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Glenn Beck's 9/12 Rally & The American Liberty Tour & - Radical Right Going Mainstream & Winning ?

UPDATE: 12:53 PM & 1:32 PM 2:18 PM, Sept. 3, 2009 !!!

The Republicans, the Conservative Movement, the Far Right and the Religious Right in the United States has gone on the offensive and is attacking Obama , his policies and his supporters with an overwhelming massive alarmist Propaganda campaign using the Fox News Network and other mainstream media while creating numerous organizations to appeal a wider audience setting up professional websites which overlap and are linked to one another and they are filling YouTube and other video sites with hundreds of videos over the lat month or so.

The main website of for instance has linked to as of today to 3,935 videos all attacking Obama and his administration and his policies while promoting and inciting resistance to the Obama administration in alarmist and extremist terms constantly suggesting that Obama must be stopped now in order to Save America from Godless Liberalism Socialism and communism.

Even though & other affiliated sponsors insist that no signs be permitted at the 9/12 protest which equate Obama to Hitler their most recent video on their site does just that. This meassage is taking hold on a significant number of American citizens who were from the beginning skeptical or even alarmed by Obama being elected as president. This in part is accomplished by repeating over and over that Obama is a great orator like Hitler and that his supporters are somehow mesmerized by him and that they do not realize that his intentions, his policies his agenda is unAmerican and will lead to some form of authoritarian government or an outright dictatorship. They equate Obama with Hitler, socialism ,communism ,collectivism and even to the New World Order . The NWO is a favorite conspiracy theory of people on the fringe like Alex Jones but now it has entered the mainstream through media personalities such as Glenn Beck & politicians such as Michelle Bachmann who talk about specifics such as the Fema Concentration Camps, the stock-piles of half a million coffins, that a large contingency of American troops are being stationed in the U.S. preparing for some sort of nefarious attack on the American people etc.

Also see for more on the not so "No Tolerance Policy" at as detailed by TarsTarkas blog: TarsTarkas.NET Blog Not Just Another TarsTarkas.NET Blog "Wingnut Web: What's in a "No Tolerance" policy, Darla D?"By skiplogic

and see Tars Tarkas detailing his ongoing comments and email battle with & its administrator & members-the battle has become quite personal and downright ugly Wingnut Web - "Pathetic Excuse For A Human Being Edition" By Tars Tarkas Aug. 25,2009

also see for an analysis of code words & symbols & dogwhistles to the more violent extremists joining the conservative/Republican/Tea Party/ Patriots Movement:

The Wing-Nut Code: What Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Are Really Saying to Their Followers By Adele M. Stan, AlterNet. Sept. 2, 2009.You thought they were just unhinged. But here's what they're really saying to the armed and dangerous.

Die3Reich - Hitlerjugend
Added by James R. Boy (Jim) on September 2, 2009
The Progressive Movement is after our children... same story, different era.

Find more videos like this on Patriotic Resistance

And here's their new rallying song for their supposedly peaceful insurrection

Video at of the Patriotic Resistance
Lloyd Marcus, Feet to the Fire
National Black Republican Association
New Song for the tea party movement.
Lloyd will be performing at the 9/12 DC March and Rally!
as one commentator on the wesite says:
Great! thanks for sharing...this is our song...sing it, dance it, live it, all the way to DC!

American Liberty Tour to Launch 9/10/09, ALG Calls Upon Americans Nationwide to Begin Organizing to "Take Back America"

Anyway Obama's election promise of Universal Health Care for all Americans is being watered down as he gives into the health insurance industry , big pharma, the medical industry who have no interest in what's best for the American people. All these groups care about is the bottom line that is ever increasing profits which is natural since these are just corporations and individuals who are motivated not by humanitarian concerns but rather greed. As Michael Lind in the article below argues Obama needs to take on these special interests on behalf of the American people. But he needs to be forceful and tell them that every American has a right to good quality health care and not just the privileged. He should be able to tell the nation that it is an outrage that over 45 million Americans are without health care insurance. The private sector is not interested in insuring these 45 million Americans unless the government gives a handout of a few billion dollars to the Insurance Industry, hospitals, doctors etc. They will then claim that they are running a private health care program . If the private medical system was better run there would not be a call for reform at all. Health Insurance Companies write their contracts to their clients in such a way that manage to pay out a lot less than they should especially when a client is facing a catastrophic illness. We saw the same game played by insurance companies after Hurricane Katrina in which insurance companies had a hundred different ways of avoiding paying money out to home owners.And yet the health insurance industry claims that they operate in good faith but how is it good faith when the contract is so complicated filled with a number of legal loop-holes and legalese jargon that the client has little understanding of these contracts.

"Can Obama give 'em hell before it's too late? Why can't Democrats mobilize the public for healthcare reform? Blame the demagogy gap" By Michael Lind Sept.1, 2009

"We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace: business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering," President Franklin Roosevelt told an audience in Madison Square Garden in 1936. "They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob. Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me and I welcome their hatred."

