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US Soldier(s?) Murders 16 Afghan Civilians US Says Sorry ??? Bahrain Biggest March Demanding Freedom and Democracy -

Major Stories: US soldier opens fire, kills 16 Afghan civilians
750,000 Citizens of Bahrain March in pro-reform protest

Now this video gives a better idea of how big the crowd is at this protest.  These are the 99% demanding freedom and justice from the arrogant elites.In this case the elite is headed by the Al Khalifa royal family who believe like all elites that it is their God given right to oppress the citizens of their respective nations while they do as they please living in luxury.

Meanwhile US troops commit more atrocities this time it appears to be one soldier flipping out or is there more to it. If other soldiers were present as witnesses claim then those soldiers should have stopped the supposedly lone soldier doing the killings. The US military and the White House in such cases even when it is a group of US soldiers deliberately killing innocent civilians usually come up with a cover story. They often say it was a matter of self-defence or accidental or it was just "a few bad apples" .

It appears if one believes these rationalizations that the US forces apparently have been infested by thousands of soldiers going rogue. The American authorities refuse to admit to using barbaic style tactics such as hit squads or death squads or taking out a number of civilians as pay back for the deaths of American soldiers.

We have learned over the past decade that according to leaked government files, memos, E-Mails and the testimony of American vets from the current wars that the chain of command has condoned and even encouraged the murder of Iraqi and Afghan civilians since the US mind set is that there are no innocent by standers in Iraq or Afghanistan. We hear that from basic training of US troops they are taught to hate all Iraqis and Afghans since all are terrorists or potential terrorists who are the sworn enemies of the USA. The soldiers are encouraged to use various racist loaded terms in referring to these various peoples such as "Haji" , "Camel Jockeys" sand N****** this is typical as we know from the US occupation of Vietnam when soldiers referred to all Vietnamese disparagingly as "Gooks". In some ways the stereotyping of the enemy and of civilians in these wars has been heightened after the 9/11 attacks and because the mind set is that the American soldiers have been sent on a "Crusade" to defeat "Evil" and to take revenge for the events of 9/11.

Given that the enemy are seen as evil and that there is no real difference between civilians and combatants is also part of the influence of Radical Evangelical Christian Military Chaplains who are now the over-whelming majority of the Chaplaincy in the American military . These Evangelical Chaplains and their flocks put a great deal of pressure on any soldiers who are not Christian Evangelicals and who have not been born again.

These US military Chaplains in their preacing are no different than the most fanatical civilian Pastors of the American Megachurches and the waky teleevangelist.

So like their civilian counterparts they tend to spout the same sort of apocalyptic theology and eschatology which divides the world into two camps that of the "True Christians" who are on God's side which is also America's side and America's enemies and critics and their enablers who are all anti-God and who knowingly or unknowingly are on the side of Evil and Satan or the Anti-Christ.

So the leaders in America's military see the so called Global War on Terror as a truly Holy War and is characterized as a Holy Crusade to defeat the enemies of God and or Jesus. In their view we are now in the last days or the End-Times and each individual and each nation must decide which side they are on.

This particular era or period in which we live is interpreted from the Bible Prophocies especially from "The Book Of Revelation" as a crucial time in which True Christians must stand up and be counted in preparation of Jesus second coming and the Apocalypse and the End of Days and so forth (premillennialism) . The alternate Christian view on this known as Post-Millenialism in which the true believers are required to set up God's Kingdom on Earth by fully adopting and enforcing God(s) Law ala the Dominionists of course led by God's Chose who are the Faithful primarily of America. This epoch of God's Kingdom on Earth is supposed to last til the second coming Jesus followed by the Last Judgement ie postmillinnialsm .

US soldier opens fire, kills 16 Afghan civilians from Pakistan Tribune online March 12, 2012

KANDAHAR: Western forces shot dead 16 civilians including nine children in southern Kandahar province on Sunday, Afghan officials said, in a rampage that witnesses said was carried out by American soldiers who were laughing and appeared drunk.

One Afghan father who said his children were killed in the shooting spree accused soldiers of later burning the bodies. Witnesses told Reuters they saw a group of US soldiers arrive at their village in Kandahar's Panjwayi district at around 2am, enter homes and open fire. The incident, one of the worst of its kind since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, is likely to deepen the divide between Washington and Kabul. The US embassy in Kabul said an American soldier had been detained over the shooting. It added that anti-US reprisals were possible following the killings.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai called it an "assassination" and furiously demanded an explanation from Washington. His office said the dead included nine children and three women. An Afghan minister earlier told Reuters that a lone US soldier had killed up to 16 people when he burst into homes in villages near his base in the middle of the night. Panjwayi district is about 35 km west of the provincial capital Kandahar city. The district is considered the spiritual home of the Taliban and is believed to be a hive of insurgent activity.

Haji Samad said 11 of his relatives were killed in one house, including his children. Pictures showed blood-splattered walls where the children were killed. "They (Americans) poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them," a weeping Samad told Reuters at the scene. "I saw that all 11 of my relatives were killed, including my children and grandchildren," said Samad, who had left the home a day earlier. Neighbours said they awoke to crackling gunfire from American soldiers, whom they described as laughing and drunk.

"They were all drunk and shooting all over the place," said neighbour Agha Lala, who visited one of the homes where the incident took place. "Their bodies were riddled with bullets." A senior US defence official said Defence Secretary Leon Panetta "was deeply saddened to hear last night of this incident and is closely monitoring reports out of Afghanistan." The White House also expressed concern.

The Afghan Taliban would take revenge for the deaths, the group said in an e-mailed statement to media. The US embassy in Kabul said an investigation was under way into Sunday's shooting and that "the individual or individuals responsible for this act will be identified and brought to justice". The commander of NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) General John Allen said he was "shocked and saddened" by the shooting, and promised a rapid investigation.

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