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Obama's Policy On Renditions Meanwhile Right-Wing Media Portray Obama as a Socialist, a Muslim and Anti-American

Anyway while Obama attempts to appease Republicans and conservatives they are out to attack and undermine his presidency. For eight years they said in a time of crisis one should support the president no matter what one's party affiliation. So what happen to that conservative maxim?

Right wing ideologues still attacking Obama -Using Karl Rove Talking Points
Sean Hannity etc, call Obama and his supporters left wing crazies
Obama accused again and again of being a Socialists and a Muslim
Hannity and Limbaugh are angry because they predicted wrong and lost the election
They also kept saying the American economy was sound even as it went into melt-down
and the Middle East is not about to become a made in America Utopia
Will Obama come to the realization that these right-wing ideologues are unreasonable and will not compromise - and whenever Obama compromises at all they will describe Obama as weak or as caving in or flip-flopping and thereby proving they were right about everything.
Taditional or acceptable renditions versus Bush/ Rumsfeld Extra-ordinary Renditions ?
Obama obligated to Investigate alleged crimes followed by Indictments of Bush & co.
Or turn the matter over to the International Criminal Court ?

It is no wonder that President Obama is concerned about the right wing talk show hosts and their enablers since they distort and lie spewing their propaganda against the Obama administration day in and day out. After eight years of being part of the Neoconservative Bush propaganda machine they are unable to distinguish reality from their own self-delusional rantings and ravings. They are still using the talking points used by the Republicans in the election. They claim that Obama and his supporters are all left-wing crazies who want to create some sort of Communist or collectivist nation . Their fear it appears is that some of the policies advocated by Obama might be in fact acceptable or even seen as desirable by a large percentage of Americans possibly even the majority. They are up in arms because they and the Bush Regime have been able to force their agenda on Americans by constantly referring to 9/11 and the War on Terror . These are the people who lied to Americans to get them to agree to such disastrous policies as the invasion of Iraq.

Hannity and Gingrich & the Ultraconservatives are continuing their fear mongering over Obama's economic stimulus package. Hannity is far from a realist about economics and business. Businesses have good years and lean years. What Hannity and Gingrich claim is that businesses must always show a profit and profit should rise each year. There are also businesses which succeed and those which fail due to the market place. What they seem to suggest is that businesses should be given a guarantee to succeed and make profits. They also see nothing wrong with a company laying off thousands of workers or insisting workers take pay cuts while CEO's get bigger bonuses each and every year.

So what they want for instance is more tax breaks for corporations and no breaks for workers. They don't bother to discuss the outsourcing of American jobs or corporations cutting and running and leaving America in order to set up shop in a country where workers have no rights. So in their America workers shouldn't have rights only corporations and CEOs and their investors should have rights. Multimillionaire Hannity is not too concerned about average Americans losing their jobs or their homes he is more concerned about CEOs getting their bonuses and corporations being permitted to use the bail-out money for these bonuses and a new private jet or two or luxury condos etc.

Meanwhile from this Hannity and Gingrich jump to criticizing Obama for shutting down Gitmo and ending the use of torture and abuse of detainees. To them torture and abuse of detainees is as American as apple pie.

Gingrich Attacks Obama For Caring Too Much About Civil Liberties

Ann Coulter and Hannity in an all out attack on Obama and those who support Obama. They are still acting as if Obama only won by a slim margin rather than a landslide or at least a comfortable majority. They are fear mongering about the Stimulus Package and Guantanamo. Coulter says Liberals and all those who supported Obama would be comfortable living with terrorists since the liberals and Obama and his supporters Hate America. Though Coulter says Obama has back tracked on a lot of issues which gives her some comfort. If Coulter is happy with what Obama does we should question whether he is going far enough to reverse the course of the Bush Regime.

How low will Sean Hannity go. Well we now see what the next four years are going to like as Hannity , Coulter, Limbaugh etc.continue their insane attacks on Obama.

In a previous post I raised questions about President Obama's position on the policy of renditions.

So based on information I came across I began to wonder about whether Obama was not getting rid of renditions outright . During the Bush Regime it appears that Bush & Co. added a few enhancements as it were to renditions which had bee practiced by earlier US Regimes . In the Bush era renditions became " Extraordinary renditions " in which those suspects who were picked up were sent to super-secret prisons where prisoners could still be held without due process etc. and abused or tortured or sent to countries which would do the torturing for America as proxies.

But it appears some of this has been misinformation purposely leaked to the press by some in the government to undermine Obama's decisions or to show that Obama is unable or unwilling to get rid of the Bush Regime's worst abuses. In this way the leakers are trying to make the case that what Bush was doing was not that bad and even was necessary and useful. They implied that Obama couldn't afford not to carry on with thses extraordinary renditions.

So it appears Obama may allow renditions in special cases but that these suspects would then be treated according to International Law and the Geneva Conventions.This is at least what Rachel Maddow is told by an expert in this next clip.

Will Obama continue Bush polices on Rendition? Feb. 3, 2009

Rachel Maddow asks if there is a 'whisper campaign' suggesting Obama will continue the Bush policies on extraordinary rendition and torture -

Lawyers reduced to Shills and Sycophants by the Bush administration
If no prosecutions follow it will show that lawyers are mere hirelings of thugs whether the thugs are mafia or gang members or members of government institutions. This in itself should rally members of the American Bar association to roundly condemn these lawyers but no attorneys in general see anything wrong with other lawyers bending and twisting the law to fit with a particular administrations agenda. So what does Bush or Obama mean by " The Rule of Law' since it depends on who's making or interpreting the law. Are there no fundamental principles or ethics involved. This is a rather cynical and Machiavellian attitude.

As for the International Committee of The Red Cross the Bush Regime and Americans in general do not recognize it as body which has any say or influence when it comes to America's policies . The Red Cross just hands out blankets and food and otherwise should keep its opinions to itself. We saw the same attitude in Israel towards complaints by the Red Cross or any other humanitarian or Human Rights organizations .

America we are told is a law unto itself as is Israel or any other ally of the US. When Saddam was America's friend and ally the US defended Saddam and down played any accusations against him.

George Bush, Dick Cheney war crimes: Torture July 17, 2008

Rachel Maddow, guest host on countdown with Keith olbermann, comments on the newly emerging evidence of the Bush White House's role in promoting torture.
- The ICRC report on CIA interrogation techniques concluded categorically that they were "torture"--not "tantamount to torture" as previously reported--and issued an explicit warning to the U.S. Administration that the use of these techniques was a war crime which might subject U.S. leaders to criminal prosecution. This is the real potential headline maker from the book.

Obama War Crimes Prosecution - "Let's Do This Thing!"-Jan. 12, 2009.

Contact Obama and tell him to order the Attorney General to prosecute Bush, Cheney and the others for war crimes.

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