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Pro-Life Movement & Religious Right's Radical & Extremist Rhetoric Encourages Violence Against Abortion Providers & Fuels Hate & Fear Of Ob

UPDATE: 12:30 PM & 2:00 PM June 8, 2009
also see letter from People For The American Way criticizing Religious Right Rhetoric below. & See Crooks & Liars:FOX Nation likes pointing guns at our leaders
By John Amato Friday Jun 05, 2009 6:45am

& Ann Coulter ( who should be investigated for inciting hate & violence) is dismissive of the death of Dr. George Tiller because 49 million babies have in her view been murdered & only 5 abortion providers so her statement defends the violence & is an incitement to more violence on the part of the Religious RightAnn Coulter's "49 million to 5" June 03, 2009 ( she argues)" In ...36 years, more than 49 million babies have been killed by abortionists. Let's recap that halftime score, sports fans: 49 million to five."

President Obama should treat these acts of vandalism , bombings , threats & intimidation & assassinations as Domestic Terrorism which is fueled by right-wing media personalities & the Fox News Network . As Planned Parenthood & others have pointed out these acts are often dismissed out of hand as merely the acts of lone individuals but in fact it is all part of an ongoing campaign of intimidation to shut down all Abortion Clinics & create an environment in which fewer doctors are willing to provide abortion services.

Scott Roeder who murdered abortion provider Dr. George Tiller we are told was involved with Operation Rescue and with various White Separatists & White Supremacists organizations such as the Freemen. The Department of Justice is now investigating his case to find out if others were complicit or acted as accessories to the assassination. We know he was in contact with the local head of Operation Rescue .

The Religious Right has been using inflammatory rhetoric for over 25 years to stir up its base & demonize anyone who disagrees with them on any of the various issues they keep harping on including abortion & Gay Rights , sex education. Gun control, States Rights etc. The government's approach should be similar to that of its approach to those who fought against the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s & 1960's when the government sent in troops & the FBI etc. to ensure laws protecting the rights of African-Americans were being enforced. So FBI special agents & possibly soldiers should be sent by the Obama administration to protect Abortion Providers across America to send the message that what abortion providers are doing is within the law .

Below is another example of the hysteria & fear & Hate Mongering, Propaganda & lies of the Religious Right & the Anti-Abortion Movement & so called Pro-Family Values organizations

100 Days of Change for the Family

From Family Research Council
After the first 100 days of the Obama presidency, many changes have occured... For more visit

Tony Perkins of Anti-Abortion Religious Right organization Family Research Council In April this year drumming up Hate & Demonizing Dr. George Tiller & The Governor of Kansas- After targetting Dr. George Tiller who will they & Bill O'Reilly & Fox News & Newt Gingrich & Mitt Romney et al on the Right target next ?

Perkins on Point: Kansas Edition

FRC President Tony Perkins reports from Kansas outside abortionist George Tiller's clinic and discusses the links between Department of Health and Human Services nominee Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and abortionists.

Part of the problem is that President Obama believes that those who are Pro-Choice should be more understanding of those who are Pro-Life and anti-abortion & that there should be some form of dialogue & some compromise on both sides to help resole the issue. But Obama forgets that the Pro-Lifers don't believe in compromise & state the issue quite simply & emphatically that abortion of a fetus from day one of a pregnancy is a matter of committing murder. They believe that the fertilized egg the Zygote is in fact a potential human being . As far as they are concerned even the so called "Day after Pill" when used to destroy the fertilized egg in a woman is a case of murder. The Pro-life movement is also against any form of Birth Control and at the same time are against Sex Education. They have no real sympathy or empathy for a ten year old girl who finds herself pregnant who may may have been raped by her own father , a brother or uncle etc. As far as they are concerned God has planted a Human should inside her womb & she must allow that fetus to grow and to be born -to do otherwise is to go against God & to be guilty of murder. As we saw in the manual from Pro-lifers it advices Pro-Lifers to fein & pretend Sympathy for a young girl or woman who is considering having an abortion. To the Pro-lifers they have no interests in the woman herself who is pregnant - her desires, her wishes - what she is feeling is of no interest to them -she is only of interests as a vessel which is carrying a new soul . They believe that a woman's main function is to be fruitful and multiply that is to have as many children as possible .Being anti-abortion is really just one plank as it were in their anti-Feminist ideology & their belief that all Americans must be forced if necessary to follow God'Law as it is laid out in the Bible.

