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Right-Wing Media Argues Museum Shooter Is A Leftist??? & " Lone Wolf's " Enablers

The notorious forgery The Protocols of The Elders of Zion which outlines the bogus World-wide Jewish Conspiracy. Even though it has been proven to have been a forgery anti-semites still treat it as gospel truth. Hitler, Henry Ford, Father Coughlin & other fanatical Anti-Semites promoted the Protocols as if they were a description of the real world.

Update: 11:24 & 11:39AM , June 15, 2009
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Quote of the day in light of the recent murders by Scott Roeder, James Von Brunn & the debate over to what extent Hateful Speech is connected to violence:

...Our greatest threat will be violence from within. Not the violence of street crimes and bar fights, but the violence spawned by hate, scapegoating and a rigid self-righteousness that sees the mote in everyone else's eyes but never the beam in their own.

...Forty-one years ago this month, the editor of a Georgia newspaper, Sylvan Meyer, wrote, "What good is it to call the Robert Kennedy shooting a tragedy, or to deplore violence or to bemoan the nation's directions? Perhaps the good is to awaken people to the costs of violence, to alarm those who speak in extremes of threats and warnings, who attack motives and individuals, rather than their ideas. The responsible writer and speaker today, in a violent time, holds the gun at the country's head."

Today, we too often attack motives and individuals instead of ideas — from all sides. It's not enough to disagree with others and engage them in vigorous debate. We must demonize them, assume the worst, besmirch their character and paint them as caricatures of our worst fears.

...But violence is more than physical, and this is where we need to check ourselves.

It's the violence of spirit, words and how we view each other that's our greatest challenge.

Short of love, the greatest antidote to this violence is to never forget the inherent dignity in each of us and that the sacred bonds we share — not merely as Americans but as human beings — are greater and more precious than our political differences.

If we forget this, the rhetorical grenades of epithets and recriminations we so casually throw at each other will continue to roll into places like Little Rock, Wichita and Washington, D.C.

Never forget.

From: Cary Clack: After the rhetorical grenades at San ,June 14,2009

And from the Dark Side:
White Supremacist call Von Brunn a hero.

No, James Von Brunn did as well as he could have expected on what might have been a short notice or decision. I certainly am not going to criticise this brave free White Man now -- or ever.

When one is a Resistance political or religious figure, one never can bad-mouth the decisions in the field of the Resistance soldier. Never... Sooner or later comes the time to fight, and James Von Brunn chose his day to die. I will do nothing other than to praise this Hero of the White Nationalist Resistance.

... if he lived, I'd offer him a ordination in the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri.

From: "Always Support the Resistance Fighter " by Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt at Church of Jesus Christ Christian, June 11, 2009


James Von Brunn Holocaust Memorial Museum shooter

Keith Olbermann: Limbaugh, "Museum Shooter Was A Leftist"-June 11,2009

and as Winston Pickett argues that our basic views about Domestic Terrorist like James Brunn should change:

"James von Brunn's shattered myths:The tragic shooting at Washington's Holocaust museum should end the idea that we can simply ignore hateful ideas " by Winston Pickett,, June 12, 2009

..When the self-declared racist, white supremacist, conspiracy theorist and hardcore antisemtite James von Brunn walked into the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and opened fire, he brought more than death and the shattering of innocent lives to the public consciousness.

He also shattered a number of myths and rationales that saner members of society carry around with them when not confronted with pure hatred face-to-face.

The first is the myth that time mellows the hardcore ideologue. At 88 years old, with an internet-accessible, clearly documented trail of publications and embroidered theories of racial supremacy and world domination that rational folks might easily pass off as a kind of Mein Kampf for Idiots, Von Brunn's venom only intensified with age – together with his desire to act upon it.

The second myth is the notion that "talkers aren't doers" – the idea often held by law enforcement and hate crime specialists that the "theoreticians" and what could be called "ideological" racists rarely take up arms themselves and seek to actualise their grievances or bring their worldview to its logical conclusion.

...A third myth might be called the comfortable assumption that it is only "lone wolves" who carry out such acts. Compared to the total population of the United States this may be true. But when US law enforcement agencies regularly cite some 926 organised hate groups at work at any given time – with 13 alone operating in the state of Maryland, where Von Bronn lived – all with self-reinforcing hyperlinks to each others' ideas and activities – it may be time to rethink the reassuring notion that someone acted alone.

...Which brings us to a fourth and perhaps most disturbing myth of all: that vile, crackpot, incendiary and ruthless belligerent ideas are just that – only ideas. No, if anything, Von Brunn's well-documented worldview, with its grab-bag amalgam of hatreds, shows us just how easily ideas can lead to deeds – and how easily ideas can kill

" Domestic Terrorism at the Holocaust Museum " by James Ridgeway at Mother Jones June 10, 2009

...the neo-Nazis with whom von Brunn associates himself in his writings believe the Jews control the "mud people." The "mud people" are all the non-white Aryans who, in the view of the racists, ought to be kicked out of the country. A sample of von Brunn's writing (titled "Hitler's Worst Mistake: He Didn't Gas the Jews") makes some of these connections.

...From his website and writings, von Brunn sounds very much like a national socialist or neo-Nazi. His basic writings rely on the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a book that purports to set forth a secret grand Jewish plot to control the world. This book was hatched by the Czar’s secret police during the early days of the Russian revolution, and was popularized in the US by Henry Ford, founder of the car company: Ford salesmen handed it out to their customers.

