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Resurrecting Dick Cheney & Bush As Heroes- America Slipping Into Amnesia

UPDATE: Dec. 26, 5:36 PM

" The abuse of detainees in US custody cannot simply be attributed to the actions of "a few bad apples" acting on their own. The fact is that senior officials in the United States government solicited information on how to use aggressive techniques, redefined the law to create the appearance of their legality, and authorized their use against detainees. Those efforts damaged our ability to collect accurate intelligence that could save lives, strengthened the hand of our enemies, and compromised our moral authority."

December 11, the Senate Armed Services Committee

Resurrecting Dick Cheney and Bush and their thuggish brutes as " True American Heroes " who did what was necessary to Protect the FATHERLAND or Homeland - Do Americans or is it just a particular group of Americans who pine for a Dictatorship or Fascist State.Will President-Elect Obama be willing to strip away the newly granted powers of the executive which Bush & Cheney built up over the last eight years.

War Is Over-John Lennon

Dick Cheney the Hero of The Religious Right and The Main Stream Media & Millions of Self-righteous Fanatical Patriotic Americans . They believe anyone who is against torture or shows concern for the Million and a Half Iraqis and Afghans is unAmerican or Anti-American. The question is will President-Elect Obama be able to break away from this American addiction to WAR & Torture and slaughter or is it that this desire for Blood and Power just bred into the very marrow of all Americans. Will Obama be able to convince Americans that they are just one nation among many and that God does not have some special plan for America to conquer the world or destroy all those who are not Christians or who are not in favor of " Laissez Faire Capitalism ".

It's OK to say "Go Fuck Yourself " when you are a Good Christian like Dick Cheney.
Bill Kristol being the good American Fascist that he is is proud of Cheney.
Bill Kristol like Cheney and Bush is just another thug who has no time for differences of opinion or some " Pussy" who has no stomach for Torturing the Bad Guys .

And oh how sad thoseat Fox News and CNN etc. will be if prisoners are not abused or tortured. They absolutely gleeful at the suffering of other human beings. It's the reason they all are in favor of Capital Punishment - each person executed fills them with joy - they have a mindset that is not much better than the hated Taliban.
Cheney: I told Leahy to "f--- himself," "I thought he merited it."

America slipping into Amnesia as Usual

Just because these prisoners are not Americans doesn't mean they can be abused and tortured and denied human Rights no matter what Dick Cheney Bush & Fox News believes. So much for the superiority of American views on justice. Maybe Cheney is right that most Americans believe they as Americans are superior to all other peoples and nations and therefore anything America does to other peoples or nations is always justifiable and right . The Father Land or Home Land must be protected at all cost even if it means turning most of the world into a killing field.
Cheney's Torture Admission dictates Fed Investigation & pursuit of Criminal Charges - Nadler "Independent Counsel NOW".

Media Hacks Call Cheney A "Hero", Say They Love Him For Not Caring What Americans Think!
Dec. 21, 2008

" Dick Cheney does not care what you or anyone else thinks about the war in Iraq or any other subject for that matter, and because of this he is a "hero".

That was the sentiment expressed by both Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson yesterday after The Vice President made it clear during an interview that he is not bothered in the slightest what the American people think. "

The President Has Dictatorial Powers In A Time Of WAR

Cheney reminds the world that the abuse and torture of detainees and the slaughter caused by the Bush Regime in Iraq and Afghanistan was justified and that if he and Bush wanted to they could have used the secret codes to launch a few nuclear weapons on those countries or any that America viewed as a threat. So those who are critical of US policies whether those counties are in the Middle East or Asia or even Europe they should be careful what they say od because America has the power to wipe them out. Cheney shows off his thugish Ganger side smiling while threatening the world. So I guess from his point of view France and other countries who were or are critical of American policies should be greatful they were not attacked or Nuked by America.

