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Illegal Immigration in The U.S.A. Used as a Propaganda Tool By anti-Immigration Racist Motivated Groups

Anyway as we have seen much of the fervor over illegal-immigration into the United States has been driven by a few powerful & well funded organizations which have managed to get their views aired in the Mass Media. But these groups are in fact not just concerned over illegal immigration but are also concerned with a policy of immigration that is allowing in their view far too many immigrants into the United States from non European countries which is changing the traditional demographics of the American population.

It must be reiterated that these anti-immigration groups have their roots embedded as it were in white supremacist' ideology.

an illustration of the propaganda techniques used by Roy Beck of the Anti-immigration organization Numbers USA.
So he and other groups are not just concerned about illegal immigration but believe too many legal immigrants especially from non European nations are being allowed into the United States. Roy Beck and others believe this will result in a catastrophe for America because in their view this will lead to an undermining of Americas values . But we have to wonder if their real concern is the so-called "browning of America" which in essence means there will be more people in America's population who are not white than those who are white. They fear it appears that the traditional European population of America will be outnumbered by those who are not of tradional European ancestry.

The point is that these groups and their spokespersons are concerned about defending the the maintaining of having a white majority in the United States. So it is this racist view which is behing much of the fear mongering over illegal & legal immigration in the United States.

Note the blurb added to the video at YouTube shows a racial or racist bias -
Immigration Gumballs-Roy Beck 2006

"This is a MUST SEE video for anyone interested in the immigration debate, whether you are a citizen, an illegal alien or a Congressman. ... all » This clip from the longer video, Immigration by the Numbers, features Roy Beck demonstrating the catastrophe of the huge numbers of both legal and illegal immigration by Third World people into the modern nations. He uses standard statistics and simple gumballs to show this disaster in the making."

Uses the Bible to back up his case against illegal & legal Immigration so he is appealing to Christians
It is undermining America 's laws & values
He ingenuously claims he is concerned over immigration because of its impact on Black & Hispanic Americans who he claims are suffering the most because of illegal aliens.
Then he shifts to environmental concerns appealing environmentalist but conservative s only claim to care about the environment to score political points or debating points
Wants to stop allowing immigrants from bringing in their family members

Roy Beck speaks at the 2008 RNA Annual conference -Part 2

Lou Dobbs ignores the fact that he is presenting the discussion about immigration in a slanted manner by having American firsters ,Nativists, xenophobes, racist & vigilantes on his show as representing the views American people. Further he has more anti-immigration or anti-Amnesty spokesperson on than those who are pro-immigration or pro-amnesty.

Note he attacks the Southern Poverty Law Center because he says they are a left wing organization which is in favor of amnesty for illegals. He seems to be saying that anyone in favor of amnesty is a radical & their opinion is not to be taken seriously. If this is so then how does Dobbs expect their to be a healthy debate over the issue when only one side is permitted to state their case & not merely be ridiculed. That there is another side to the debate Dobbs will not even consider this & he like other conservative commentators ignores any facts which do not support his fear mongering over the evils of illegal immigration.

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Here's a follow up to the previous video in which we discover Christian beliefs play a part in the reasoning of the anti-immigration group. The citizens concerned over illegal immigration & legal immigration claim that the state of Virgina & the US were founded under God's guidance & American laws are supposed to represent God's Law. The local culture they claim is being destroyed by illegal aliens.So real Americans they believed are being swamped by the hordes of illegal & legal immigrants who are not of European descent.

"Illegals," God and Gospel in Manassas / PWC

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