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Fox News Claims FDR's Policies Prolonged The Depression : Rewriting History to Fit Their Ideology

Let's begin with more rewriting of History by Fox News

Fox News is still a propaganda machine for Dick Cheney George Bush and their cronies and the Neoconservatives and the Republican Party. Fox News is anything but Fair and Balanced and promotes misinformation on behalf of its ultraconservative & Radical Religious Right clients.

O'Reilly and Fox News claim once a war starts then no one should criticize the president or the administration. Besides they have argued for the last eight years that Americans should respect the office that is the presidency whomever is president. They have characterized anyone who criticized Bush and his policies as being unpatriotic, unAmerican or anti-American or as not being "Real Americans ". If this is so will they refrain from criticizing President Obama once he takes over and thereby inheriting The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the War on Terror. So far it appears that Fox News and their Neoconservative friends are out to criticize and undermine the Obama administration even before Obama actually takes power. Obama not being a Republican is fair game . So it appears that it is only Republican Presidents who are to be treated with defference and respect.

Employees Expose FOX NEWS' Distortions
FOX News: "Fair and balanced" because they say so!

A brief but shocking compilation from the documentary:
"OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism"

As Rupert Murdoch's 'war on journalism' hits new lows, droves of disgruntled employees are confessing their many misdeeds, brought upon by the Soviet-Union-esque environment they faced at FOX News. Watch how FOX executives dictate their bias by forcing reporters to follow memos that predetermine what they can say and how they should say it.

Rupert Murdoch has decided that the best approach to journalism is to parade opinions dressed-up as News. The reason is simple: No one can disprove an opinion, and therefore, credibility is easier to maintain. Should they ever be caught lying, the legal process affords them protection under the First Amendment. We also have Congress to thank for the bright idea of passing a rider Bill (hidden) to deregulate the News Media

Fox News makes fun of Obama's policies to try to stimulate the economy. The anchor at Fox News suggests right off the top that Obama's plan just sounds crazy and Karl Rove agrees. Are they both reading from the same script or list of 'Talking Points'. Once again Rove reverts to the Bush/Cheney talking points that the only way to help the economy is to help the rich with lower taxes and other incentives. Once again the very idea of helping out average Americans in these difficult economic times is treated as being stupid, crazy and a waste of money.
They also see no point in improving roads or building new hospitals or schools etc. As for the roads and highways schools and hospitals these are all supposed to be supported through private investment. one has to remember that the conservatives don't want to support public schools since they prefer private schools run by religious institutions or home schooling as a way to undermine in their view the influence of Secular Humanists and Liberalism.

Rove: Infrastructure Spending Is 'Goofy, Pie-In-The-Sky Spending Idea'

FOX NEWS Revisionist History -Making the facts Fit The Neoconservative Right Wing Ideology. Suddenly they claim it is a matter of record that FDRs policies had either no effect on the economy during the Great Depression or in fact they claim prolonged the Depression. This is just part of Fox News attacks on Barack Obama. They are also doing everything they can to divert attention away from the fact that this economic melt-down occurred during the Bush Presidency and that Obama was in no way responsible for it. The current economic problems are for the most part the result of the Bush Regimes policies of the last eight years of helping the rich and deregulation . Laissez Faire capitalism has failed and this is not what the people at Fox want to be told.Karl Rove like the rest of the Neocons believe as long as the rich are doing well then that's all that matters. The average American who loses their job or loses their house it is their own fault.

Fox News Says "Historians Agree" that FDR Prolonged the Great Depression

I appeared on Fox News to discuss the economic recovery package. As you'll see, the anchor and the other guest assert that historians agree that Franklin Roosevelt prolonged the Great Depression - and they actually laugh at me when I say that's a lie.

" Fox News: "Historians Pretty Much Agree" That FDR Prolonged the Great Depression" Huffington Post by David Sirota Dec. 25, 2008

Fox News is starting its campaign to stop Obama's big spending plan by stating - as assumed fact - that "historians pretty much agree" that Franklin Roosevelt prolonged the Great Depression, and that therefore, Obama shouldn't try another New Deal.
When I say Fox News' assertion about historians is patently false, they literally laugh at me as if I've said something so clearly untrue, something Americans supposedly assume is so obviously stupid, that it's worthy of ridicule.
The Depression issue was brought up by conservative pundit Monica Crowley - not surprising since this is the conservative talking point du jour ever since the "center-right nation" meme started looking idiotic and ever since fringe-right-wing bloviator Amity Shlaes published her since-discredited book claiming FDR essentially created the Great Depression. Crowley supported her the "FDR ruined the country" meme with the very authoritative-sounding statement that "based on all kinds of studies and academic work done on the great depression" she knows that the New Deal's "massive government intervention prolonged the Great Depression."
Of course, she doesn't offer up a single study or "academic work" as any kind of proof, and yet, when I say her assertion is absurd, Fox News anchor Greg Jarrett starts laughing at me - as if my assertion that FDR's New Deal helped end the Great Depression is so fantastical as to prompt guffawing. Jarrett proceeds to state that historians "pretty much agree" that FDR prolonged the Great Depression, and resorts to insisting that he knows that's true because "it's in the books" - whatever the hell that means. Indeed, Fox wants us to believe that what was only very recently the deranged propaganda of a handful of conservative political pundits is now such a consensus opinion among historians that to say otherwise is to evoke laughter.

and he concludes after arguing the case in FDR's favor:

If the right wants to try to stop a serious economic recovery package and financial regulations by trying to vilify one of the most popular presidents and popular policy programs in American history, then I'll say what George Bush once said: Bring it on. Every high school civics class teaches the broad truth about Roosevelt, the New Deal and how it helped end the Great Depression, and if the conservative movement has gone so off the deep end that they want to make crazy-sounding arguments that even high schoolers know are silly, then the progressive movement is in an even better position than we may have thought.

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