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Shawna Forde: Domestic Terrorism ,Murder, Minutemen, Tea Parties, Racism & Immigrants

"...For all of Hitler’s neo-paganism, the Holocaust did not spontaneously spring up out of the Teutonic forest. The District of Columbia may have been carved out of the heart of tidewater slave-holding, but that crime had roots beyond the American South. Indeed, what von Brunn’s act dramatizes is that race hatred in Western culture is elliptical, and has two foci: anti-Semitism and white supremacy. In ways that are rarely understood, the former generated the latter, which then curled back as anti-Jewish genocide. Aggression of one group toward others is built into the human condition, but we are speaking of something more deadly than that - an effervescent lethality that is peculiar to the culture that comes from Europe.

What we call “racism’’ can be traced to the 15th-century Iberian idea of “blood impurity,’’ a biological fault that set Jews apart from Christians. Jewish unworthiness was no longer in their religion, but in their physical makeup - an inherited inferiority. That idea combined at about the same time (1492 a marker) with assumptions of innate European superiority over the “savages’’ encountered in first-wave colonialism. The new European imperialism (unlike, say, the imperialism of ancient Rome) depended on the ideology of absolute ranking by race."

Author James Carroll Commenting on James Von Brunn's act of Domestic Terrorism & Hate Crime at The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. & the roots of racism.
From his article:
More than mere lunacy By James Carroll, Boston Globe, June 22, 2009

"...Picture America if Sarah Palin was president, both houses of Congress had a deep Republican majority, and the last 30 years of appointments to the Supreme Court had all been far right choices. Picture Fox News as the only TV news with access to the government, and the editors of the New York Times in jail for "treason."

...And what Dobson, Falwell et al were pushing, and what the "tea parties" and Fox News are all about today, is one or another version of the Rushdoony/theocracy version of the Iranian mullahs American-style."

Quote from : "The Real Lesson Of Iran -- Beware America's Republican Mullahs" Frank Schaeffer at Huffington Post, June 20,2009

Anyway let us continue with our discussion of the hysteria being drummed up by the right in the U.S.. Our focus though is racism & immigration.

There's for instance Sheriff Arpaio who is seen as hero by Republicans & conservatives & Nativists & white supremacists. He is seen as an old fashioned no-nonsense sheriff of the old west who is out to get all the bad guys and either arrest them or drive them out of town. But to others he is seen as the New Bull Connor a bit of a thug & an unapologetic racist but he is far more careful in the way that he speaks. Many of these current racists have learned to temper their speech for the media & the public.
Arpaio reminds one of the fictional border town corrupt & racist Sheriff played by Orson Wells in the film "A Touch of Evil".

Parade of Injustice!!!! Sheriff Arpaio offense to Human Dignity

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona continues his human rights violations. This video shows disturbing images of Americas worst sheriff and modern day Bull Connor abusing his power. Arpaio paraded 200 shackled individuals suspected of being in this country undocumented as a form of transportation from one jail to another. The inmates new place of captivity is "tent city".

UPDATE: 11:58 AM

Bill O'Reilly & Fox News hypocrisy in refusing to cover story of Murders committed by Minuteman Extremist Shawna Forde & her connections to FAIR & other anti-Immigration groups.

Ignoring Shawna Forde: Fox News fails to live up to Bill O'Reilly's own news-coverage standard
By David Neiwert Saturday Jun 20, 2009 at Crooks and Liars

And now we move on to the case of Nativist & Minutemen leader Shawna Forde who moved in the circles of the moderate to extreme factions of the anti-Immigration movement. It is surprising how little attention this story has received in the mainstream media & even in the blogosphere or at places like YouTube & Twitter. Is this as some have suggested because the victims were Latinos & not white Americans. Fox News we know would be in a conflict of interest in covering the story since they are the main conduit for raising hysteria among the American public.

Head of a minuteman group arrested for double homicide-June 13,2009

Alleged murderer & racist Minutemen Leader Shawna Forde expresses her feelings about Illegal-Immigration & the poor state of the economy which she & other conservatives & Republicans blame President Obama. As if 8 years of misrule of Bush counted for nothing.In her comments below she sounds no different than other mainstream critics of President Obama such as Fox News, Glenn Beck,. Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin ,Lou Dobbs, Joe Scarborough or Ann Coulter.