Soldiers in the Army of God 1/7

"Given the recent tragic shooting of Dr. George Tiller, I feel this documentary is of particular significance in understanding the mindset and actions of those who choose violence as a method to be heard on the issue of Abortion

Points of Note:

The Army of God is a militant anti-abortionist organization whose operational method is one of Leaderless Resistance[1], a type of cell structured organizing that is designed to be highly difficult to trace and monitor. This structure also makes coordination and cooperation between cells very difficult, minimalizing its ability to plan large operations. The Army of God coordinates communication between groups and those incarcerated for crimes against the government and medical facilities, so called 'Prisoners for Christ' "

A Brief History of the Radical, Violent Right: How Racist Hate Groups Joined Up with Abortion Terrorists By James Ridgeway, Posted June 6, 2009.

Alleged murderer Scott Roeder was once a white separatist before he became an anti-choice zealot -- many others have followed the same deadly path.

The revelation that Scott Roeder, the alleged murderer of Dr. George Tiller, belonged to an anti-government, white separatist group called the Montana Freemen might seem like an unlikely twist. After all, such groups are generally thought of as either indifferent to the issue of abortion or actively enthusiastic about its potential for reducing the nonwhite population. As it turns out, however, the journey from radical racialist to anti-abortionist isn't as unusual as you might think.

...In 1996, Roeder was arrested in Topeka after sheriff deputies stopped his car because it had no license plate. Instead, the Star reported, "it bore a tag declaring him a 'sovereign' and immune from state law. In the trunk, deputies found materials that could be assembled into a bomb." Roeder was convicted, sentenced to two years probation, and told to stay away from far-right groups. A state appeals court subsequently overturned the conviction.

Roeder and the Freemen belonged to a little-recognized nativist political movement that began in the early 20th century, flared up periodically, and then ripped through the American heartland during the farm depression of the mid-1980s. This movement was often called "the posse," after a core group named the Posse Comitatus. Like any political movement, it consisted of a myriad of shifting entities that appeared and disappeared. But even though the names of the groups often changed, they all held tightly to the notion that the true white sovereigns, who had rightfully been given this land by God, were being threatened by race traitors "inferior races" creeping across the borders from Mexico and lands farther south. A favorite posse image was a drawing of a man hanging by the neck from a tree on a hill. Below in the distance stands a group of armed men. A sign is scrawled on the drawing. It says "The posse."

Should Scott Roeder be held indefinitely as a Domestic Terrorist, Should he be torture to give up information of accomplices & future terrorist actions-

dday at Daily Kos wonders aloud about how to treat a domestic terrorist if one buys into & applies the logic of conservatives & Republicans who are pro-torture & believe terrorists should be denied the same rights as others accused of crimes:

Should We Waterboard Scott Roeder? by dday at Daily Kos,June 4, 2009

In fact, if you want to talk about ticking time bomb scenarios, Roeder would certainly be a subject for interrogation. He has been involved in pro-life movements for many years; he was arrested and convicted in 1996 for attempting to bomb an abortion clinic; he attempted to break and enter into Tiller's clinic in the weeks leading up to the murder (a federal crime under the FACE Act), and his name and license plate number were sent to the FBI; he had the phone number for Operation Rescue in his car, and Operation Rescue provided information about Tiller to Roeder before the shooting. In the wake of Tiller's murder, a pro-life activist published photos and personal information of other doctors who perform late-term abortions.

So on those grounds, considering there may be other individuals seeking to kill American doctors, considering that Roeder has multiple ties to the movement that would carry out those killings, it would only make sense to use the interrorgation techniques on Roeder that would help protect Americans. Right? Furthermore, everyone associated with these movements, all of the dangerous suspected domestic terrorists or those with ties to them, including the commentators who fanned the flames of hate, ought to be locked up without charges so that they don't hurt Americans. Right? Right?

