acceptable and so he has very little room in which to try to answer Katie Couric's question on The White Race and Racism. It is possible that in his mind the way black Americans were treated was not that bad and the reason Blacks have not risen up socially, materially or that a larger number are better educated than they are is because in fact in his view which he takes for granted most black people are inferior to white people. This he would call "Common Sense" and so having a Black president may go against "Common Sense" and therefore Obama has been put in this position by some hidden cabal or whatever such as "The New World Order".

But we know that America has had a long history of numerous religious leaders and pastors and preachers who did make derogatory remarks and preach about the bestiality and immorality and that African-Americans were unable to learn much,. For centuries this was taken as a fact about the world and as a matter of "Common Sense" by most Europeans and Americans. Then the world changed as one European country and Empire ended slavery and moved towards a more enlightened and rational era while the US held onto its outdated beliefs til the Civil War . but afterward Blacks were no longer slaves but their lives did not improve as much as they should as the White Christian culture adopted other legal (Jim Crow,Segragation) and not so legal means(KKK/Lynchings/ Massacres of whole towns) to keep the former slaves in their place.

These Uberconservatives and racists need to be reminded that African -Americans up til recent times still faced inequality and injustice. For instance Jerry Falwell's church was an all white church up until 1980 or so, the various religious schools and universities were white only and later allowed blacks but they were segregated and black and white student were not permitted to date. This sort of discrimination went on into the 1980s but Glenn Beck Scott Wheeler are in denial about this or are just outright lying and trying to be as "politically correct " as they can be or they claim that all such talk is just a lot of Bull- Crap "political Correctness" ie they believe as men and women are different and are not equal so too the various races which are not equal.

This is just more proof Glenn Beck on the questions of race and inequality and injustice he just doesn't get it. No matter what Beck says the fact is that Whites were not enslaved by Blacks. Blacks did not Lynch white people over an eighty year period with impunity in the name of Public Safety and to uphold the Jim Crow laws and segregation. Whites did not have to protest and be beaten and killed because they wanted to be able to exercise their right to vote and to have legislation passed to ensure that they had equal rights and segregation be ended. Whites are also not racially profiled to the extent that when they are driving their cars the police can pull them over at any time day or night without just cause and frisk them and search their cars and treat them with disrespect. Whites do not have to face the daily bits of racism tossed their way or see themselves shown on TV and in the media in stereotypical ways.

For instance it is only recently that more African-Americans though still only a small proportion are represented in a non negative fashion in films and on TV. I still remember for instance seeing Sidney Poitier -The desperate Ones, To Sir With Love , Lilies of the Fields, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner in films in the 1960s or a black hero in low budget films such as Night of The Living Dead because in low budget films they could get away with more because the studios weren't involved or later the Black exploitation crime/cop/ gangster films like Shaft etc. which were among my favorites cause they were no nonsense gritty film like Tarantino's today.And if you watch programs like the reality show "Cops" etc. most often the criminals are black and even in the news cases involving blacks assaulting or shooting whites are covered more often and in greater detail then similar crimes committed by whites especially if the victims were black. And some of those cases only become national news because of black activists such as Al Sharpton or organizations such as The Southern Poverty Law Center which is always being attacked by people like Scott Wheeler or Glenn Beck and O'Reilly or even by Republican leaders .

The problem with Glenn Beck and others of his ilk is that they act as if these inequalities and injustices are all in the distant past and that since the Civil War African -Americans have been treated for the most part fairly and justly. But it is within living memory for Blacks and whites that the Civil Rights movement and the March on Washington and the assassination of Martin Luther King took place and that in that time racist and segregationist George Wallace ran for president.

And since that time African-Americans have been murdered just because of their race and even today the perpetrators receive lenient sentences if they are even tried. A Black man gets tied to the back of a car driven by whites and is dragged along at high speeds for a mile or two and it is referred to as a misadventure or just youths with high spirits . African Americans are still occupying American prisons in disproportionate numbers, and are on death row in disproportionate numbers their chances of receiving a stiffer sentence than whites for the same crime is disproportionate.

This is the sort of frustrating ongoing at times hopeless situation which someone like Rev. Wright was preaching about for what is he to tell his congregation that they should just pray more and hope "the white folks" will treat them better. Martin Luther King .Jr. called for prayer but he also called for non-violent non-cooperation and other forms of civil disobedience.