Note: she signs it Lock & Load-

BLOGGING FROM THE BORDER :Tea Party statement from Shawna Forde, April 16,2009

With the world watching and bracing themselves for the American backlash we are living among the enemy, Texas is now considering to separate WOW I’m moving to Texas if that happens. As you stand at this Tea party (the one in Phoenix) was the largest in the nation I am still able to look around and feel the pride and love for America, I look around at the sea of flags and signs and people yelling for change but a collective attitude of togetherness the American spirit. As glorious as that surreal moment is the underline fear that clings in the air, children lined up with signs around there neck referring to debt. People walking around numb and seniors afraid of tomorrow whether they will have health insurance and their grandchildren already excepting that there will be no social security for them. Let alone the idea of collage as a option for now even the middle class which is joining the ranks of the poor quicker then a upward spiral.

I wish I had words of wisdom or even some false hope to produce, but I don’t, The only conclusion I have drawn is that you and I are not alone in our fear for a future but look left and right every American around you is sharing in this fear.

It is time for Americans to revolt.

It is more then words it is about action, share your opinions with your neighbor go to the offices of those elected officials be active and stand even on a corner with a sign if that s as far as you can take it but do not go into your house and draw your blinds and wish it away this is the time for all Americans to join organizations and REVOLT!!!

Refuse to be part of a system only designed to enslave you and you children.

Times will get worse before they get worse,

*Say no to illegal immigration*

Lock and Load
Shawna Forde


Shawna Forde was already being tracked as a possible extremist& Nativist long before her arrest as the following item from the Southern Poverty Law Center attests.

From Southern Poverty Law Center: The Nativists
Shawna Forde, 39 Everett, Wash.Spring 2008

Preppy, blonde and fashionably coiffed, Shawna Forde doesn't look much like a grunge rock promoter or a border vigilante. Yet during the Seattle grunge scene's early 1990s heyday, Forde promoted and toured with several post-punk bands. Today, she's traded in her thrift-store flannel for a pantsuit, and her concert posters for Minuteman fliers pronouncing, "The Great Gringo awakens from siesta."

As head of Minutemen American Defense, or MAD, she straps on a yellow armband and carries a two-way radio to patrol the U.S.-Canadian border "against unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military." Acting on what she claims are "insider personnel tips," the group also has assigned members to patrol the Everett, Wash., main branch public library in search of suspicious-looking Middle Eastern men. Fortuitously, the library's windows overlook the Port of Everett, which MAD deems a high-profile terrorism target.


Shawna Forde -minutemen of Arizona- murders

Did they deserve to be murdered even if the father was a drug dealer or if they were illegal-immigrants ? Ask bill O'Reilly he and Limbaugh & Michael Savage believe these subhuman immigrants should be shown no mercy whatsoever. But they leave it to others to do their dirty work & then claim innocence like Hitler on Kristallnacht (Pogroms November.10 & 11,1938)

The real face of anti-immigration hysteria.

Shawna Forde, Minutemen Leader, Arrested In Double Killing In Arizona by Bob Christie at Huffrington Post ,June 13, 2009

PHOENIX — Two of three people arrested in a southern Arizona home invasion that left a little girl and her father dead had connections to a Washington state anti-illegal immigration group that conducts border watch activities in Arizona.

Jason Eugene Bush, 34, Shawna Forde, 41, and Albert Robert Gaxiola, 42, have been charged with two counts each of first-degree murder and other charges, said Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County, Ariz.

The trio are alleged to have dressed as law enforcement officers and forced their way into a home about 10 miles north of the Mexican border in rural Arivaca on May 30, wounding a woman and fatally shooting her husband and their 9-year-old daughter. Their motive was financial, Dupnik said.

"The husband who was murdered has a history of being involved in narcotics and there was an anticipation that there would be a considerable amount of cash at this location as well as the possibility of drugs," Dupnik said.

...Forde is the leader of Minutemen American Defense, a small border watch group, and Bush goes by the nickname "Gunny" and is its operations director, according to the group's Web site. She is from Everett, Wash., has recently been living in Arizona and was once associated with the better known and larger Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

"The Politics of Hate and Murder: Killer Co-Hosted Event with 3 GOP Pres. Candidates"
by TomP at Daily Kos,Wed Jun 17, 2009

Firedoglake is reporting that Shawna Forde, who was recently charged with the murder of a 9-year-old Hispanic girl and her father, co-hosted the 2007 Washington State Illegal Immigration Summit. And who attended? GOP Presidential candidates Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and Fred Thompson.

Minuteman Killer Co-Hosted Anti-Immigration Event in 2007 Featuring Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson

This child and her father died because they were Hispanic. They were victims of hate legitimized by Republican Presidential candidates. Anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant hate.

