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America Not Answerable To Anyone For War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

So here's a little ditty about Bush and His Gang of Thugs. If only this could really happen. Doubtful - Nixon never paid for his crimes and most likely nor will Bush. The laws are made by the rich and powerful and they break them as they see fit. Once in awhile they throw one of their own under the bus as it were to give the people a false sense of security and the appearance of justice.

Just Like At Nuremberg
ricoyoungblood- Dec. 22, 2008
"...you're in prison now, you got no secrets to conceal...how does it feel?"

Anyway we are now being told that America has committed no War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity since if the President of the United States authorizes a particular action it is by definition not illegal. And since America is the leader of the Free World all other countries must abide by its rules. Even the United Nations and the European Union have little or no power over America's policies and actions. If America decides to invade some country or overthrow a foreign government that's America's business and the rest of the world is to shut-up and do nothing about it.

Nixon Nixon - When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal

Karl Rove claims the Congress and the President declared War against Iraq , Afghanistan and any country they wish to name or even not name. So was WAR declared or not . Rove just keeps repeating that the Congress gave permission for the president to use force is that tantamount to declaring WAR. Of course such legal hair-splitting doesn't matter to Karl Rove or Cheney or Bush.

Rove & Co. can not see why there should be any limits put on the US President or on the US Military , the CIA . They should do whatever they want and because they are acting on behalf of America's Security no one should be allowed to question their actions.

Note the Fox News anchor in the clip below starts off by saying that the Supreme Court has handed the administration " an unholy mess" and goes on and on about how terrible the decision is .He and Rove agree that some of these prisoners from Gitmo could end up on the streets of America. They wrongly compare the way these would be handled the same as common thieves in America. But if they are supposed to be terrorists then would be treated more like those accused of murder or Domestic Terrorists. They would be released if there was no substantive evidence against them.

As for Habeaus corpus and other legal rights:

Giving the Gitmo prisoners and others equal rights as American citizens Rove believes as Bush has said it is "utter Nonsense".according to Rove if prisoners are held outside what he calls US territory they can be treated however Bush and Cheney want to. Does this mean that members of the American administration and its military can also do whatever they want on foreign soil. So if an American soldier murders a few Iraqis its no big deal hand the survivors in the family a couple of thousand dollars and that's the end of it. Would Americans tolerate such abuses in their own country.

This is a slippery slope which spreads a contempt for the Rule of Law for human rights which can only lead which has done to abuse and torture of all those captured in Iraq . The military in Iraq appear to have contempt for the Iraqi people and terrorize and humiliate them to keep them in their place.

Alan Colmes Whips Up on Karl Rove Over War Powers, July 3, 2008

During a segment on Hannity & Colmes talking about the Supreme Courts decision that the detainees at Guantanamo Bay now have habeas rights, Alan Colmes takes Karl Rove to the cleaners when he tries to say that the a declaration of war is the same thing as the authorization to use force that the Congress granted Bush.

Bush and Cheney and their Nativist supporters seem incapable of sympathizing or empathizing with the Iraqi people. The average citizen of Iraq may have hated Saddam but they still like other people love their country and are proud of their country's achievements. In the same way that even those Americans who hated President Bush and his policies still see themselves as patriotic Americans.

It is the Americans who invaded Iraq and then proceeded to wreck the country first by destroying the country's basic infrastructure from highways to water and sewage treatment plants and the power plants and the electrical Grid to shelling hospitals and schools and once they took control of Baghdad they did nothing to protect public and government buildings except for the Oil Ministry in case of looting which had been predicted . Then along came the inexperienced Paul Bremner who was clearly out of his depth as he set about firing all the civil servants and then firing the army and police forces. Bremner did this as part of the debathafication but the problem was that almost anyone with the Iraqi Civil Service or anyone who was a teacher or other professional in order to work in Saddam's Iraq had to belong to the Bath Party. From early on in Iraq the Iraqis began distrusting and then hating the Americans as soldiers ramsacked their homes at 3am hurling accusations and insults or just shooting whole families . Iraq became an occupied country an outpost in the American Empire. Towns and villages were surrounded by razor wire and fences and road blocks and punishing curfews were enforced . Instead of hiring local Iraqis to do the rebuilding the private contractors brought in foreign workers which further alienated the Iraqi People. Then came the abuse and torture of thousands of captured Iraqis at Abu Ghraib and other prisons across Iraq. Billions were spent without much to show for it as Private Contractors overcharged as much as they could . But this was part of the plan that is to increase the profits for contractors such as Haliburton and the longer the war goes on the better it is for these private businesses. The longer the war goes on the better it is for helping to earn shameful amounts of money for the Arms Industry. It is also good for business for the private contractors that is "hired guns" or mercenaries such as Blackwater.
So as the water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants and power plants were not rebuilt properly the distrust among Iraqis grew and so fueled the so called insurgency which was a rebellion against their foreign conquerors.

But the Neocons and their drive to make this most privatized war in American history never learned from their mistakes. So some claim Iraq is quieter now since the so-called surge but they do not take into account that over a million Iraqis are dead and some four million are displaced inside the country or have fled to countries such as Syria. Now the American media believes or wants to believe or have been told by the Bush Regime's Propagandists that the War in Iraq has somehow suddenly become a success yet people in Iraq are still being shot or blown up on a daily basis. But the Neocons and a large segment of the American population do not care about Iraqis but what they do care about is for America to have a large support base in the Middle East in case they are forced to withdraw from other states such as Saudi Arabia. And now they can more easily give support where and when needed by Israel . They can for instance use Iraq as a launching area for attacking Iran or Syria . This is also one of the more reasonable explanations of America's occupation of Afghanistan as providing the American Military Machine a base from which to attack countries close to Afghanistan such as Pakistan or Russia or countries friendly with Russia or other countries the Americans distrust . It is also a way to try to secure more oil for America while preventing the building of oil or natural gas pipelines to Russia or its allies or whomever the enemy is supposed to be today and whomever might be called America's and the West' enemy in the future. In the end we in the West and America are in need of an enemy for whatever reason . Without any enemy the American Arms Industry or Military Industrial Complex would not be able to continue growing and expanding and making greater and greater profits. Besides there would be fewer military parades and little need for every other house in America to be flying their flags in defiance of some powerful evil enemy which of course is jealous of Americans and wants to destroy America.

Keith Olbermann & Rachel Maddow & John Dean on War Crimes Probe Dec. 18, 2008

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