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A Message To President Obama: Martin Luther King, "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam"

"The United States is (still) the greatest purveyor of violence in the world." MLK

Today's News items:

* Martin Luther King's Anti-Vietnam War speech
* The irony of Obama's pro-war policies on MLK day
*Obama's continuing of Bush Policies such as renditions, torture, Drones,  targeted assassinations, indiscriminate bombing of civilians -using weapons banned by the majority of nations such as land mines, Cluster bombs, incendiary weapons White phosphorus , revenge killings, disproportionate retaliations , using secret prisons for POWs etc.
* Obama still employs notorious Blackwater mercenaries who are accountable to no one

When Martin Luther King questioned the legitimacy of the War on Vietnam he was vilified by the Mainstream Media and ever since Martin Luther King's stance on the Vietnam War has been muted and ignored by the Mainstream Media and ignored now by President Obama who at times puts a different spin on MLK's anti-war stance.

MLK no matter what Obama's opinion was anti-war and would be against the current notion in Washington that the USA is at war everywhere and must keep fighting til all the terrorists are defeated. But the problem is every time the USA drops bombs on innocent civilians the US creates even more enemies of America. Don't these people who are unjustly being bombed have a right to take up arms against those who have bombed and invaded their country . Obama has said that both the USA and Israel are permitted to defend themselves when attacked if that is so then don't other nations and peoples have the same rights.

"There's something wrong with this country" Martin Luther King JR. Here's a timely message to President Obama to stop the insane so-called Global War On Terror. Those who take a neutral stance get sent to the hottest part of Hell.

President Obama gets a free pass on actions Bush would have been attacked by the Mainstream Media while America's attacks in various countries and for his use of renditions, torture, targeted Assassinations

US drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Mali

"The United States is (still) the greatest purveyor of violence in the world." MLK

Here's a sentiment and observation about President Obama that Obama does not represent the ideals of Martin Luther King, JR. If he did Obama would have ended The Global War On Terror when in fact he has broadened this war to Yemen, Libya, Syria, Mali, Somalia etc. Meanwhile as Martin Luther king noted some 40 years ago that while billions and even trillions of dollars are wasted on these useless wars the country itself is claiming to be broke or near broke and that various social programs must be trimmed or even ended in order to continue pumping money into these conflicts.

Obama's MLK Problem

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In America's dirty war President Obama is still using the notorious Blackwater mercenary firm that it's owner Prince an evangelical Christian promulgates the idea that this current Global War on Terrorism is a religious war in which it is a fight to the death between Christianity and Islam.

Prince's mercenaries working on behalf of the US government wantonly kills/murders civilians in the various countries it operates in without any oversight and knowing they have full immunity guaranteed to them by the White House and the US government.

Jeremy Scahill - President Obama continues to pay Blackwater

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Jeremy Scahill discusses Blackwater on Kieth Olbermann's countdown.

Jeremy Scahill Reports on Obama continuing a number of Bush Regime policies July 11 2011

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— Jeremy Scahill, The Nation: "We should say first of all President Obama campaigned on a promise to go up against these Bush-era policies declaring war on the world, running secret sites, torturing prisoners. What I found in my nine days in Mogadishu, is the CIA is deeply involved in an underground dungeon that is officially run by the Somali National Security Agency, but their salaries are paid by the CIA directly. In fact, one Somali agent described how the Somalis are lined up and paid $200 a month in cash by U.S. agents, and the U.S. is interrogating prisoners, including those rendered by the Kenyan government, snatched off the streets of Nairobi based on U.S. intelligence and taken to this secret prison and interrogated. It certainly goes against the president's executive orders he signed in January 2009 and against then-CIA director Leon Panetta's statement to CIA personnel the U.S. had shut down all of these secret sites."

Rachel maddow laments Obama's decision not to prosecute those who committed torture but doesn't bother to mention the torture techniques still being used by the CIA and US military during Obama's time as Commander in Chief. Nor does she mention Obama's war crimes and his crimes against humanity committed in various countries.

Rachel Maddow Explains How President Obama Made The Use Of Torture Legal

Published on 8 Sep 2012

September 07, 2012 MSNBC News

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