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So Much For Bipartisanism and Belt-Way Centrism as Republicans Continue The Same Old " Spin and Talking Points "

UPDATE: 11:56 Feb. 18, 2009

Obama's Stimulus Bill
Shutting down Guantanamo

Bipartisanim might seem like a good thing but it ain't happening so Obama should move on and do what he believes is best for America.
The Republicans fought Obama's Economic Stimulus Package and did not vote for it and have been in the Media condemning the Stimulus Bill & raising the alarm that Obama is out to destroy basic American ideals and principles- they are filling the airwaves with their misinformation , out right lies and Propaganda.
But we can expect this sort of belligerence on the part of the Republicans and ultra-conservatives to continue over the next four years- They are trying to turn Obama into a lame duck president from the Get go.

So much for Bipartisanism- Obama and his team need to wake up before they get drowned out by the Republicans and the Right Wing Media- Noise Machine & Echo Chamber - It appears in the U.S.some if not most of the media like Fox News is anti-Obama in the same way for years they were Pro-Bush so little has changed. The Republicans are out to undermine Obama's policies and administration.

For instance the Republicans are acting as a " fifth column " of obstructionists who are unable to defeat Obama over his decision to close Guantanamo are now focusing on the issue at the state level by having states going on record as refusing to take in prisoners into the facilities in individual states who might be released from Guantanamo. So once again Republicans are in effect refusing to take direction or lawful orders from the President of the United States and claiming Obama has no jurisdiction over them. The Republicans are not interested in Bipartisanism and in effect are refusing to accept President Obama as their president or as their Commander In Chief. During the days of the Civil Rights Movement some states refused to abandon their laws on Racial Segregation & Jim Crow laws and it was up to the Federal government to use force if necessary to end Racial Segregation . President Lincoln was also greeted with incalitrant states who refused to put an end to slavery in their states which led to the American Civil War. So is the next step in the Republican play book to declare a revolt or uprising against the Obama administration. So President Obama needs to face the facts and realize the Republicans are not interested in working with his administration and will do everything in their power to undermine his policies and to undermine the legitimacy of his administration.

" Republicans Try to Block Guantánamo Detainees From State Prisons " Guardian UK Feb. 17, 2009

Party members in Congress introduce legislation seeking to prevent inmates from being held near their electorates

by Daniel Nasaw

" WASHINGTON - Republicans in at least six states are seeking to block the White House from transferring Guantánamo Bay detainees to their districts, in what critics call an effort to stymie Barack Obama's efforts to close the prison.
Congressional Republicans have introduced bills that would bar the government from moving any of the 250 inmates to some of the most prominent military and civilian detention centres in the US, including a "supermax" high-security federal prison in Florence, Colorado, which holds at least 16 convicted international terrorists, and a South Carolina naval brig that holds the only enemy combatant jailed in America.

Obama, who signed an executive order during his first week as president to shut the six-year-old facility, has yet to release plans for the suspected terrorists who remain there. Critics say the pre-emptive legislation and media campaigns from Republicans - and at least one Democrat - are intended to defend George Bush's legacy against those who claim the prison has damaged America's standing in the world and has become a recruiting symbol for terrorists."

As for Republican's Kamikazi Mission still unable to accept Obama won and is the President and that Democrats are in power- so what to do support the president and make some deals no - their attitude is that they will not compromise on their ideology concerning economics - it is the Republican ideology of (supposedly) less government and deregulation combined with tax cuts for the rich etc. which led to the economic meltdown. The republican plan is to reward those CEOs who failed to their jobs - your company goes belly up you get a bonus WTF ! and you get to keep your company 's luxury jets and unlimited expense accounts etc.

GOP Continues To Destroy Republicans That Make Sense- The Young Turks Feb. 13, 2009-Cenk Uygur

" Embarrassingly Unpatriotic: Conservatives Who Want the U.S. to Fail " by Steve Benen, Washington Monthly at February 14, 2009.

Keep in mind, of course, that such talk under Bush's presidency would force someone from the airwaves.

Rush Limbaugh caused a bit of a stir about a month ago, when he told his audience, "I disagree fervently with the people on our [Republican] side of the aisle who have caved and who say, 'Well, I hope [President Obama] succeeds.' ... I hope Obama fails. Somebody's gotta say it."

The right-wing host went on a similar tirade yesterday when talking about the economic recovery package: "I want everything he's doing to fail... I want the stimulus package to fail.... I do not want this to succeed."

Limbaugh is, without ambiguity, rooting for failure. In the midst of an economic crisis, Limbaugh quite openly admitted that if Obama's economic policies are successful, it would undermine the talk-show host's worldview. As such, Limbaugh wants desperately to see more Americans suffer, more workers unemployed, more businesses close up shop. The key here is philosophy -- if government spending can stimulate the economy, as it always does, then the right is wrong. Limbaugh would much prefer a suffering nation than a reevaluation of conservative ideas.