See for instance on the brutality and Tyranny of the Bush/Cheney Regime:

also see: The Ten Lies Of Dick Cheney Parts 1 & 2 by Andy Worthington at Huffington Post Dec. 24 & Dec. 26

On December 11, the Senate Armed Services Committee issued a compelling report into the torture and abuse of prisoners in US custody ,based on a detailed analysis of how Chinese torture techniques, which are used in US military schools to train personnel to resist interrogation if captured, were reverse engineered and applied to prisoners captured in the "War on Terror."

...Those singled out for blame include President George W. Bush (for stripping prisoners of the protections of the Geneva Conventions in February 2002, which paved the way for all the abuse that followed), former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Vice President Dick Cheney's former legal counsel (and now chief of staff) David Addington, former Pentagon general counsel William J. Haynes II, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard Myers, former White House general counsel (and later US Attorney General) Alberto Gonzales, former White House deputy counsel Timothy Flanigan, former Assistant Attorney General Jay S. Bybee, former Justice Department legal adviser John Yoo, former Guantánamo commanders Maj. Gen. Michael Dunlavey and Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, and Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the former commander of coalition forces in Iraq.

The one senior official who was not mentioned -- presumably because of the talent for remaining behind the scenes that once earned him the secret service nickname "Backseat" -- was Dick Cheney. However, just four days later, as if to make up for his omission from the report, Cheney was interviewed by ABC News, and took the opportunity to present a detailed defense of the administration's national security policies, throwing down a very public gauntlet to critics of torture, Guantánamo, illegal wiretapping and the invasion of Iraq, and raising fears that he was only doing so because a Presidential pardon is just around the corner.

Cheney's most significant remark was his first admission in public that he was involved in approving the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-confessed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks (who, it should be noted, claimed responsibility for the attacks before he was captured by US forces). However, the entire interview is worth looking at, as Cheney's version of the truth does not stand up to scrutiny, and features ten lies that should not be allowed to pass without further comment and analysis.

War With Contempt for CiviliansTorture, Slaughter and Lies


In September an Afghan journalist, Jawed Ahmad, was released from a US military prison in Afghanistan where his jailers " broke two of my ribs during the beatings." He worked for Canadian TV and the BBC, among other media outlets, and he had done nothing wrong. That is obvious, because he was freed without charge after a year of hellish treatment at the hands of uniformed filth whose claim to being human is at best feeble. If there had been the slightest genuine suspicion that he had committed a crime he should have been put on trial, but that is not the way the US system works, in these horrible days. Bush policy in Iraq and Afghanistan is never to admit that anyone can be innocent because everyone arrested is automatically guilty. But will it get any better under Obama? Can he alter what has become normal behavior on the part of the robotic minions of the commander-in-chief?


Dismantling the Imperial Presidency By Aziz Huq Dec. 23, 2008

At first blush, Obama's victory is cause for optimism. As a senator he roundly rejected the signature Bush/Cheney national security policies: torture, "extraordinary rendition," Guantánamo and--until July--warrantless surveillance. Obama appointees like Eric Holder as attorney general speak unequivocally against these violations of constitutional and human rights (to be sure, in Holder's case it was after early equivocation).

The most significant Bush/Cheney innovation was planted at the taproot of our Constitution. It was the insistence that the president can exercise what Cheney in 1987 called "monarchical notions of prerogative." That he can, in other words, override validly enacted statutes and treaties simply by invoking national security. This monarchical claim underwrote not only the expansion of torture, extraordinary rendition and warrantless surveillance but also the stonewalling of Congressional and judicial inquiries in the name of "executive privilege" and "state secrets."

The Bush/Cheney White House leveraged pervasive post-9/11 fears to reverse what Cheney called "the erosion of presidential power" since Watergate. Relying on pliant Justice Department lawyers for legal cover, it put into practice a vision of executive power unconstrained by Congress or the courts. It achieved what James Madison once called the "accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hands," which he condemned as "the very definition of tyranny."

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