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Bain/Romney Death Squads Connection & US backed Libyan Rebels Turn On Their Master & US Anti-War Activists Going To Pakistan Protesting Drone Attacks


If President Obama meant what he has said and believed in real substantive change he would not have escaled the Global War on Terror which is now engulfing more nations than it was before Obama became president.

If Obama meant to keep the promises he made he would not have tried to stop the US military pull out of Iraq. The reason he did pull out was because the Maliki government refuse to extend immunity to US personnel in Iraq. Obama dressed up this whole thing as a victory for America and even many intelligent and otherwise well informed liberals and progressives in the US media cheered as Obama lied to the media and the citizenry of the USA and to the rest of the world.

If Obama meant what he said he would not have backed the Coup d'etat in Honduras undermining its democracy to put another dictator or authoritarian regime into power replacing the legally elected and popular President Zelaya .

If Obama meant what he said he would have chastised the Israeli government's draconian illegal and immoral blockade of Gaza or it bombing and destroying most of Gaza's infrastructure in 2008-2009. Obama should have if he were the humanitarian he believes himself to be to threaten to cut off all aid to Israel to force them to lift the blockade .

If Obama meant what he said he would have from the get go supported the Arab Spring and the peaceful protests in a number of countries merely asking for reform instead Obama defended the authoritarian brutal dictator Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the brutal Regimes in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia . The USA instead of supporting the moderate protesters supported the various anti-government extremists in Libyaand Syria while threatening attacking Iran .

Julian Assange reveals the truth behind the Obama Administration

Published on Sep 27, 2012 by Occupy916

It is his administration that boasts on his campaign website of criminalizing more speech than all previous Presidents combined.

Oh-Bomb-Uhh - Obama Drone Attacks Skyrocketing
Published on Oct 1, 2012 by Occupy916

Who do you want to Oh-Bomb next? The Bush Administration carried out 52 drone strikes. Since Obama promised to end the war on terror, he has authorized 294 drone attacks in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan etc.

Mitt Romney's Bain controversy still haunting him on the campaign trail.
Companies taken over by Bain have poor relations with their workers who are according to Romney and the Neocons and their media echo-chamber are lucky to have jobs which pay minimum wage. Romney and the GOP in general even begrudge paying people the mere pittance of minimum wage. That is one of the reasons jobs are outsourced to countries which give zero protection to employees . If they complain they are fired and if they organize workers in a union then more drastic methods may be used to silence the leaders such as utilizing local Death Squads.

Bain Bus Tour Makes A Stop in Detroit

Published on Oct 1, 2012 by GoodJobsNow

On Thursday, September 27, 2012, the Bain Workers Bus made a stop in Detroit to tell everyone why we don't need a Romney Economy. The event took place outside of a Burlington Coat Factory location, one of numerous companies owned by Bain Capital, a private equity firm. This corporation acquires companies --- including Dunkin' Donuts, Burlington and Toys R' Us --- only to sink them in debt and ship the jobs overseas. If elected, Romney will only implement his business practices on the American people, particularly the working and middle class.

The Bain Connection to Death Squads...

Published on Jul 20, 2012 by TheBigPictureRT

Mike Papantonio, Attorney, Host, Ring of Fire Radio joins Thom Hartmann. We already know Mitt Romney's run for the Presidency has received financial help from Chinese gangs - but now it turns out he's got past connections to El Salvadorian death squads too. Can Romney stay in the presidential race with new bombshells dropping every day?

Robert Fisk in commenting on the attack on the US embassy in Libya points out that the USA keeps making the same mistakes by backing extremists to take down a government or leader they don't like only to later on be treated as the enemy by the very groups the USA backed . In other words the notion my enemy's enemy is my friend quite often doesn't work out that well in the long run. The USA in its hubris believes that it can use others in foreign countries to forward their agenda and then dump them at the first opportunity believing they put one over on the locals again .

