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Karl Rove Economic Woes A Liberal Fabrication Colin Powell Reality V. The Republican Party & Bush's Midnight Regulations

Anyway there are some strange things going on as Colin Powell criticizes the Republican party and the McCain/Palin campaign which he thinks moved too far to the right hoping to win through an appeal to extremists i.e. social conservatives , nativists, xenophobes and racists and painting Obama as not just someone with a different viewpoint but as someone who was out to destroy America and who was out to deceive the American people. This is ironic since Bush in his first term ran as a fiscal conservative and a " Compassionate Conservative ' yet he went on a spending spree while cutting back on the most basic of services while deregulating just for the sake of deregulating while contracting out services that could have been done more efficiently and cheaper by government departments and employees. Bush also cut back on soldiers wages and benefits and on their medical care while at the same time starting two major wars . But his friends and their corporations made out like bandits.

If the Republicans had any brains Powell would have been their presidential candidate instead of the baffling and enigmatic Sen. John McCain or as the Vice Presidential candidate instead of the inexperienced ill informed extremist Sara palin-
If that had occurred Race would not have entered into the campaign and surely the quality of debate would have been increased. The Republicans might have had a chance to win the election.

Colin Powell: Reality vs Republican Party
Powell on Small-Town Values- Dec. 11 Think

Anyway the conservatives and Republicans are at it again claiming there is no Economic melt-down or emergency since it is just another liberal and far left propaganda. The economy according to Karl Rove is fine and that the it is because of George Bush's economic policies that the US Economy is in fact healthy and doing fine. Once again Karl Rove is out there in the Far Right media defending the economic policies of the Bush Regime. If there are any problems it is because the Democrats didn't allow push to implement more of his policies or that the problems are a result of the "Greedy Unions" or a matter of liberal policies such as giving mortgages to people who were bad credit risks especially those who are black or Hispanic who were helped by groups such as ACORN to get a mortgage..

Ultra -Conservative O'Reilly and Ideologue Karl Rove are Crazy, Say the Economic Crisis Is Just a Liberal Media Conspiracy
The economy isn't really in the shitter. It's just a liberal media conspiracy.
December 09, 2008
Posted by Melissa McEwan, Shakesville December 10, 2008.
Break out the tinfoil hats.

Karl Rove it should be noted is still on his quest to re-write the history of the last eight years to prove President Bush was one of America's greatest presidents rather than as most agree one of America's worst presidents. So Rove is forced to argue that America today is doing better economically today than it was before Bush went on his deregulation binge. No matter that a big part of the Wall Street meltdown was due to deregulation and little or no oversight of the various banking and investment firms. And of course the hundreds of billions squandered on an unnecessary war has nothing to do with America's economic woes. Or that various corporations were permitted to scam the government for a few hundred billion while America's basic infrastructure continued to deteriorate. Oh yes dear Karl don't let facts get in the way of your propaganda and your Neoconservative Fantasies.

It is difficult to counter claims of this sort by O'Reilly or Karl Rove with their viewers or their base as it were because their " True Believers " believe everything these right wing whack-jobs say. These " True Believers " are not going to sample the opinions of those who are not " True Believers " and then weigh the arguments in a thoughtful manner and then decide the merits of the different viewpoints. No O'Reilley and his ilk are in their view always right. We saw during the campaign how angry and fanatical these " True Believers " are as McCain and Palin whipped the crowds into an hysterical xenophobic anti-socialist racist' frenzy calling Obama " Not a real American "; a secret Muslim; a secret Domestic terrorist; the Manchurian Candidate working for some secret International Communists Cabal and some even calling for Obama's death.

For instance if all this talk about an economic meltdown or recession or depression is just part of a liberal conspiracy engineered by Obama and friends then how to explain economic problems in Europe or in Asian countries.

From MWC article EU agrees $260bn economy plan , Dec. 12, 2008

European Union leaders have agreed a $260bn stimulus package designed to dig the continent's troubled economies out of recession.

The deal, which see each EU member invest on average the equivalent of 1.5 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) into their economies in order to temper the impact of a global recession, was reached on Friday at a two-day summit in the Belgian capital Brussels.

