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Romney Would Eliminate FEMA & GOP and Religious Right 's War On Women

First a little music - On the war on women

"You Don't Own Me" PSA

Published on Oct 22, 2012 by YouDontOwnMePSA

Women constitute more than half of the population. In 2008, 60% of voters were women. It is estimated that 10 million more women than men will vote in this election. Despite this, women make up only 16% of Congress. Women earn only 70 cents to each dollar men make. Women of color and undocumented women make less than white citizens. Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are determined to overturn Roe V. Wade. Romney has not supported equal pay for women (The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act). Romney has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood. Romney has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Romney doesn't want health care to cover birth control. Romney says same sex marriage should be banned with a Constitutional Amendment

Romney in 2011: Shut down FEMA, let the states handle it . During a primary debate, Romney suggested that states - or the private sector - should handle disaster relief by Jillian Rayfield,,Oct. 29,2012

Romney ignores the fact that when it comes to natural disasters that they can be overwhelming for the local church's women's auxiliary to take care of it just by brewing coffee and handing out cookies and fudge. And such disasters can be even beyond the ability of a state to take care of it. So Romney has forgotten one of the public shame handed out to George W. Bush and the Republican party during the botched Hurrican Katrina disaster. During the disaster Bush was too busy celebrating John McCain's birthday and Condi Rice was out shopping for new Prada shoes.

Mitt Romney disengenuously declares that the states and municipalities should handle any disasters natural or man made yet he as governor requested the help of the US federal government including the FEMA agency on two occassions.

Mitt’s disastrous emergency management plan Romney says he'd ax FEMA and send disaster response back to the states. The consequences would be catastrophic
By Alex Seitz-Wald at,Oct. 29,2012

As 50 million East Coast residents brace for Hurricane Sandy’s impact, President Obama has already signed disaster declarations for at least a dozen states, making available the resources and unique coordinating capabilities of the federal government — specifically, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA – to assist in the response and recovery.

It’s worth noting that Mitt Romney has said he’d get rid of FEMA and leave states to fend for themselves.

...This is how a federal disaster area gets declared: The governor of a state submits a letter to the local FEMA branch requesting help. “In this request the Governor certifies that the combined local, county and state resources are insufficient and that the situation is beyond their recovery capabilities,” according to FEMA. So every time a governor submits a request for assistance — and there were a record 99 disaster declarations in 2011 — they have to declare they are incapable of handling the situation on their own.

And Romney does know, firsthand. For example, there was a November 2006 chemical plant explosion in Danvers, Mass. “You know, we’ll be looking at what the requirements are from a, from a national standpoint. We do have FEMA here now … The needs of the state or it should be the needs here, if they can be met by the state, they will be. If it’s beyond the needs or the capability of the state, then we’ll go to the federal government,” he said at a press conference.

Several months before that, in May, Romney requested additional money from FEMA to deal with flooding in Lowell, Mass. Before that, in October 2005, Romney requested FEMA help for several counties affected by flooding. Etc. etc.

Mitt Romney admits RELIGIOUS WAR on Women
Published on Oct 27, 2012 by thsa2able

Mitt Romney fights WAR ON WOMEN.
Mitt Romney forces HIS beliefs on all other Americans.

The GOP is now adopting more and more policies which a direct or indirect threat to women's rights from reproductive rights to equal opportunity at universities, in the various professions and jobs . One wonders if eventually the GOP and the Religious Right will deny women from being in positions of authority or even take away women's right to vote . As for voting these wingnuts believe that the man of the house should decide how his wife or other members of his family ought to vote.

Fischer: "Political Leadership Ought To Be Reserved For The Hands Of Males" October 15, 2012 via Rightwing

GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Opens New Front on the War on Women

Published on Oct 19, 2012 by SamSeder

Did you know science has made it possible for women to not die while pregnant with a child, so their should be absolutely no abortions in order to save the life of the mother? You didn't? Let Tea Party favorite, GOP Rep. Joe Walsh tell you!

Legitimate rape v phony rape???

GOP's War on women takes a hard right turn in Indiana
Ed Show Oct. 24, 2012

Republican Senator Murkowski agrees that the GOP is at war with women wanting to walk back their rights which they have fought for for decades and for the last century or more.
GOP is not in favor for instance in equal pay for women or equal opportunities and so forth.

The Republican war on women is not fictional - The Rachel Maddow Show (April 6th, 2012)

Published on Apr 8, 2012 by Panzerfaust04

Despite waging a war on women's rights, the Republican Party would like you to think Democrats are making this whole thing up as a political attack. Rachel Maddow explains what a tremendous lie that is and shows that, even within the Republican ranks, there is dissent on this issue. From the April 6th, 2012 edition of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

As Mary Shaw notes the Christian Right and the GOP are all for Christianity and Jesus but have created their own disengenuous version of the Bible and Jesus as being pro-capitalist pro-American anti-Gay anti-abortion anti-women's rights anti-Islam anti-altruism . They have as has been mentioned before on earlier posts is that they have Americanized Jesus so that their version of Jesus fits their own agendas .

Their Jesus is in favor of the right of all Christians to own and be ready to use an automatic weapon . In their view Jesus would even support Wars of Aggression in order to defend the Empire and insist all nations sell off their natural resources to the American Empire for a price set by the American Empire. The sovereignty of other nations they believe is nonsense since only America and Israel have been blessed by God and all other nations are in reality the minions of Satan and socialism .

Mitt Romney as a Mormon /LDS and his Christian republicans show their disdain for those who are not fabulously successful. They hate the weak the poor, the disabled , those on welfare or those workers who have the affrontery to join a union or to ask for better wages, more benefits or more sick days ,longer vacations to spend time with their families and loved ones.

 In their view Jesus supported a society ruled by real Christian men and that women must live in the shadows of their men-folk and not be uppity . That is women should not take on positions of authority whether president or member of Congress or as ministers or pastors etc.

The Myth of the Christian Right By Mary Shaw OpEdNews 10/28/2012

GOP politicians and their followers love to play the Christianity card. They wave their bibles and wag their fingers at anyone whose behavior doesn't pass their sanctimonious moral judgment.

They call themselves Christians, but in Catholic school I was taught that Christians adore and follow Jesus Christ. These holier-than-thou Republicans don't reflect the Jesus that I read about in the New Testament.

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