But for some reason the USA is always surprised that the extremist groups they once supported with arms, money and a few advisers and possibly leaked intel gathered by the USA later become the new enemy force which the USA is forced to fight . This in part we could suggest is a lack of imagination and deluded thinking on the part of the USA to not be able to accept that some of these extremist groups have enough savvy of their own to use the USA and other Western powers to advance their own agenda. Once the extremist group whether the Taliban or Al Qaeda or Mujaheddin achieve their agenda they then turn on their deluded American or Western handlers.

Another part of the problem is that the US forms its policies based upon the four year election campaign cycle rather than taking a long term view of the situation. If the current government can show positive results even temporarily the American citizenry in enough numbers might re-elect those up for renewal . As Mitt Romney put it in one of the secret tapes as president some difficult issues he will act as if he is doing something when in fact he is just kicking the can further down the road leaving it for a future administration to deal with.

Robert Fisk: Al-Qa'ida cashes in as the scorpion gets in among the good guys by Robert Fisk at The Independent , Sept. 17, 2012

...The US media has already invented a new story in which America supported the Arab Spring saved the city of Benghazi when its people were about to be destroyed by Gaddafi's monstrous thugs – and has now been stabbed in the back by those treacherous Arabs in the very city rescued by the US.

The real narrative, however, is different. Washington propped up and armed Arab dictatorships for decades, Saddam being one of our favourites. We loved Mubarak of Egypt, we adored Ben Ali of Tunisia, we are still passionately in love with the autocratic Gulf states, the gas stations now bankrolling the revolutions we choose to support – and we did, for at least two decades, smile upon Hafez al-Assad; even, briefly, his son Bashar.

So we saved Benghazi with our air power and expected the Arab world to love us. We ignored the composition of the Libyan militias we supported – just as Clinton and Hague don't dwell on the make-up of the Free Syrian Army today. We pay no attention to Assad's warnings of "foreign fighters", just as we largely ignored the Salafists who were moving among the brave men who fought Gaddafi.

Go back further, and we did pretty much the same in Afghanistan after 1980. We backed the mujahedin against the Soviets without paying attention to their theology and we used Pakistan to funnel weapons to these men. And when some of them transmogrified into the Taliban and nurtured Osama bin Laden and the scorpion bit on 9/11, we cried "terrorism" and wondered why the Afghans "betrayed" us. Same story yesterday, when four US Special Forces were murdered by their ungrateful Afghan police "trainees".

The tragedy of this pathetic cycle of events is that the Assad regime is horrible and its secret police thugs have tortured and murdered thousands of innocents, its personnel have committed war crimes and Syria's civil war is consuming a generation who should be building a nation rather than destroying it. And Turkey has now taken on Pakistan's role as an arms funnel and rest-and-recreation centre for Syria's mujahedin. Will Turkey turn out to be the Pakistan of the Middle East?

American and other Western anti-drone activists rather than just protesting against the American War Machine in the relative comfort of their own respective countries are going to Pakistan and into the Tribal areas where most of the American Drone strikes are taking place to protest and gather more evidence of what these attacks are doing to the people living there.

Of course the people living in Pakistan and Afghanistan as elsewhere are just the faceless hordes of evil barbaric minions of Satan or Islamic extremists and are therefore enemies of America, the West and Christianity where once upon a time they were characterized as the minions of the Soviet Union or Communist China.

In any case the American people believe that all of the citizens in these regions are guilty to a greater or lesser extent of the murder of 3,000 American civilians on 9/11 and for the deaths of some 7,000 US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan . Since 9/11 the government and the media have been whipping the American public into a frenzy about the Islamic extremists to justify these brutal and barbaric attacks by the USA on innocent civilians. Most Americans are if anything quite pleased about the abuse and torture of prisoners at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib Basra and dozens of other American run prisons .

