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#KONY2012 :Uganda's Kill The Gays Bill Supported By US Religious Right Leaders Including Rick Warren and Lou Engle and TheCall

Lou Engle in Uganda Preaching against the Homosexual Agenda
Engle tells Ugandans that the Gays amongst them are destroying the Family and traditional values and in effect are undermining their nation.
Engle insists Gays choose to be Gay because they have turned away from God and so are now in the clutches of the Devil and or the Anti-Christ.
Engle argues Homosexuality is a perversion and is an abomination to God.
So will Engle and other Evangelicals who believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible that after the Gays are crushed it is a Christians duty to go after those who are possessed , witches, pagans, heretics, unitarians and all those who deny the Christ. This is of course inevitable given the beliefs Christian Dominionists who believe that every nation must be under the rule of True Christians applying God's Law as outlined in the old testament. So "suffer not a witch to live'. Already in some African countries Christians are hunting down suspected witches.

Rachel Maddow-Uganda be kidding me
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Rachel Maddow-Ugandas anti-homosexuality bill

Vanguard: Missionaries of Hate: Mariana van Zeller Reflects:

Vanguard Uploaded by Current on May 28, 2010 In a revealing and personal commentary, correspondent Mariana van Zeller goes behind the scenes of "Missionaries of Hate."

 From emotional interviews with gay Ugandans to a disturbing encounter with Pastor Martin Ssempa, Mariana opens up about her 10 days of intense shooting for this story.

*Vanguard: The American Architects of Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill: Vanguard

Surprisingly notorious Joseph Kony of Uganda has said that he created the Lord's Resistance Army ostensibly to pressure the Ugandan people into creating a government which would base all its laws on the Bible as he that is Kony interpreted it. Now in an ironic twist six years after KONY is no longer a threat to Uganda it is the uberEvangelical Dominionists who are a threat to the personal liberty of all Ugandans as they march forward with their Biblically inspired laws.

These laws as we have witnessed in America includes a rejection of birth control in all its forms and the banning of condoms which have helped decrease the epidemic of Aids in Uganda and other African nations. With the spread of Radical Evangelical Dominionists will come an increase of unwanted pregnancies and the spread of aids and in tandem more hatred of Gays and a further erosion of the rights of women and of the rights of other Chritian sects and other religions. Intolerance they believe like Greed and avarice and selfishness and the plundering of a nations resources to benefit Western Civilization and especially the corporate elite.

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