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Obama, Assassination and the White Supremacist Threat ; Meanwhile Bush Team Busy Rewriting History

Part of what is disturbing about what the White Supremacists say about Barrack Obama are similar to those in the mainstream of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Even the Clinton's who are supposedly so liberal yet they argued that the only reason Obama was popular or won the election is because of the fact that he is black - Hillary Clinton said this as did Republican Pat Buchanan who described Obama's appeal was because he was " exotic " . Meanwhile the Shock Jocks and their fellow travelers from Sean Hannity to Michael Savage to Ann Coulter , Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin are upset not just that the Democrats won but that Obama is black and supposedly a progressive or even a communist. When people in the mainstream media talk freely about Obama painting him as UnAmerican as not being a "Real American " as being a dangerous person who pals around with "domestic Terrorists " then it doesn't take much of a leap to see Obama's presidency as illegitimate in some way or a real threat and a clear and present danger to America. Even Sean Hannity has tried to blame part of the on going finacial crisis on Obama. Hannity and others believe Obama will be soft on Terrorism and will take little or no action on issues dealing with Immigration and Law and Order and is in their view on the wrongside of issues such as Abortion , Gay Rights. Some on the far right argue that Obama is too pro-Israel or is a stooge of the Zionists or a stooge of the Communists or the Black Panthers or of the Muslims etc. They fear Obama will institute some sort of purge of all those who supported the Bush Regime or any conservative view or cause.

What Americans in general do not want to face up to is that America has had an ugly and violent history of racism against African Americans and other visible minorities. If the mainstream media could deal with such truth and scrutinize America's history in an honest and forthright manner it would go along way to bringing about a society with better race relations. Instead the Mass Media claims United States was never really a racist nation.Race still looms large over American society.

Obama, Assassination and the White Supremacist Threat
It's the taboo subject you're not supposed to talk about - Barack Obama's safety in light of the rise of white supremacists in America. ANP investigates in Memphis, Tennessee, where our cameras infiltrate the Euro Conference. We probe the minds of the Anti-Defamation League, the Racist Skinhead Project and David Duke to assess legitimate threats to the next U.S. presidency.

Meanwhile back at the White House The Bush Regime is now hard at work to rewrite history to improve the Spin & Propaganda on Bush's legacy. Will Americans in general be fooled by this effort. The Neoconservatives need to rewrite history to show that their ideology and policies are still valid. So They need to find scape-goats to blame the mess left by Bush as being the result of problems with the intelligence agencies as in the case of the War in Iraq.

The problems with Katrina and other domestic issues were in fact not Bush's fault but that the already existing government bureaucracies were so badly mismanaged by previous governments that they had become unworkable and could not respond in the way that they should have once a crisis arose. As for an issue such as torture the Bush Regime merely has to redefine what constitutes and what does not constitute torture or that the people on the ground misunderstood their orders or the most outrageous cases were a matter of a few bad apples. But this sort of rewriting of history has all happened before as Lawrence O'Donnell points out that according to many Americans the United States did not lose the Vietnam War. Rather the War was not a total victory which it could have been if it wasn't for the evil Liberals such as Jane Fonda and John Kerry and the anti-war movement. In the history of the real world as opposed to the Mythical American History the Vietnam War was unwinnable.It is similar to the belief that many Americans especially conservative Americans have which is that racism was never much of an issue or problem in the United States and that the Civil Rights Movement was really just a coordinated attack by some disgruntled black agitators and the Communist and liberals in America .

Even now some of these same conservatives argue that the Civil Rights Movement ; the anti-war movement ; the feminist movement, the Gay Rights Movement: the Anti-Nuclear Movement etc. were financed and controlled by Soviet Undercover agents til the breakup of the Soviet Union. All of these movements they would argue were surely unnecessary given that the United States was at all times especially since the end of slavery the most Democractic and freest country in the world. If one believes in American Exceptionalism then any negative image of America must be wiped clean from the History Books and from the minds of the average American in order to help prop up American arrogance and its delusional view of itself. It is part of the Civil-religion that America can do no wrong and therefore ;all negative critiques of America are viewed by most Americans as a form of heresy.

Bush's Organized Effort to Rewrite History - "The Rachel Maddow Show"
Bush starts revising the history of his Presidency before the historians have even written the first draft. Lawrence O'Donnell on "The Rachel Maddow Show," December 3, 2008.

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