Even the Obama regime has been involved since day one in the further demonization and dehumanizing of the so called enemy which no matter what Obama says is in effect all the people of Iraq, Afghanistan ,Pakistan and any nation which the USA is having disagreements with . So in Libya the Obama administration with the backing of NATO and the Western Media was given the green light to kill tens of thousands of Libyans supposedly ostensibly to free them and bring them democracy which is now an empty promise as the armed rebels or so called freedom fighters have their own agenda whether that is to replace one tyrant with another or replace the tyrant with a Talibanesque run government based upon the most backward medieval form of Islamic Sharia Law.

Of course the military plan for the USA is after taking down Gaddafi and Assad is to then prepare for a war with Iran based upon erroneous intel and propaganda by Obama, the GOP, the US media etc. just like they did in invading and occupying Iraq or turning much of Libya into rubble and its streets run red by those murdered by the USA and NATO and the US/NATO backed fanatical Freedom Fighters .

Meanwhile in Syria the peaceful protest movement against Assad like that against Gaddafi has been replaced by Islamic extremists including once against fighters from Al Qaeda or the Taliban and so forth . These armed rebels do not necessarily reflect the wishes and hopes of the average citizen in Syria or Libya.

Obama and the US government and media have so misinformed the average American so that most do not know that Saddam for instance for over a decade was supported by the USA and other Western powers who ignored how brutal his regime had become long before the first Gulf War and that he had used lethal chemicals on his fellow Iraqis and in his war against Iran.

Most Americans are unaware of the support given to Saddam to continue the war with Iran which Saddam had started and not Iran and which Saddam would have ended years earlier except for the pressure put on him by the USA and other Western powers.

Americans Take Anti-Drone Stance Directly to Pakistan by Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, Huffington Post, Sept. 30, 2012

...When it comes to drones, Americans and Pakistanis see the world through different lenses. Americans are looking through the eyes of remote-control pilots safely ensconced in bases in the United States, while Pakistanis are at the receiving end of the bull's eye. Polls show to the two peoples as polar opposites: 83% of Americans support the use of drones against "terrorist suspects overseas"; in Pakistan, among those who say they know something about drones, virtually all -- 97% -- oppose them.

Many Pakistanis who raged against the "Innocence of Muslims" film were venting long-held resentments towards the United States stemming from drone attacks (along with other policies such as the U.S. mishandling of the war in Afghanistan, the disastrous U.S. invasion of Iraq, and the U.S. pro-Israel bias in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict).

A newly released study, Living Under Drones, written by human rights researchers from Stanford and New York Universities, details hundreds of Pakistani civilian casualties and the devastating effects of drone strikes on the local population. "In the United States, the dominant narrative about the use of drones in Pakistan is of a surgically precise and effective tool that makes the U.S. safer by enabling 'targeted killings' of terrorists, with minimal downsides or collateral impacts. This narrative is false," the study asserts.

Instead, the study concludes that the CIA drone program in Pakistan has not made America any safer and instead has turned the Pakistani public against the United States. Indeed, 80% of Pakistanis have a negative opinion of the United States and three-in-four Pakistanis consider the United States their enemy

Imran Khan, Pakistan's famous cricket player turned politician -- and the country's most popular figure, has been championing the cause of drone victims, describing the U.S. use of lethal drones as "immoral and insane" and "a clear violation of international laws and fundamental human rights."

On October 7, Khan will be leading a peace march to Waziristan, a poor, dangerous, isolated tribal area of Pakistan where drones have killed so many people. "The people of Waziristan stand isolated, infrastructure has been destroyed, people have been displaced, their children haven't gone to schools in years and economic activities stand paralyzed," Khan explained.

He expects some 50,000 Pakistanis to join the march to this area where entry by non-residents is normally prohibited. "We believe that continued reliance on military strategy will push the people of the region towards the terrorists. We want to give them hope and show the world that the way to win this war is to isolate the terrorists and win hearts and minds of the people," said Khan.

Human rights lawyer Shahzad Akbar, who is fighting for compensation for the families of drone victims, said "People in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas think that no one cares about their sufferings. This visit and march will be a chance to show them that we care."

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