... Accused ringleader Shawna Forde told her family in recent months that she had begun recruiting members of the Aryan Nations and that she planned to begin robbing drug-cartel leaders, her brother Merrill Metzger said Monday in a telephone interview from Redding, Calif.

"She was talking about starting a revolution against the United States government," he said.

also see: " UPDATE: Shawna Forde links to Rep. Tom Tancredo" by Blog For

Minuteman X Denies Connection to Shawna Forde, Admits "She DID IT!" and Implicates other Minutemen and Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol!! at Immigration Talk with a Mexican American Blogspot June 23,2009

The Leader of the Colorado Minutemen has gone to Scott North of the Daily Herald to claim he tried to turn Forde in a few weeks ago. Remember, the murders were committed a few weeks ago, on May 30. When you read his story, it is obvious he was very involved and is now just trying to protect himself. He also is clearly implicating members of his Minuteman group, Glenn Spencer and Minutemen Leaders. The police are not confirming what he said and, of course, have no comment.
The Colorado Minutemen (Minuteman X) went to the reporter on the condition of anonymity. What is interesting about his story is about how close-knit all of these ANTI groups are, the Minutemen, American Border Patrol, and all Border Watchers-Vigilantes!

...Forde was arrested near Sierra Vista, Ariz., by an FBI team that tracked her to the home of Glenn Spencer, president of American Border Patrol, a group that monitors border security using airplane surveillance, Minuteman X said.
Forde was arrested a short distance from Spencer's home. Barkman from Pima County confirmed that FBI agents were involved in Forde's case because she was a fugitive. Spencer on Monday said Forde had no affiliation with his group, although last year he had allowed Forde and her teenage daughter to live in an unused recreational vehicle on his property. Spencer broke ties with Forde over concerns about her behavior and judgment, he said.

"She was actually going to leave her daughter here," he said. "I ... was not happy with this person, and I did not want to affiliate with her any more."

On June 12, almost two weeks after the Arivaca killings, Spencer said Forde simply showed up at his house and was admitted by the woman who runs his office. "I was on my computer working on our report and she showed up right behind me," he said. Forde asked to use one of Spencer's rooms to send an e-mail from her laptop computer. He let her, and then she left. "That's where I want to leave it," Spencer said. Forde was arrested about a mile from Spencer's home when she drove up to an FBI road block. She remained jailed in Tucson on Monday, held in lieu of $1 million bail.


A chilling Shawna Forde video: Patrolling with the border with a gun down her pants
By David Neiwert at Crooks and Liars, Jun 22, 2009

Last year a Norwegian news crew interviewed Shawna Forde while she was out on "patrol" for illegal border crossers in the vicinity of Arivaca, Arizona -- the same area where, less than a year later, she would be arrested for the cold-blooded murder of a 9-year-old girl and her father.

It's pretty chilling, particularly when she describes their activities in the desert:

And then there's the shot where you see her stick her gun down her pants...

...In any event, this is all part of why, as Patrick Young at Long Island Wins notes, the Minutemen and their supporters are scrambling hard to get away their many long associations with Forde:

Shawna Forde, who allegedly cooked up the deadly plot to raise money for political action had close ties to Jim Gilchrist, one of the two founders of the Minutemen. His website had defended her against criticism from other anti-immigrant activists as recently as January of this year. Yet, if you go to his site today, pages that Google says listed her have been scrubbed.

Same thing with VDARE, the homepage of educated racism. The site had an article criticizing a newspaper that had called Forde's claims of having been abducted by aliens (Latino immigrants, not space monkeys) far-fetched. The page was scrubbed. It only exists as a Google cache and will soon disappear. Cowards. If you want to back up a woman her brother describes as a sociopathic liar you should at least leave your endorsement up when she is also shown to be a psychopathic murderer.

Young also adroitly observes:

Jeff Schwilk, the leader of the San Diego Minutemen, in his denial of involvement with Shawna Forde gave the most damning statement about her and his own armed militia: "I've been concerned about her and her impact on our movement... Irrational people with assault rifles at the border is a recipe for disaster."

Exactly what I've been saying since I first heard of the Minutemen.

Indeed. And the above video is ample testament to that fact.

Meanwhile, Chad Shue at the Examiner describes how Forde's extremism helped drive the formation of an organized civil-rights campaign to counter it in the Everett area in the form of the Snohomish County Citizens Committee for Human Rights.

The Colorado Independent points out that Tom Tancredo also had his representatives in attendance at Forde's 2007 "Immigration Summit" in Everett, where a letter was read from Tancredo sending his regrets for not being in attendance.

