Friday, January 18, 2013

USA Steubenville Rape Coverup Just As Bad As Rape In India -Hacker Group Anonymous Leaks Chilling Video Of Steubenville Rape Case

What we are often told is that boys will be boys and especially Jocks.Local hero jocks are somehow given a free pass when they commit crimes.
But embedded in our culture and the US culture is the notion that most or all reports by women of rape are false .

The Mainstream Media in America and the West in general have voiced their disapproval and justifiably so of how the authorities in India have responded to gang rapes. The embedded assumption is that somehow India and its authorities are backward and sexist and misogynist or that the people of India have a different view about rape and about the rights of women.

The assumption then is that we in the supposedly more civilized West ie America are superior because we believe in justice and we are supposedly diligent in our application of justice and that no one is above the law. This unfortunately is nonsense . There are many average citizens and those in authority who do not take sexual assault or rape seriously.

Even now when women report being sexually assaulted they get treated as if they were victimizing the boys or men involved . The rape victim is questioned about her sex life, what clothes she wears, does she drink alcohol or go to wild parties was she teasing the alleged rapist(s). So everything about the victim is up for questioning and raising doubts about her accusations and her motives for reporting such an incident.

So you tell me are we really that much better than the authorities and citizens of India in our collective attitudes towards women and sexual assault.

But this gang rape case in Steubenville only became public because of video activists associated with Anonymous activists.

The Young Turks discuss the Steubenville rape case

Anonymous Outs Steubenville Rape Crews Disgusting Brags (VIDEO).

Democracy Now Steubenville

"Alleged" Rape-Cover up Protest #occupysteubenville #oprollredroll Steubenville 12.29

Published on 30 Dec 2012
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And here's a great commentary we found at Youtube on how our culture in Canada and America has normalized rape and thereby creating our rape culture

Steubenville Football & Rape Culture

Published on 7 Jan 2013

When at least two football players from Steubenville, OH were found to have raped a teenage girl last August, the team's coaches vehemently denied their players had done anything wrong, blaming the victim. Is it possible that these boys didn't question what they were doing because of the attitudes of their role models in school and society as a whole? Furthermore, can pre-emptively teaching them not to be creepy also teach them not to commit rape?

For John Scalzi's Guide to Not Creeping, see:

Hacktivists take charge in high school rape case

Published on 5 Jan 2013
Hacktivists with an Anonymous cell called 'Knight Sec' have recently uncovered a video of high schoolers mocking a 16-year-old girl that was raped at a party in Steubenville, Ohio last summer by members of a local sports team. The video of one of the witnesses making light of the situation has been handed over to the website LocalLeaks and has since gone viral. Knight Sec and Anonymous say they are exposing corruption and a lack of accountability in the small town, and for once the media isn't shying away. Is this just the beginning of what hacktivists have in store for the new year? RT's Andrew Blake gives us his take on what to expect from them in 2013.

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