Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Rachel Maddow: Fraud ends GOP Registration Drive early -Major Blow To GOP

Rachel Maddow: Fraud ends GOP registration drive early -Major Blow To GOP Part 1 of 2.
Published on Oct 3, 2012 by Gordon Coombes 
Rachel Maddow comments on the GOP's voter fraud scandal which has forced the republican party to stop voter registration in five of the important swing states. The company hired by the Republican party to do voter registration is rife with voter fraud including refusing to register voters not voting Republican or tearing up those registrations by democrats. This is a major blow to the Mitt Romney Campaign over which it may cost the GOP the election. Fair use policy for educational purposes and public awareness.

People working for the GOP company were discouraged from registering Democrats and were paid more for signing up any new Republican voters.
is this just another example of the corruption at the heart of the Republican party who in this case were caught .

         The GOP managed to put Acorn out of business over bogus voter registration fraud allegations. in ACORN's case  the fraud as such was a matter of employees who made up bogus names which ACORN then notified the authorities about these activities. In this case regarding the GOP the company itself was encouraging voter registration fraud .
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 Maddow GOP Voter Registration Fraud Part 2 of 2

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