And Marc Cooper chimes in as well.

Of course, at this point, we're still wondering where the rest of the media are. The national reporting on this has been nearly nonexistent -- particularly at Fox.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, the media reaction under the reversed scenario: If this had been a Mexican drug gang that had murdered a white family in the desert, can you imagine how Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly would have handled it?

Shawna Forde- Immigration -racism vigilantes

" Fame: The Goal of the Twisted Shawna Forde" from The Indigenous Xicano,June 21,2009

...Maybe she thinks she is the Messiah of the self-proclaimed border defenders?

But it costs money to fight wars, real and imagined, and Forde and her horde of murderous misfits had no funds to fight their imaginary war. So they decided to rob drug dealers of their product and their cash.

Almost like Robin Hood, except this was robbing from the drug dealer to give to the criminally mentally ill.

Somehow these criminals use the argument of the rule of law to rationalize their hate.

If only they were able to obey the rule of law and Brisenia Flores would be alive today.

Still, Forde has fallen short in her pursuit of fame despite her murdering a nine-year-old child because in this current anti-immigrant climate, the media does not give much attention to the cold-blooded murder of a Mexican child.

So the question is raised again & again whether all of this hysteria against Obama by Republicans, conservatives & Fox News etc. has created a climate in which those who are angry, enraged & frustrated will act on these feelings.

" Shawna Forde, Alleged Kid Killer, Extremist, Phoenix Tea Party Attendee, and Ghost of Tea Parties Future" by Featherbed Bastard, June 22,2009

A Petri dish of right wing insanity and goofiness. That was my impression of the April 15 Tea Party that took place on the grounds of the Arizona state capitol and drew thousands in a mass fit of anti-Obama rage. Sure, not everyone there was a complete moon-howling loon...

... And such extreme, Glenn Beck-esque paranoia and far-right wackiness makes for perfect blog-fodder. So much so that I can't wait for the next spate of tea parties to occur on July 4 across the country, which organizers hope will be as colossal an explosion of pent-up falangist energy as the April 15 parties were...

... On that date, Phoenix saw an influx of Paleolithic conservatives ... Hausfraus and their high-school aged progeny compared Barack Obama to mass murderers such as Adolf Hitler, and to far-left revolutionaries such as V.I. Lenin. Obama's name and face were interchangeable with the hammer and sickle for these Looney Tunes.

No denunciation of our President was too far out at the jingoist jamboree, even though the Prez was elected to his national post by both the popular vote and the Electoral College. It wasn't too long ago in this country when even conservatives demanded a smidgen of respect for the POTUS. Sadly, those days are long behind us...

There were neo-Nazis in attendance, John Birchers, estwhile Ron Paul-ites (or "Ronulans"), middlebrows who'd read too much Ayn Rand, minutemen, nativist members of United for a Sovereign America and other anti-immigrant groups, you name it. One of those minutemen, or perhaps more properly -- minutewomen, reporting for duty was Shawna Forde, founder and leader of the group Minuteman American Defense. On June 12, Forde, 41, and two cohorts were arrested by the Pima County Sheriff's Department for their alleged role in a bloody home-invasion robbery in Arivaca that left a nine-year-old girl and her father dead.

Other members of MAD (a prescient acronym for an organization if there ever was one) have since taken down the Web site, leaving up a message that declares that they neither "endorse nor condone" Forde's actions, claiming she has "caused a lot of pain embarrassment and humiliation to the total Minuteman movement and fellow members of MAD."

and: Shawna Forde's (Director of Minutemen) Lies Are Exposed! Immigration Talk With a mexican American, Feb. 22, 2009

Trouble finds Shawna Forde - Border activist at center of recent spate of violence

EVERETT -- An Everett woman who attracted national attention by suggesting Mexican drug cartels targeted her for a series of violent attacks now acknowledges she told police they ought to look closer to home for suspects -- including among her own son's friends. Shawna Forde, 41, said she is convinced there are links between the Dec. 22 shooting of her ex-husband at their north Everett home, her reported rape and beating at the same house a week later, and an attack on Jan. 15 in a nearby alley that left her with apparent gunshot wounds to her right arm...(the police) investigation should focus on local street toughs who until last summer were burglarizing Everett-area homes and trafficking in stolen firearms. One member of the ring was Forde's own son, Devon Duffey, 19. He went to prison in October and now is serving more than two years at the state penitentiary in Walla Walla for being a felon in possession of firearms, records show.

and so it goes ,

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