The Protocols form the base of much far-right thinking. Books such as the Turner Diaries by William Pierce, which forecast Timothy McVeigh's attack on Oklahoma City, are steeped in the world of the Protocols.

James Von Brunn wrote in 2003 to supporttheconfederateflag Yahoo!Groups What he says about illegal immigrations sounds like the over the top rhetoric of Hannity, Dobbs, O'Reilly , Limbaugh, Coulter, Malkin , Michelle Bachmann & Michael Savage etc.- He talks about illegal immigration as an invasion & talks in terms of disease.

"Should we get involved in a real war can we rely upon China to supply our need
for steel? As aliens pour across our borders can we rely upon them to fill the
positions of young Aryans shipped over-seas - with the Church's blessings?

This represents what is happening across the board to America’s production

Here again we have the symptoms of disease. The disease itself is
Marxism/Liberalism/Judaism, which seeks One World Zionist Government. The enemy
is as plain as the nose-job on its face."

also see for some background on Von Brunn Anti-Defamation League ADL:James Von Brunn: An ADL Backgrounder

In September he claimed that "the ongoing financial crises [sic] was manufactured DELIBERATELY by FED Reserve, Treasury officers, and Congressional JEWS seeking One World Zionist Government." He also provided a list of "suggestions" for Congress, including "round-up aliens and traitors" and "TAKE UP ARMS and ROPE!"

To Von Brunn, the Holocaust was another Jewish sleight-of-hand; he was an avid Holocaust denier with connections to a variety of denier groups and individuals. Holocaust denier Jack Wikoff identified Von Brunn in 1995 as one of four "dedicated activists" who helped air the Holocaust denial videos of Canadian Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel on public access television. In return, Zundel interviewed von Brunn on his radio show, identifying him as an "American artist and businessman."

Sometimes, Von Brunn's sentiments went beyond merely denying the Holocaust and extended to implicit and explicit threats. In 2004, he wrote to an Australian Holocaust denial e-mail list that it was "time to FLUSH all 'Holocaust' Memorials," a chilling foreshadowing of his actions five years later. Von Brunn was fond of repeating the mantra "Hitler's Worst Mistake: He Didn't Gas the Jews."


As a result of his long history as an active white supremacist, Von Brunn developed relationships with and connections to a variety of prominent white supremacists over the years, including Ben Klassen (whose portrait Von Brunn painted), founder of the Creativity Movement; Willis Carto, a longstanding racist and anti-Semitic publisher and Holocaust denier; Tom Metzger, founder of White Aryan Resistance, and many others. One close connection was a retired Navy admiral and white supremacist, John G. Crommelin, who supported Von Brunn for decades (and whom Von Brunn also captured in portraiture).

It was probably with notorious anti-Semite Willis Carto and Carto's various publications and organizations that Von Brunn had his longest connections. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, according to someone who knew Von Brunn at the time, Von Brunn was a distributor of Carto's racist newspaper, The Spotlight. Earlier, he had briefly worked for Carto's Noontide Press publishing company. In 2003, the anti-Semitic American Free Press, successor to The Spotlight, returned the favor by quoting him in an "investigation" of General Tommy Franks, identifying Von Brunn as an "independent investigator."

Though he flirted with a number of white supremacist groups, von Brunn did not strongly associate himself with any for a long period of time; his connections were often more personal than institutional. There are some indications that at one point he intended to turn his "Holy Western Empire" site into an actual group. In a 2004 issue of Metzger's WAR magazine, Von Brunn even identified himself as the "Supreme Archon" of the "Aryan Council" of the Holy Western Empire. However, perhaps because of Von Brunn's advanced age, the Empire never advanced beyond Web page status.

Criminal Past

One of the reasons why Von Brunn was respected by white supremacists was because he was willing to "walk the walk" as well as "talk the talk." In 1981, he decided to strike at one of his pet enemies, the Federal Reserve system, which he believed was how Jewish international bankers controlled the money system.

On December 7, 1981, he traveled from New Hampshire, where he was living at the time, to Washington, D.C., to the headquarters of the Federal Reserve Board. Carrying several weapons, including a sawed-off shotgun, he ran past guards up to the second floor, where the Board was meeting at the time. However, police caught up with him outside the meeting room and arrested him.

Von Brunn was charged with attempted armed kidnapping, second-degree burglary, assault with a dangerous weapon, carrying a pistol without a license and two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon. In 1983 he was convicted and sentenced to four to 11 years in prison, of which he eventually served six and a half years. John Crommelin, the retired admiral, allegedly told Von Brunn's son that von Brunn deserved "the gratitude and assistance of every White Christian citizen of these United States."

Von Brunn faces murder charge in Holocaust Museum attack
Faces murder charge in Holocaust Museum attack by Dennis Roddy Pittsburg Post-gazette, June 12, 2009

also see White Supremacist' websiterticle & comments on Von Brunn Church of Jesus Christ Christian/ Aryan Nations: James Von Brunn allegedly shoots guard at Holohoax Museum

and in another article at that website the writer celebrates the life & martyrdom of James Von Brunn : James Von Brunn As I Knew Him" by Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt at Church of Jesus Christ Christian June 13, 2009

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and on The Protocols Of The Elders of Zion: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum : "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, one of the most notorious works of antisemitic propaganda in modern times, is a forgery that claims to describe a secret Jewish conspiracy for world domination. From the early 20th century to the present day, ultranationalist political groups worldwide have reprinted and distributed the fictitious Protocols to defend and perpetuate their antisemitic campaigns. Today's resurgence of antisemitism in many parts of the world has again propelled the use of the Protocols to spread hate."

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