Thursday, March 22, 2012

UPDATE Cyber Phenomena#Kony 2012: Jason Russell Naked Meltdown and Rush Limbaugh Supports Kony??? & Reality Check by PM of Uganda

Kony 2012: Jason Russell Naked Meltdown Uploaded by TheYoungTurks on Mar 19, 2012 Via The Los Angeles Times: "Invisible Children filmmaker Jason Russell, who created the viral "Kony 2012" video, is seen nude yelling and slapping the ground in a new video that emerged Sunday of his bizarre behavior last week...".* Cenk Uygur, Misty Kingma and former prosecutor Steve Oh break down the video captured by TMZ. * Watch the original TMZ video: Subscribe to The Young Turks:

Ignorant Rush Limbaugh Blasted For Support of 'Lord's Resistance Army's' Joseph Kony Uploaded by politicalarticles on Oct 19, 2011 Deep in The 'GOP' Closet: The 'Homophobic' Hypocrisy Problem For The Republican Christian Right:

Prime Minister of Uganda Amama Mbabazi fact checks Invisible Children 's video KONY2012.
Mbabazi wanted to clear up some of the misleading or incorrect statements in the video KONY2012.
The civil war and terrorist campaign of Joseph Kony ended at least 4 to 6 years ago,
Uganda is now rebuilding especially in the war torn devastated area in the north.
He says people of the West should visit Uganda and see for themselves that the country is stable and peaceful.
He states there has been a concerted effort on the part of Uganda and its neighbors and international organizations to hunt down and arrest or kill Joseph Kony . These efforts have reduced the threat from LRA army of Joseph Kony .
Kony is estimated to have approximately 900 or so soldiers down from the ten thousand or so he had up til 2008.
Kony and the LRA has stopped all operations in Uganda due to the joint efforts of Uganda, Sudan, Congo etc.

Kony 2012 'Invisible Children' viral video response from Ugandan PM Amama Mbabazi

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