Friday, March 30, 2012

#JusticeForTrayvon Video George Zimmerman No Evidence of Injury


UPDATE: Video of George Zimmerman in handcuffs taken to police station the night of the shooting.
Note There is no sign of blood on Zimmerman's head though he claimed that Trayvon Martin beat Zimmerman's head against the curb. For someone having his bashed against a curb he appears not to have any head injury-if he did the police would have called an ambulance or took him to hospital emergency. Head wounds often bleed a lot even when not serious. So were the police negligent in not taking Zimmerman to the hospital or is Zimmerman's story unraveling.
For the police the video at least showed that they took Zimmerman into custody with hand cuffs on.
So the problem for the police department is what happened next.
Why didn't the police which would have been normal procedure test Zimmerman for alcohol or drugs and given they had him custody for a few hours why didn't they do a background check on Zimmerman.
We know Zimmerman had called 911 to tell them he was suspicious of some person usually African-America, the forty calls he made were all deemed false alarms.
In most places or jurisdictions when someone calls in a number of false alarms they are given an official warning followed by fines and eventually a court appearance-why didn't this happen in Zimmerman's case.
CBS still appears to suggest that Zimmerman was the real victim.
But if he was following Trayvon and there was an altercation according to the self-defense law Trayvon would have been justified in doing what he felt was necessary to defend himself.

Video shows Zimmerman without obvious injuries

Martin family lawyer: Video "icing on the cake" CBS

Also see : U.S. police detective says racism 'alive and well', Reuters, march 28,2012

MIAMI (Reuters) - A black veteran U.S. police officer said "racism is alive and well" in the United States and is evident in the case of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed African American teenager gunned down by a neighborhood watch volunteer in central Florida last month.

George Zimmerman, the white Hispanic crime watch volunteer, has managed to avoid arrest under Florida's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law because he said he shot and killed Martin in self-defense.

But Miami Police Department homicide detective Sergeant Ervens Ford, who has joined in public protests to demand justice for Martin, said in an interview that the law does not apply in the racially tinged case.

"He (Martin) would have had a better 'Stand Your Ground' (case) than Zimmerman," Ford said.

"It does not apply when you chase after a person, when you, essentially, are the aggressor," he said.

He was referring to the fact that Zimmerman, 28, said in a 911 call that he was chasing the 17-year-old Martin shortly before the shooting because he looked to be "up to no good" and was dressed in a "hoodie" hooded sweatshirt.

On the call, Zimmerman had also identified Martin as a black youth.

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