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President Evo Morales "Manifesto" & Israel's Racist Regime's Encounters With Palestinians & Obama Continues Bush Era's Trampling on the Rights of US Citizens

Above photo : Dania Husni Al Ja’abari Palestinian 11 year old girl winner of an International Math contest held in Malaysia who was detained and interrogated for five hours by IDF on her way home to Hebron. The IDF to make a point that the little girl not get "uppity" and know her place or station as a Palestinian as a second class citizens or worse. That's how it goes in racist Israel's "Jim Crow" or Apartheid style laws and attitudes towards Palestinians.

Jim Crow or Apartheid laws are not merely a set of racist laws but is also a "Mind-set " of the oppressor for whom laws can be arbitrarily applied where each IDF soldier can make up their own rules and humiliate , physically and psychologically abuse or arrest or kill Palestinians as they see fit because no one is going to seriously question their actions except for the odd symbolic gesture of a scape-goat to appease critics.

                     Manifesto of President Evo Morales of Bolivia: December 21, 2012 Pachakuti : Time of Renewal (not apocalypse).

Once again it is time for the peoples of the world, social movements, and all those who have been marginalized, discriminated against or humiliated to unite, organize, mobilize, become aware and rise up as in the times of the ‘Pachakuti’. The world has been plunged into a global crisis. This age of capitalism and unbridled consumerism, this age where man thinks himself superior to Mother Earth and makes her the object of his ruthless domination and predation has come to an end."

"On the one hand there is ever more capitalism, ever more privatization, commodification, irrational exploitation and destruction of natural resources, and increasing protection for businesses and private profits.

On the other there are fewer and fewer social rights, less public health, less free and public education, less protection of human rights.

Today, the companies and the people of developed countries are living through this dramatic crisis of capitalism, which has been generated by market forces. Their capitalist governments believe that saving the banks is more important than saving the people. (...)

In this capitalist system, banks have privileged economic rights and are treated as first class citizens, so that the banks have become more important than life itself.

In this savage jungle, men and women and peoples are not brothers and sisters, are not citizens (...). They are only bad debtors, those living on benefits, tenants, customers."

..."On this 21 December, the first day of ’Pachakuti’ let us witness the end of this age of violence against human beings and nature and let us move into a new age. An age where human beings and Mother Earth are one, and where all people live in harmony and balance with the entire cosmos.

We are the Rainbow Warriors, the Warriors of the ’vivir bien’, the Rebels of the world. Here we give you ten ways to confront capitalism and start building a culture of life:

Rebuild democracy and politics, transferring power to the poor and putting it at the service of the people

More social and human rights, not the commodification of human needs

Decolonize our peoples and cultures to build a "socialisme communautaire du buen vivir" (communitarian socialism of well-living)

A real environmental policy to stand against the ‘environmental colonialism of the green economy’

Sovereignty over natural resources as a prerequisite for the emancipation from neocolonial domination and a movement towards integral development of peoples

Food sovereignty and the human right to food

The alliance of the peoples of the south against interventionism, neo-liberalism and colonialism

The development of knowledge and technology for all

The construction of a global institutional union of peoples

Economic development should not have as its goal capital accumulation and profit, nor market income, but must be ’holistic’, and seek people’s happiness and harmony with Mother Earth."

Above quotes of President Evo Morales
Bolivia: Evo Morales' "Manifesto of the Island of the Sun" by Jean Ortiz trans. by Kristina Wischenkamper , Jan. 1, 2013

When it comes to Palestinian citizens Israeli laws are like a Catch 22. If you don't have a permit your house can be demolished. But when you apply for a permit in East Jerusalem you discover "The Israelis do not give out building licences for Palestinians of occupied East Jerusalem,”
Once again Israel thumbs its nose at International Law by evicting and demolishing someone's home as punishment for a relative's actions .

Israel destroys Palestinian home as punishment Home destroyed to pressure fasting prisoner to end strike by Nasouh Nazzal, gulfnews.com, Jan. 1, 2013

Ramallah: Israeli bulldozers have demolished the house of Ra’afat Al Eisawi, brother of the fasting Palestinian prisoner Samer Al Eisawi, who has refused to end his hunger strike launched 159 days ago.

Al Eisawi family accused the Israeli military forces of targeting the fasting Samer with the demolition, claiming it was aimed at putting pressure on Samer to stop his fast.

In an interview with Gulf News, Sherine Al Eisawi, Samer’s sister, said that Israeli forces arrived at Ra’afat’s house and started the demolition immediately. The family was not given the chance to clear their furniture and belongings.

“Ra’afat had never received a note, or a warning letter from the Israeli occupation Municipality in Jerusalem,” she said. “The Israeli official records do not show a single note or warning letter handed to Ra’afat at all,” she added.

The Israeli forces arrived when all the official departments in Jerusalem are closed giving the family no chance to appeal urgently to the court to suspend or postpone the demolition.

Israeli forces claimed that Ra’afat had built his house without obtaining the official building license. “Not a single house in Al Eisawiyah neighbourhood is officially licensed. The Israelis do not give o building licences for Palestinians of occupied East Jerusalem,” said Sheirne.

