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#OWS: Pity The RIch??? & Pres. Obama Supports Creepy National Prayer Breakfast While RICK SANTORUM BERATES CHILDREN WITH CANCER

Obama offers to toss scraps from his table to the poor while Santorum says let them die and decrease the surplus population.
These two attitudes in America and even here in Canada are considered ways of interpreting the Bible and the living example of Jesus.
Thomas Jefferson, Madison, Benjamin Franklyn and Thomas Paine and other fouding fathers or as conservatives call them Apostles would not agree one bit.
Jefferson edited the New Testament to reflect what he considered to be the true message of Jesus that is to be compassionate and to help those in need without making them beg.
Of course the Conservative Movement believes all who are poor deserve it and shouldn't be permitted to walk through America's good God Fearin neighborhoods in the inner city the Burbs or the Exburbs.
Hitler and the NAZI referred to those who didn't work who were unemployed or who were mentally or physically disabled as the "Work-Shy" and "The Eaters" who are in Hitler's view and that of many conservatives in the USA and Canada and even Britain as a waste of space and do not want the government or anyone else giving food or shelter so such layabouts and slackers, hippies and snobish Academics who feed like leeches off the people.

Part of the problem is the waqy in which so many people define success which they see as having lots of money. Forget they say about helping other people "screw them" Breitbat and Palin and Santorum and Gingrich and evfen Obama would say if he were truthful.
So what part of this American social Darwinism is connected to Jesus.
While rejecting Darwin's theory of Evolution these so called Christian profiteers and usurers and Wall Street Crooks appeal to the corruption of evolutionary theory being applied to human beings taking part in the Market Place-ie survival of the fittest.
As they have preached since the 19th century those who succeed are higher up the chain of being than those who are unsuccesful and no one should shed a tear on behalf of the lazy indolent thieving members of the lower classes.

The lower classes just want to steal from the rich that is pick their pockets at Tax Time to enrich themselves rather than getting a good job.

Rachel Maddow talks about the creepy and dangerous National Prayer Breakfast held in Washington .
Even president Obama appears to think that if he wants to win thwe next election he must attend and praise this Christian Religious feast for the rich and powerful.
Maddow notes that even Obama's presence at this National prayer event the GOP is not buying that Obama or any Democrats or liberals could be true Christians.
GOP is God's Party and the Democrats are Godless.
Maddow glosses over Obama's unconditional support for the anti-democrartic Fascistic organizers of the Christian Prayer Breakfast .
Doug Coe is the current CEO of this wacko religious group which has been influencing politicians and the elites in the USA for over sixty years or so.
If Obama was at all liberal or progressive he would refuse to partake in this celebration of God's Chosen Elite.
Possibly Obama either just wants to make nice in his quissling manner or believes that he too is one of God's Chosen Elite.
This is not to my mind that unreasonable of an assumption.
It would help to explain how Obama says he is all for peace and ending war and yet is as much if not more of a War monger than George W. Bush or Bush 1, or Ronald Reagan or Nixon etc.

I find it rather unfortunate if not disturbing that Obama is in the end another pro-war, pro-Wall Street fascist style Christian daring to cite the Beatitudes while like all others in power trashes the Beatitudes by his actions as president.
So Americans in November will have another phony election between Diddle-dee and Dwiddle-Dum.

Santorum berates children with cancer who are worried about the cost of medications and medical treatment.
Santorum believes in God and the drug companies and to attack or criticize the pharmaceutical industry to him this industry is operating according to God's economic ideology of unfettered Capitalistic Free market Place. On Market economics Santorum agrees with Ron Paul.

Christians Christians everywhere and not a good person in sight.

Sarah Palin , Michele bachmann like Rick Santorum are influenced by the radical Christian Right and want to create a government though not necessaril a theocracy but one made up of only "True Christians" or "Real Christians" who will foist on the American public their policies based upon the Bible at least their pecular literalist innerrant reading and interpretation of the Bible.

And here's a video at TYT on Dominiost
Christians Should Control Government - Michele Bachmann & Dominionism .

One could argue that this is already occurring in American politics and its government as those running for office at whatever level in the USA from the street cleaner to the dog catcher to governor to president alread have to pass a basic litmus taste of their Christian faith ie hatred and mistrust of all non-Christins.

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