Can anyone imagine President Barack Obama saying anything like that? The nickname of Roosevelt's successor in the White House, Harry Truman, was "Give-'Em-Hell Harry." As the Republican minority, backed by an avalanche of special-interest money, mobilizes to thwart the health reform agenda of the Democratic majority, maybe the time has come for "Give-'Em-Hell Barry."

...But if you are trying to mobilize public support for a sweeping healthcare overhaul, appealing to charity or the concerns of bondholders is not the way to go about it. "Vote your interests!" Harry Truman told Americans in 1948. Most Americans have employer-provided healthcare. They are worried about keeping it if they lose their jobs and about the rising cost of deductibles. Democrats should have sold healthcare reform as establishing a permanent, universal right to affordable healthcare.

You also can't fight and win a war without naming your enemies. In the case of healthcare, the enemies of the American people ...include rent-seeking insurance companies, rent-seeking pharma companies, and overcompensated doctors and hospitals.

Last but not least, you need a narrative in which today's campaign is not an isolated technocratic attempt to solve a particular public policy problem, but part of the ongoing story of progressive reform in America. In his 1964 Democratic convention speech, Lyndon Johnson invoked American history in laying out the vision of the Great Society: "The Founding Fathers dreamed America before it was. The pioneers dreamed of great cities on the wilderness that they crossed."

Meanwhile the Republicans, the Conservative movement , the Far Right, the Religious Right, militias and various anti-government organizations and Conspiracy Theorists are joining up to fight President Obama on Health care and on his attempts they believe to make America into a Socialist or Fascist state. They are also fighting Obama on a number of other issues they are concerned about including euthanasia , abortion, birth control, sex education,legal and illegal-immigration ,pluralism, multiculturalism, prayer in the schools, the war on Christmas and whatever else they can throw into the mix. For instance they believe Obama may not even be a Real American since they argue he may not have been born in America or that he's a secret Muslim, or a "socialist in the employ of the New World Order.They also further criticize Obama for making statements in foreign countries to the effect that America has made mistakes, and at times acted in an arrogant manner and Obama said America is not a Christian Nation and is not exceptional and therefore is not God's chosen nation all of which the conservatives take as an insult to America and to its Founding Fathers.

The thing of it is that the Conservatives et al are well organized as we have seen how effective they were in taking control of the Town Hall Meetings and ensuring that the mainstream media got their message out and not that of president Obama. Those who shout the loudest and claim to be the victims of an authoritarian regime get to set the agenda and write the headlines. They claim Obama is pushing his socialists and Hitlerian agenda on unsuspecting Americans.

American Liberty Tour to Launch 9/10/09, ALG Calls Upon Americans Nationwide to Begin Organizing to "Take Back America"

This is our official promo video for the American Liberty Tour. ALT is a collaborative project of the American Liberty Alliance, American Majority, Americans for Limited Government and The Sam Adams Alliance. Sept.1, 2009

September 2nd, 2009, Fairfax, VA— Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today announced the nationwide American Liberty Tour, an outreach effort to organize concerned citizens beginning on September 10th. It is scheduled to stop in 18 cities across twelve states from California to Georgia until October 13th.

Wilson called upon Americans nationwide to join the tour, and “to begin organizing to take back America from the Washington power elite through the establishment of a viable political movement in the defense of liberty, limited government, and free markets.”

Glenn Beck and The Fox news Network promoting the 9/12 events in Washington and supposedly getting exclusive coverage. And yet Fox News says they are not partisan & Beck tells the "Honest Truth" and Bill O'Reilly Is in the "No Spin Zone".
The 9-12 Project -Propaganda film equates 9/11 to Pearl Harbor,and Obama to Hitler

Glenn Beck will be anchoring the coverage of 9-12 events, live on Fox News on September 12, 2009
Visit for more information...

9/12 March on DC.

Glenn Beck invites you to the 912 March on Washington DC

In this next clip the anti-health care crowd misappropriates Martin Luther King's March on Washington & his "Free at Last Speech".
This is so disturbing on so many levels its hard to know where to begin. The very idea that these mostly Angry White Men would attempt to use Martin Luther King to support their cause which is to maintain the "Satus-Quo" of the rich and powerful. That their agenda is to rob the American people of substantive reforms which would be good for the nation and for average Americans. I mentioned the Satus Quo but in fact the Republicans, the Radical Right and the Religious Right are trying to join forces to become a juggernaut which acting in concert can't be stopped so they can according to their views turn the clock back 50 or more years to some idealized non-existent fantasy world of Norman Rockwell & "Leave it To Beaver" when America was not so jaded and was a moral and Christian nation.

But for some this is still not going back far enough as they wish to return to the good old days of the 19th century of unfettered unbridled laissez-faire capitalism when the Robber Barons could do whatever they wanted before Teddy Roosevelt and later Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman others began to challenge them .