And even top Republicans admit their agenda is in constant flux:

" RNC Chairperson Michael Steele Says Don't Trust Republicans " by Melissa McEwan,, February 15, 2009.

"You have absolutely no reason, none, to trust our word or our actions at this point."—RNC Chairperson Michael Steele, engaging in a bit of unintentional honesty about his party. I guess he doesn't really want to be RNC chair for long.

Arianna Huffington argues that more should be done to help out average Americans rather than the Banks and the Rich and Powerful and the well-connected:

" It's Time to Treat America's Homeowners as Well as We've Been Treating Wall Street's Bankers " by Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post on February 17, 2009

If you were to make a pie chart showing the amount of attention given to the banking part of the financial crisis -- both by the government and by the media -- and the amount of attention given to the foreclosure part, the catastrophe being faced by millions of American homeowners would barely rate a sliver.

But we are facing nothing less than a national emergency, with 10,000 Americans going into foreclosure every day and 2.3 million homeowners having faced foreclosure proceedings in 2008.

When we put flesh and blood on these numbers, the suffering they represent is enormous and so is the social disintegration they entail.

For a small sample, check out Brave New Foundation's new site, Fighting For Our Homes, where you can see video of people doing just that. People like Debra from Pennsylvania who, due to health care costs, is facing foreclosure on her home of 33 years or Penny from Texas who has been pushed to the brink of homelessness as the result of costly repairs necessitated by Hurricane Ike

"The banks are too big to fail" has been the mantra we've been hearing since September. But when you consider the millions of American homeowners facing foreclosure, aren't they also too big to be allowed to fail?

Despite being treated like an afterthought, foreclosures are actually a gateway calamity: every foreclosure is a crisis that begets a whole other set of crises.

...This conflict between the banks' interest and the public interest is why the Wall Street-centric focus of Tim Geithner, Lawrence Summers, Ben Bernanke, etc. is so troubling. This focus has included the marginalizing of Sheila Bair, the chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (and a Republican) who has been ringing the alarm bell about the foreclosure crisis for two years now. She was ignored by George Bush and Henry Paulson -- and there are worrisome Washington whispers that Tim Geithner is following in their footsteps.

Penny fights foreclosure in Houston, TX

Republicans and Conservative American's and their media spokespersons show how mean spirited they are in their criticisms of Obama and their lack of sympathy for average Americans who have or may lose their jobs and their homes.
Republicans and Fox News and Rush Limbaugh say F*** You Penny - They Claim Only the Banks and Corporations and the Wealthy should be bailed out.

And so the American conservatives & Republicans' anti-Obama camp are hard at work day in and day out trying to undermine Obama's actions on the economy by making false claims about the cost and benefits of the Stimulus Bill. The Media Spin of the Bush era as created by Karl Rove , Dick Cheney et al continues in order to confue the American public in order to undermine the Obama administration. More of their Spin is exposed on sites such as Media Matters .org

ABC's Stephanopoulos provides welcome forum for dubious GOP stimulus talking points at Feb. 15, 2009

Summary: George Stephanopoulos did not challenge Sen. Lindsey Graham's claim that "11 percent of the appropriated money in the [economic recovery] bill hits in 2009." In fact, according to the Congressional Budget Office, approximately 15 percent of the total spending in the bill and 23 percent of all spending and tax cuts included in the bill will take effect by September 30, 2009. Stephanopoulos also again advanced a discredited Republican calculation of the stimulus bill's job-creation costs.

and from " Wash. Times falsely claimed CBO "estimated that the full cost of" recovery bill "will reach $3.2 trillion by 2019" Feb.17, 2009

Summary: A Washington Times editorial falsely claimed that the Congressional Budget Office "estimated that the full cost of [the economic recovery] bill ... will reach $3.2 trillion by 2019." In fact, more than half of that $3.2 trillion figure comes from the cost of permanently extending more than 20 provisions in the recovery bill, which the bill does not do, as CBO director Douglas Elmendorf has noted.

and more from the King of The Conservative Movement in America Rush Limbaugh
Is Limbaugh comparing John McCain or himself and the Conservatives in America to Jesus and his followers and thereby claiming Obama is Satan and his followers are enemies of Christianity and Jesus.

Limbaugh on calls for political "compromise" and "bipartisanship": "Should Jesus have made a deal with Satan?" County Fair Media, Feb 17, 2009

And from Media Matters .org expresses concern over the misleading statements and lies being made by Republicans and conservatives:

"Of mice and misinformation: Sammon joins other Fox News personalities in spreading stimulus falsehood" Feb. 15, 2009

Summary: Fox News' Bill Sammon claimed that "[p]eople look at" the economic recovery bill "and see ... some mouse is being protected in [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi's district" -- echoing a falsehood previously forwarded by several other Fox News hosts and reporters. The bill, in fact, contains no language allocating funding to protect the salt marsh harvest mouse in San Francisco wetlands.

and so it goes,

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