Listening to Glenn Beck and his buddies such as Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh , Savage, Ann Coulter , Michelle Malkin and others it seems that if they had been around during the Civil Rights marches in Selma or Montgomery they would have sent out more troops not to protect these African-Americans but to beat up, shoot and imprison more of the protesters in the name of Law and Order . These Uberconservative media Divas & Professional Agitators would accuse these protesters of being trouble makers, radicals, agitators, communists, unAmerican or even Anti-American as J.Edgar Hoover, Bull Connor , George Wallace and Barry Goldwater and a few million other racist White Americans did. When it comes to the issues of race they are constantly involved in their historical revisionism recreating the "Mythical" golden era of their youth like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting -when shows like Father Knows Best, and Leave it To Beaver were the sort of wholesome TV programs later to be revived as Eight is Enough , Little House on The Prairie and now to their horror these wholesome shows of the Eisenhower era and the Reagan era are replaced by Desperate Housewives, the Sopranos, Family Guy,The Simpsons, or an openly Gay woman Ellen with her talk show or Oprah or shows like Will and Grace. etc. These conservatives see these contemporary programs as part of the "Liberal", "Secular Humanist" or "Socialist anti-American and anti-Christian conspiracy to destroy traditional America.

Anyway we now know from my previous posts that some of the arguments and conspiracy thinking which Glenn Beck is now spewing concerning Obama's radicalism and that Obama is supposedly surrounding himself with radicals comes from the writings and speeches of Scott Wheeler who heads "National Republican Trust PAC" NPR. So now Glenn Beck has a new cause which is to out and oust all of the "Radical Czars" in order to save America from all these "Evil" agents working to destroy America-as Beck becomes a super-hero or the new Joe McCarthy because he has a list of America's enemies.

But according to Scott Wheeler or Glenn Beck and much of the mainstream media just about any person especially if they are not white if they have been involved in any form of activism or made any statement pertaining to racism in America they are by definition "Radicals". So if the individual fought for better housing conditions in their neighborhood or took part in organizing people to register to vote and to teach them about the process and their rights and responsibilities or if they took part in anti-war demonstrations or signed petitions against the Iraq War or against the abuse and torture of "detainees" or marched in a Pro-choice march or were involved with defending an issue such as the Separation of Church and State or stood up at a school board meeting or a PTA meeting and argued that Creationism or Intelligent Design should not be taught in schools as if it were a scientific theory then Wheeler or the Religious Right, and Uberconservatives would call such people radicals.

In the final analysis they only want Uberconservatives and or "Real Americans" who are Good Bible Believing Christians who show the right kind of respect for the "White Culture" (Beck, Buchanan etc.) to take any position in the government whether Supreme Court Judge to an advisory position to the president to the secretaries to the those working in the mail room or in the cafeterias etc. Most of these conservatives for instance a hate on for Darwin or think its Okay for Americans to torture detainees or that there should not be separation of church and state and that even now no one should be questioning America's right to invade and occupy Iraq or Iran in the future.

On Supreme Court Nominee Sonya Sotomayor
Scott Wheeler, new face of the GOP: Democrats are race-baiters...

and Scott Wheeler on Obama's Czars and The Shadow Government

and from DailyKos & The Frump Gazette The Unbearable Lightness of Beck by Frumpzilla on August 30, 2009

Meet My New Best Friend

Clearly, the NRT-PAC has a new lease on life and a new promoter in the erstwhile Glenn Beck and his Fox News “family.” Take a look at these two compilation videos and draw your own conclusions.The first is a compilation of new and classic NRT-PAC ads; the video below it is a compilation of Glenn Beck’s programs from this past week. The Beck compilation was put together by Jed Lewison at DailyKos. And appeared on KosTv on August 28th.

Glenn Beck Full Mental Beck -

The Pundits Are Running the Asylum

This past week, though, Beck has been acting even stranger than usual...Beck seemed to be more out of his depth than usual.Every day he exhorted his audience to pay close attention, to take notes, to tape all broadcasts and write them to CDs (in case They shut down the Internets) and to tell friends to tune in because what he had to say was “RILLY, RILLY IMPORTANT!!! (I half expected to hear the Emergency Broadcast System break in.)