The Religious Right 's agenda is to create as near a theocracy as they can get depending on what the Corporate Elite will allow.

Anyway the video using Martin Luther King is ironic since firstly there is the obvious point that most of the people who are against Universal health care are predominately white while Obama is black.

Secondly this piece of propaganda misrepresents Dr. king because it ignores Dr. King's anti-Vietnam War sentiments which he expressed publicly. It also ignores Dr. King's campaign against poverty since he believed in order for all Americans to have equal opportunities they all needed the basics of food, clothing, shelter, good quality health care etc. Dr. King also preached tolerance and understanding and acceptance of others who are different due to color, creed, religion, sexual orientation that people be judged by their character and not the color of their skin their religion or the amount of material things or wealth that they have amassed.

But for instance these anti-Obama protesters at least most of them are in favor of ginning up the war effort against terrorists, against drugs, against legal & illegal immigrants and instead of preaching tolerance they are also anti-Gay , antiFeminist, anti-women 's repoductive rights, anti-birth control, anti-any government measure which might help the poor and the working poor, the disabled, the mentally ill etc.

The Religious Right therefore have little if anything in common with an idealistic non-violent freedom fighter such as Dr. King. The Religious Right who are a part of this anti-Obama anti-Government coalition also tend to be pro-Christian Evangelical fundamentalist and anti-Muslim and are against pluralism and multiculturalism they are anything but tolerant. They believe only Christianity is a true religion which was created by God. All others are anti-Christian and therefore Satanic.Believing in an inerrant literal reading of the Bible they believe most of if not all the laws of the Old Testament are to be enforced. In their little local churches and in their massive Disney World style Mega Churches they preach an old fashioned fire and brimstone message whether it is Pastor Hagee or a Rick Warren their basic beliefs are the same whether they allow modern rock music or other theatrics strobe lights fire works etc. as BattleCry does it is the same old Fundamentalist intolerant message of fear and self-loathing and hate which they then turn into self-aggrandizement as each individual becomes a Warrior For Christ out to destroy the demons and demonic forces of the Secular Humanist society.

Their idea of freedom is that rich folks should pay less taxes & that government toss out any & all regulations concerning businesses & corporation to allow for unfettered laissez faire 19th century style capitalism at its worst. Toss out minimum wage laws, child labor laws bring back the Work House and Debtor's Prisons and the death penalty for a number of offenses. Is this the explanation for their railing on and on about the Fema Camps is this another projection because if they had their way millions of liberals, feminists, gays, secular humanists and those of other religions would be gathered up and put into concentration camps or sent into exile.

Join Us For The DC March 9.12.2009

Focus on ResistNet:

One of the major organizations behind the Taxpayer March & the 9/12 Project is

What is ResistNet? is the official social network of's Patriotic Resistance campaign. With Obama and the Democrats in Congress already embarking on the implementation of their agenda, and hundreds of thousands of citizens across this nation unashamedly announce our Resistance. We will resist -- in a peaceful, patriotic way -- Obama's efforts to move our nation away from our heritage of individual liberties toward “brave new world” of collectivism. ResistNet is designed to give citizens a new level of networking resources to organize the Patriotic Resistance.

What is is one of the nation’s fastest growing conservative online action networks involving more than 1 million citizens across the nation. As a non-profit 501c(4) organization, our goal is to rally and equip concerned citizens to take a proactive stand on the key issues of the day. As an organization, we are committed to providing cutting-edge tools that enhance the power and influence of grassroots citizens. "Grassfire has done a great job and has done a great service to the American people." – Sen. Jim DeMint. "I'm so grateful to [’s] efforts in mobilizing people to call their Congressmen." --Rep. Mike Pence. More about Steve Elliott bio.

What are the goals of ResistNet?

ResistNet is designed to be the social networking platform of's Patriotic Resistance. This platform is designed to give a platform for developing the structure of an intellectual resistance while providing a place for grassroots conservative citizen-resisters to network and delelope strategies and action items. We have set out the broad strategic outline for the resistance in two documents entitled, "Resist, Rebuild, Restore" and "How to Rightly Resist." We have established a clear "No tolerance" policy for personal attacks, militancy or profane language because our desire is that ResistNet focuses on ideas, solutions and actions.

What is the "No Tolerance" policy?

Every ResistNet member is required to consent to a "No Tolerance" policy which states:
I affirm that ResistNet is for principled, patriotic resistance to Barack Obama's ideology and agenda and is not a forum for personal attacks, lewd or profane language, or militancy against Barack Obama or others. As such, I accept ResistNet's strict No Tolerance policy and will not make inappropriate postings. I understand that such postings will be removed and members responsible will be banned without further notice. I also will report such postings to the site administrator.

action planned :We have joined forces with Freedomworks, Tea Party Patriots and several other conservative groups! Join us at this historic event!

Event Coordinators These are the 9-12 March on Washington national co-coordinators: Darla Dawald - Brendan Steinhauser - Jenny Beth Martin -

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