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Pastor Hagee Says God Sent Hitler to punish The Jews & Thinks There's A Global jewish Conspiracy

"We have seen that Jesus never said, " Believe in me and you'll go to heaven." He never claimed to be a god or that his mother was a virgin. He never instructed disciples to create an institution and hierarchy of priest, to accumulate wealth and power. He did not advance the Augustinian idea that his followers should go to war on behalf of God. In fact he counselled the exact opposite: nonviolence, simplicity, modest ,and generosity."

Rex Weyler from The Jesus Sayings ,p.306

Sunday Sermons

Pastor Hagee: God Will Unleash Terrorists on U.S. for Israel Policy
So Hagee is predicting terrorist attacks did the FBI investigate him. Or is hoping for or even praying for terrorists attacks on the US. Should he be apprehended for treason. And if you believe in the power of prayer as Pastor Hagee and 220 million other americans then he is in effect attempting to cause a terrorist attack. So should the FBI arrest him pre-emptively to stop him from causing an attack in the furture or do they wait til after there's an attack.

"and the weak shall starve" Jesus or John Hagee
What happened to " the Lilies of the fields which toil not "

JohnHagee's views on Israel, Judaism & Hitler The Mdness of Pastor Hagee as hateful as Father Coughlin 1930s radio evangelist who was virulently anti-semitic & liked Hitler.Hitler though was popular in the US.he was Henry Ford's hero.

Jews are physically alive but not spiritually alive.But then again all non-born again peopleare are only physically alive but are spiritually dead. So all of us who are not born again are the same boat walking talking zombies.
Hitler was God's Hunter to kill all the jews ?
God caused the Holocaust not hitler & the Nazis - God first sends a fisherman Theordore Herzl to get the Jews to retuen to Israel. The Jewish people don't buy it . So God in his all powerful wisdom & compassion & Love sends Hitler to punish the Jewish people . Once the Shoah /Holocaust end the state of Israel is created and the Jewish people can return to Israel. But unfortunately for them they are no longer the chosen people. Now it seems John Hagee's followers are the new chosen people

though he says all evangelical Christians would be among the blessed. All Jews would be killed & sent in Hell except for a remnant of 144,000

and it gets worse:

Hagee - 'Hitler Was Fulfilling God's Will For Israel'

John Hagee believes in a Jewish Conspiracy in which Jews secretly control the world. How different is this from the infamous forgery anti-semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion . The holocaust Museum shooter also developed his own twist on the Protocols.
John Hagee as Moses so has been touched by the Divine

John Hagee Pushes Hitler's anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theory

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