Now none of us should expect too much of Glenn, he’s had some misfortune in his life that he’s only too happy to share, his education consists of a High School diploma and, before you get started, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that unless of course you choose to set yourself up as a political pundit responsible for the “enlightenment” of a vast media market and spend your days dissecting, analyzing and criticizing heads of state, Supreme Court Justices, military leaders, Departments of Government, etc.

Throughout this past week, Beck proceeded to ramble, rave and flowchart about his theories on President Obama’s special advisers – a gang of radical, revolutionary “czars.” Beck levied the weighty charge that these czars were “community organizers,” Socialist/Marxist/Communist rabble-rousers who were setting up a “Thug-ocracy” and warning that we will all be sorry if we don’t stop them immediately. This diatribe was liberally laced with random photos of mostly black men in dark clothing with sunglasses on.

...Enter Rasputin, Stage Right...Scott Wheeler whose latest book is an attack on the Obama administrationentitled Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know About His Czars. are a few things that you should know about Scott Wheeler from

* Scott L. Wheeler is executive director of the National Republican Trust PAC.
* “From 1996 to 2002, Scott served as a correspondent and later chief correspondent for American Investigator, a monthly TV newsmagazine of investigations into international breaking-news stories.
* He was a contributing writer (2002-2004) for Insight, a national biweekly newsmagazine published by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s News World Communications.
* Prior to his television career, Scott served as producer, host and reporter for Reporter’s Journal, a syndicated daily talk-radio program featuring exposés of daily news events which was part of America’s Freedom Network
* Wheeler went on to a position with Paul Weyrich’s National Empowerment Television (also known as America’s Voice) which describes as a cable TV network designed to rapidly mobilize Religious Right followers for grassroots lobbying. It was created by Paul M. Weyrich, a key strategist for the secular and religious right. At its peak, it claimed to reach more than 11 million homes.

...Make Me Rich and

And here are a few things you should know about National Republican Trust PAC (as Will Evans, an reporter said, last Fall: “You know you’re bigtime when dedicates a full article to debunking your ad.”)

Right after National Republican Trust PAC came on the scene, in October, 2008, Joe Miller at wrote an article that included these gems:

“An upstart group calling itself the “National Republican Trust PAC” mixes a pile of false claims and the image of 9/11 mastermind Mohammed Atta to create one of the sleaziest false TV ads of the campaign.”

“The spot falsely claims Obama has a “plan” to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. In fact, Obama has said quite specifically, “I am not proposing that that’s what we do.”

“The ad implies such licenses would enable terrorist attacks. In fact, Atta wouldn’t have needed one to carry out his attacks.”

“It claims that Obama’s health care plan will apply to illegal immigrants. But Obama has stated quite clearly that his plan “does not” cover illegal immigrants.”

“The ad falsely claims that Obama’s plan ‘gives illegals Social Security benefits,’ which is also flatly untrue.

“The National Republican Trust PAC came into being Sept. 26, when it first registered with the Federal Election Commission. By Oct. 15 it had reported raising $463,000 for its anti-Obama campaign. (Update: In an e-mail to supporters on Oct. 29, the group said it had raised more than $3 million.) It has reported spending a total of $902,604 to attack Obama, according to the most recent report filed Oct. 26. It has reported spending substantial sums to the conservative Web site Newsmax and to other vendors for “email communication” opposing Obama’s election, and to a Virginia company called Integram for “direct mail.” It has also listed expenditures for “media production” and a “media buy.”"executive director as Scott Wheeler, who also writes articles for Newsmax, which the NRT PAC pays to distribute anti-Obama e-mail messages, many of which are little more than fundraising pleas.”

UPDATE: During the 2008 presidential campaign, the NRT-PAC spent $8.19 million on ads attacking Barack Obama (in two months time).

And finally, Jim Harper, of the Cato Institute which advises the Department of Homeland Security on data privacy had this to say about NRT-PAC:

“This is terror-pandering of the highest order. While it’s true that several 9/11 hijackers got driver’s licenses and other documents, this has the same relationship to the success of their attacks as the brand of shoes they wore. They could have used their Saudi passports to board flights that day, and the same people in the same circumstances could get on planes today. Even if the REAL ID Act were implemented and we all carried a national ID, terrorists would not be prevented from boarding U.S. flights.”

and so it goes,

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