What is the message being sent When the IDF detained a Palestinian 11 year old girl Dania Husni Al Ja’abari and her family after she had returned from participating in a math competition in Malaysia and had won a trophy which the IDF confiscated. The message is no matter what a Palestinian accomplishes they are reminded that In Israel and the Occupied territories they are second class citizens who have no rights and are under the heal of the IDF and Israeli government .And whatever crimes the IDF comits against a Palestinian is by definition not a crime since all Palestinians are treated as suspected terrorists.

Meanwhile the USA and President Obama support Israeli Apartheid and "Jim Crow" laws similar to those in America up until the late 1960s which the Israelis use to rob Palestinians of civil and human or legal rights and to remind them as the Southern Sheriff's and KKK did in America to keep their "Coloreds (N****s in line" .
What is really disturbing is to watch the so-called Liberals including whites and blacks and including President Obama who should know better defend this racist mean spirited eliminationists attitude and actions by the IDF and Israeli government .

President Obama except for odd tongue lashing or finger wagging supports Israel without question and whenever Israel's government does something outrageous such as planing to put over 5,000 new homes in East Jerusalem and the Occupied territories or they launch another unjustified military campaign against Gaza the USA increases arms sales and foreign aid to Israel.

Israeli guards seize trophy of little girl Dania won international competition in Malaysia by Nasouh Nazzal, gulfnews.com,Jan. 1, 2013

Ramallah: As she travelled home from her triumph, Israeli border guards have seized the trophy of a Palestinian school girl who won an international competition in Malaysia.

Eleven years old Dania Husni Al Ja’abari was stopped by the Israeli intelligence on the Allenby Bridge (which separates the West Bank from Jordan) and questioned for more than five hours.

As a result, Dania, her accompanying family members and her trainer missed the central celebration organized in Ramallah to mark the girl’s prestigious victory in an international competition.

Dania, from the city of Hebron, has shown recognized mental capabilities which enable her to solve multiple and complicated mathematical questions. Dania came second in the Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic Competition 2012 and was rewarded with a trophy and handed an appreciation letter.

It was a horrible experience to spend about five hours in interviews with Israeli intelligence officers,” she said commenting on her first international participation.

“Those extended interviews have delayed our arrival to the central celebrations organized to mark my victory,” she told Gulf News.

“The Israelis prevented me from crossing the Allenby Bridge holding my trophy in hand, which is the symbol to my victory. The Israelis denied me and family joy and happiness,” she said. Israeli soldiers said that the trophy was made of steel and could not pass through without tests.

President Obama and his administration seem to have no sympathy or empathy for the plight of Palestinians anymore than he cares about young black men being targeted by the NYPD though the use of stop and frisk which is just a method of racial profiling or Obama's crackdown on the legitimate airing of grievances by the Occupy Movement which we now know was targeted by the coordinated strategy and tactics and propaganda of the FBI, Homeland Security and the White House and the Attorney Generals department and local police forces from even before the Occupy's first protest .

We now know that the FBI and other agencies and individuals were spreading misleading and false stories to local police forces ,municipal governments and the media and business interests including the Wall Street thugs and thieves as part of the propaganda war against the Occupy Movement

Meanwhile Obama continues to protect and carry out Bush era policies such as Warrantless Wiretapping, renditions, targeted assassinations , torture and a crackdown on dissidents in America such as the Occupy Movement. So no surprises as Obama continues to criticize other countries for violating civil and human rights of their citizens while he does the same at home in America. His hypocrisy and double-speak has become so embedded in his persona and his public appearances that few notice or bother to question what right he has to trash International Law and American law .

The dimwitted liberals tell us Obama is on the side of truth and justice even though he has shown disdain for both in his attacks on Whistle-blower Bradley Manning and his attempts to get Julian Assange extradited to the USA and his egregious thwarting of International Law and the Geneva Conventions in his own actions as Commander in Chief and in his continuing failure to bring all Americans who are suspected of war crimes over the last 12 years to justice. The problem Obama now has that he too has committed various war crimes and crimes against humanity.

"Obama authorizes five more years of warrantless wiretapping" at RT.com, Dec. 31, 2012

Federal detectives won’t need a warrant to eavesdrop on the emails and phone calls of Americans for another five years. President Obama reauthorized an intelligence gathering bill on Sunday that puts national security over constitutional rights.

President Barack Obama inked his name over the weekend to an extension of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, a George W. Bush-era legislation that has allowed the government expansive spy powers that has been considered by some to be dragnet surveillance.

FISA, or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, was first signed into law in the 1970s in order to put into place rules regarding domestic spying within the United States. Upon the passing of the FAA in 2008, however, the online and over-the-phone activities of Americans became subject to sweeping, warrantless wiretapping in instances where investigators reasonably suspect US citizens to be engaged in conversation with persons located outside of the country.

Congress had only up until the end of 2012 to either reauthorize FISA and the FAA, or let the bill expire. Despite a large grassroots campaign from privacy advocates and civil liberties organization to ensure the acts would fade from history, though, the Senate approved a five-year extension of the legislation on Friday. Just two days later, Pres. Obama signed his name to the act, opening up the inboxes and phone records of US citizens to the federal government until at least 2018.

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