"What Europe has proved unanimously today is that it is ready to act in a united way to deal with the global downturn," Gordon Brown, Britain's prime minister, said.
"We will continue to reject the do-nothing approach and we will not stand by and let the recession take its course."

Ahead of the summit, Germany had expressed reservations about ploughing so much public money into the economy and resisted pressure to contribute more than what it judged necessary to revive the German economy again.

or articles such as this one from AP is it all then part of a liberal world -wide conspiracy as Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly claim.

" World Markets Plunge as US Auto Bailout Fails " 12 December 2008 by Pan Pylas, The Associated Press

London - World markets fell Friday amid concerns about the future of the U.S. auto industry following the Senate's rejection of a $14 billion rescue deal.
However, the declines on Wall Street were less than futures markets were predicting ahead of the opening bell on indications that the White House is considering diverting money from the Wall Street rescue fund, or TARP, to stave off bankruptcy filings among the automakers.
The Treasury Department said it stands ready to "prevent an imminent failure" of the auto companies.

and from China :

China car sales slump Dec. 12, 2008 Media With Conscience

China's government is considering providing support for the country's struggling car makers after sales dropped 16 per cent in November.
"What we experience is not a slowdown but a negative growth, a decline, the problem is very serious," Li Yizhong, the industry minister, said on Friday.
"We should roll out policy incentives," he said.
Beijing is looking at cutting taxes, offering low-interest loans or forcing older, more polluting vehicles off the roads in order to spur sales in the world's second largest vehicle market after the United States.
Many car manufacturers had been hoping the Chinese market, which grew by 18.5 per cent in 2007, would provide some relief as sales have been hit by the global credit crunch.


Meanwhile the outgoing President Bush has been hard at work pushing through a number of new laws and initiatives before leaving office. Yet President Elect Obama talks about " change " and " healing the nation " and the Democrats and Republicans working together in a new spirit Bi-partisanship but the Republicans are doing nothing to help Obama . In fact as we have seen on the Auto-makers bail-out the republicans are making unreasonable demands while blaming the Unions and the workers for the problem. It of course a matter of the auto-makers lack of initiative and imagination or foresight - that is building big gas guzzlers and fighting every proposed safety innovation from seat-belts to air-bags to better built cars that could withstand a collision without killing all the passengers or building vehicles that wouldn't roll over a dozen times - no the Bigger the better; the faster the better never mind the built in obsolescence - and never mind over-paying CEOs and Lobbyists and advertisers - so poor management decisions were never a problem - the problem according to the Bush Regime and the Republicans were the American workers who according to the Republicans & Conservatives are just lazy who don't work hard enough and who actually expect a decent wage with benefits for their work.

Is Obama just a bit naive to expect Republicans or conservatives to work with him and put the the country and the American people before ideology or helping one's self and one's friends but that's why conservatives get into politics to help themselves and their friends to promote various corporate interests which has little or nothing to do with helping the average American.

From The

December 14, 2008 by Bush Sneaks Through Host of Laws to Undermine Obama

The lame-duck Republican team is rushing through radical measures, from coal waste dumping to power stations in national parks, that will take months to overturn

by Paul Harris

After spending eight years at the helm of one of the most ideologically driven administrations in American history, George W. Bush is ending his presidency in characteristically aggressive fashion, with a swath of controversial measures designed to reward supporters and enrage opponents.

By the time he vacates the White House, he will have issued a record number of so-called 'midnight regulations' - so called because of the stealthy way they appear on the rule books - to undermine the administration of Barack Obama, many of which could take years to undo.

Dozens of new rules have already been introduced which critics say will diminish worker safety, pollute the environment, promote gun use and curtail abortion rights. Many rules promote the interests of large industries, such as coal mining or energy, which have energetically supported Bush during his two terms as president. More are expected this week.

America's attention is focused on the fate of the beleaguered car industry, still seeking backing in Washington for a multi-billion-dollar bail-out. But behind the scenes, the 'midnight' rules are being rushed through with little fanfare and minimal media attention. None of them would be likely to appeal to the incoming Obama team

and so it goes,

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