Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bill Maher Warns Against Voting For Romney & Romney's War On Women and Obama Campaign Encourages Early Voting and Fox News Blames Crowley/Truth for Obama Debate Win

Mitt Romney says as president he would do whatever is necessary to overturn Roe v Wade or pass legilation which would be tantamount to a prohibition on Abortion in the USA.

Romney would stop funding for Planned Parenthood.
And any aid given to foreign states could not be used to finance abortion .

Mitt Romney admits RELIGIOUS WAR on Women

Bill Maher adds his voice to re-electing Obama at the very least to keep Mitt Romney and the right wing religious extremists from taking control of Washington and the nation.

Bill Maher Warns Voters: If You Elect Romney

Published on Oct 26, 2012 by Buzz sourse

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Bill Maher used his final New Rule of the night to warn voters unhappy with President Obama of the political and social consequences of the other guy winning. Maher argued that Mitt Romney winning the presidency would not just be a victory for him, but for every Republican extremist Romney has ever supported in his recent political career. Maher said Romney "may seem like a nice fella," but he's "a compulsive liar whose whole life is secret" and would bring too much unwanted baggage into a relationship with America.

Cenk uygur of the Young Turks criticizes Fox News and GOP for blaming the moderator in the debate for mitt Romney's defeat at debate. The moderator actually backed up Obama by using facts as opposed to the lies Romney was paushing.

President Obama encouraging American voters to vote early in order to get around various strategies the Republicans are using to effectively interfere with citizens right to vote aimed especially at those citizens who would vote for Obama and not for Mitt Romney. Again we see Republicans showing their lack of respect for the democratic process .

The GOP wants to win this election by hook or by crook they have no shame about this undemocratic attitude and actions. Dirty tricks of various sorts by Republicans are seen as just business as usual. Mitt Romney has shown himself in his business practices to do whatever it takes to increase his profits and to avoid paying taxes.

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