Well, I don't believe the answer is yes. But apparently, on a bipartisan basis, our political leadership does believe that some individuals should be subject to indefinite detention in case they commit a crime in the future, and that the legal system is not equipped to handle them. And the overwhelming majority of at least one major political party believes that torture is justified if it saves American lives.


Scott Roeder, charged with abortion doctor George Tiller's murder, says more violence is coming BY Helen Kennedy, June 7th 2009

The Kansas City man charged with assassinating abortion doctor George Tiller in his church a week ago warned Sunday that more violence is coming.

"I know there are many other similar events planned around the country as long as abortion remains legal," Scott Roeder said in one of two phone calls to the Associated Press from prison.


Operation Rescue Organization linked to Scott Roeder = Domestic Terrorism Suspect at Gather June 4, 2009

Scott Roeder = Domestic Terrorism Suspect now directly linked to the Operation Rescue Organization. Apparently he has been having numerous phone conversations with a high-ranking official of this organization. The individual whom he had contact with had been convicted of attempting to bomb a clinic and spent 2 years in prison on those charges.

This was prior to becoming a high-ranking official with Operation Rescue.

Was there collusion between this organization and Scott Roeder = Domestic Terrorism Suspect ?

Where has the FBI been through all this? Why they've been derilection of duty, that's where. The FBI had numerous of complaints, with video and photo evidence of this individual committing Federal crimes yet, never was he arrested on any charges.

This leads me to believe members of the FBI are complicit in the ongoing terrorism being committed against Abortion clinics and their personel.

This new information should lead to a complete investigation of the reasons the FBI hasn't prosecuted anyone under the FACE Act during the Bush/Cheney administration and those whom they might have strategically placed in positions of authority over the prosecutions under this Federal Law.

Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act ~ is a United States law passed in 1994, which prohibits the use of intimidation or physical force to prevent or discourage persons from (A) gaining access to a reproductive health care facility (which most notably includes abortion clinics), or (B) exercising freedom to worship at a religious facility. The law also creates specific penalties for the destruction of, or damage to, a reproductive health care facility or place of religious worship.

also see:

Op-Ed: Dr. Tiller’s murder is an attack on America By Brad Hirschfield at Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA),June 7, 2009

and : Letter from People For The American Way ,June 8, 2009

Extreme, overheated rhetoric can have dangerous consequences.

By now, you may have heard or read that last Sunday, Dr. George Tiller, a physician who has been targeted for years for his willingness to provide abortion procedures often in the most difficult circumstances, was assassinated in his church in Kansas.

Freedom of speech is one of our most cherished constitutional values and rights -- and should always be protected. But just because speech might be constitutionally protected does not make it right or decent.

There can be little doubt that the irresponsible, inflammatory, dehumanizing and violent speech of some around the abortion debate -- much of it targeted at Dr. Tiller himself -- contributed to this tragedy. The reaction to the assassination by some of these same people has been pretty shocking.

Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry said Tiller "reaped what he sowed."

Ann Coulter basically equated a woman's decision to have an abortion with a would-be assassin's decision to kill an abortion doctor.

And Wiley Drake, a former vice president of Southern Baptist Convention who last year was Alan Keyes' running mate, called Tiller's death "an answer to prayer." Drake then unabashedly told FOX broadcaster Alan Colmes on his radio show that he prays for the death of President Obama!

Dr. Tiller's death is a sad reminder that stoking the flames of hate has serious ramifications, yet the Radical Right is seemingly doing everything it can to continue the extreme demonization of its opponents, even suggesting violence with the use of images.

In the wake of Tiller's death, a Religious Right group calling itself Answers in Genesis has a billboard up in Texas and a TV ad comparing Atheism to murder. And the FOX Nation web site actually featured side-by-side articles with images that appear to have firearms aimed at the heads of progressive leaders who also happen to be African American. The absolute best that can be said of this is that FOX Nation is guilty of sloppy and irresponsible negligence.

It's incredibly important that we all stay vigilant in exposing the fear mongering and hate that drive people inclined towards violence to take action. PFAW's blog is one such place for activists like you to stay informed. Please visit the blog often, sign up for regular "Best of the Blog" updates and help spread the word about this resource.

Thank you for all you do.

-- Michael B. Keegan, President

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