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Domestic Terrorist Scott Roeder Connected to "Operation Rescue" & the Hate Mongering Pro-Life Movement

Is Obama too busy to deal with Domestic Terrorism or just doesn't want to make a big deal about what he claims is not Domestic Terrorism but rather merely the tragic murder of one man.

Is Obama too afraid of the Religious Right & the Republicans and the Fundamentalist Christians to call this murder what it is " an assassination " & an act of Domestic Terrorism which was fueled by the out of control Right to Life Movement.

Evidence Connecting Scott Roeder to Operation Rescue Found in Roder's Car

Rachel Maddow unveils video evidence from KMBC TV in Kansas City of a note found in Scott Roeder's car at the time of his arrest for the murder of Dr. Geroge Tiller that read "Cheryl Op Rescue" and then a phone number. Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue, has admitted to having several conversations with Roeder about Dr. Tiller.

Protecting abortion providers or speaking out against the Violence encouraged by the Pro-Life Movement & Conservatives who defend Domestic Terrorism against people they don't agree with - another issue Obama is afraid to deal with - add to other issues Gay Rights Gay Marriage Don't Ask Don't tell or Torture or shutting down Gitmo , the use of Military Tribunals As Show Trials , continuing the insane Global War on Terror , refusing to prosecute the Bush Regime Criminals - , continuing warrantless surveillance & keeping thousands imprisoned in inhumane conditions in Iraq & Afghanistan , continuing the Drone Wars inciting the Pashtuns -expanding the American Empire

GRITtv: Domestic Terror and The Death of Dr. Tiller

Fox News Complicit In George Tiller's Death

On MSNBC's "Countdown" Monday night, Keith Olbermann argued that Fox News was partially responsible for the murder of Dr. George Tiller. He played clips of the network depicting Tiller as a baby killer and a Nazi, among other things. Olbermann called on viewers to not patronize businesses that show Fox News and to encourage their friends not to watch the channel -- "not so much a boycott here as a quarantine." The host pledged to take the first step and "retire the name, the photograph, and the caricature" of Bill O'Reilly from his own show.

Obama's Administration can not simply ignore The Pro-Life Movement Which Fuels Domestic Terrorism

Preview of ">New documentary spotlights Tiller at June 3, 2009

Propaganda, Lies , deceit , Misinformation of the Pro-Life Movement- A manual for instructing Pro-Lifers on how to argue with those who are pro-Choice-
Pretending to show concern for women who are considering the option of abortion-
Explaining ( erroneously) that are is only one medical issue which might put a pregnant woman in danger if she continues with the pregnancy
Erroneously arguing that few women would be endangered if abortion were illegal
Erroneously arguing that few women ever died from using back alley abortionists or doing the abortion oneself
Arguing the need for better birth control & sex education when in fact Pro-lifers are against all forms of birth control & sex education
Pro-Lifers arguing it isn't just a religious argument when in fact for Pro-Lifers the whole issue is a religious matter based upon their conservative Fundamentalist reading of scripture

The ABCs of antiabortion activism broadsheet at, June 4, 2009

The murder of Dr. George Tiller has opened up a Pandora's box for pro-lifers, giving rise to all sorts of troublesome questions about the culpability of lenient law enforcement and the movement itself. ..Pandagon's Amanda Marcotte, who got her mitts on a disturbing antiabortion activist handbook from Justice for All that lays bare some of the lies, deception and cynical manipulation that might have led to Tiller's assassination. It's now online for your reading enjoyment displeasure.

Activists are instructed that when confronting targets they are to pretend that they're A-OK with contraception. That way, their mark will let his or her guard down and think that, you know, there's actually a rational, fact-based discussion to be had. The truth, of course, is that the manual goes on to arm activists with medical misinformation that they can spread about birth control.

see the Anti-Choice Handbook pdf on line: Abortion From Debate to Diologue: A Justice For All Exhibit Guide by Steve Wagner & David Lee which promotes lies, misinformation deceit & propaganda to hide the fact that those who are pro-life are against all abortions & and see abortion as Genocide and that they are also against Birth control & for the most part don't care about the woman who decides to have an abortion - their only concern is the Unborn child - Their arguments are based upon Fundamentalists beliefs and are absolutists

and see Could Tiller's murder have been prevented? Broadsheet by Tracy Clark-Flory,, June 3, 2009

Here's a situation where police must be wishing for a do-over: The suspect in Dr. George Tiller's murder was caught vandalizing a clinic the day before Sunday's shooting. Scott Roeder wasn't arrested or questioned; he didn't even have a patrol car intimidatingly cruise by his house late at night. Instead, Roeder was left undisturbed while he allegedly planned his next-day attack on the Kansas doctor. This news comes on the heels of Kate Harding's excellent post about how difficult it is for abortion providers to get law enforcement to respond to harassment from pro-life groups, and it raises an important question: Could Tiller's assassination have been prevented by law enforcement?

...This is but one more hefty piece of evidence of a nationwide failure to adequately protect licensed and law-abiding medical professionals from violent extremists. It's been said before, but I'll say it again: This domestic war on terror has to be fought.

also see: Protecting abortion Providers . by Kate harding Broadsheet,June 2, 2009

" Why Clinic Violence is Obama's Problem " by Ann Friedman at The American Prospect, June 1, 2009

Dr. George Tiller's murder should push the federal government to get serious about fighting harassment of abortion providers.

From the immediate post-Roe years to the mid-1990s, clinic violence and blockades were a constant threat. After Dr. David Gunn was assassinated in 1993, Congress passed the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which specifically banned such acts as blocking clinic doors, trespassing, making violent threats, arson, vandalism, stalking clinic employees, and other forms of violence. Many of these acts were illegal already, but the law made clear that targeting a clinic with these crimes merited a federal response.

While FACE improved the situation (the number of clinics experiencing severe violence dropped from 52 percent in 1994 to 20 percent in 2000), it didn't succeed in ending the violence. Attacks against women's health clinics -- both those that provide abortions and those that do not -- continued throughout the Bush years. According to the National Abortion Federation, since 2000 abortion providers have reported 14 arsons, 78 death threats, 66 incidents of assault and battery, 117 anthrax threats, 128 bomb threats, 109 incidents of stalking, 541 acts of vandalism, one bombing, and one attempted murder.

...The last time an abortion provider was murdered, when Dr. Barnett Slepian was killed in 1998, it was a wake-up call to the fact that passing the FACE Act wasn't enough. Attorney General Janet Reno established the National Task Force on Violence against Health Care Providers, which committed the Department of Justice to enforcing FACE, coordinating information on national anti-abortion extremist groups, funding clinic safety efforts, and training local law enforcement. The following year, the White House budget requested $4.5 million to beef up security at abortion clinics. But other than finally bringing James Kopp, Slepian's killer, to justice in 2003, the task force was largely dormant for eight years under the Bush administration.

...The threat of violence is reflected in the very construction of Tiller's and other clinics around the country: high concrete walls, few windows, a secure entryway with bullet-proof glass. They look like bunkers, not doctor's offices. This sort of security would not be necessary if clinics only had to deal with peaceful protesters exercising their right to free speech. (FACE explicitly protects the right to protest peacefully outside abortion clinics.) Acts of vandalism also make it harder for clinics to provide a professional and inviting atmosphere for patients. Every dollar that Tiller put into fixing his water-damaged roof and replacing broken windows was a dollar not spent, say, upgrading medical equipment.

These harassment campaigns also have a chilling effect on medical students who are considering whether to become abortion providers. Would you choose a profession in which death threats simply come with the territory? A full 57 percent of abortion providers in this country are older than 50, and scant few provide late-term abortions. I was in Nebraska several years ago to interview Dr. Leroy Carhart (whose challenges to abortion-restricting laws went all the way to the Supreme Court), and Carhart and Tiller were the only two late-term providers in their region. If one wanted to go on vacation or got sick, the other had to fill in. There was no one else.


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