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TYT: Cenk Uygur -Occupy Wall Street Media Blackout, Police State & We are in effect all beggars at the Rich man's feast.

Anyway here's a little tune by Phil Ochs "I Ain't Marching Anymore" dedicated to the Brutal American Empire- as long as America tramples the rights of the peoples of other nations it will remain a "Rogue Nation" the world's Current Bully .
So why should Americans expect to have more freedoms than those they oppress???

Phil Ochs "I Aint Marching More" with lyrics

 It appears that a number of Mayors in the USA and their police forces are in fact anti-democracy . And yet millions of US citizens are still refusing to act and seem content with the status quo and the moves through various legal instruments to crush freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to peacefully bring their grievances to the governments whether that of individual states or  municipalities  or the US federal government.
Odd that in contrast the Tea Party movement was given much more freedom and leeway by the various levels of government while the Occupy Movement is seen as a direct threat to those who are the ones setting policies in the USA-that is the thousands of lobbyist and big money interests.

These business interests believe that only they have the know how to run the country assisted by a large Managerial Class who have been indoctrinated by Business schools or Law Schools or Harvard and Yale and the quisling Mainstream Media etc. that Big Corporations and their interests ie  profits and such are the only important group within the US.

They believe the average American must show their loyalty to the status quo and accept whatever crumbs  which the Rich and powerful toss to them. We are in effect all beggars at the Rich man's feast.

Mayor Bloomberg arrests members of the press who try to report on Occupy Wall Street and the city's draconian measures taken against the Occupy Movement.
Maybe mayor Bloomberg will suggest that the Press should be embedded with the NYPD and only report or film according to what Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD will allow.
We have seen this with the press in Iraq and Afghanistan in which for the first time the press are not protected by US troops unless the press embeds with the US troops and subject themselves to the US military's & the White House' censorship.
Ah yes the police state like restrictions on the press in the War on Terror are now as many predicted are now being applied in the Homeland that is the USA.
Welcome to the Police State.
Now it becomes clearer why President Obama has been reluctant to criticize governments in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for their brutal crackdown on the reform movements in their respective countries why because the US government and municipal governments have the same attitude about protesters as do the governments of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or even Honduras for that matter.
So it appears the actions taken by individual mayors and municipalities and their police forces is possibly part of an experiment to see how far they can go.

While claiming to be in favor of democracy and the 1st amendment the NYPD at Mayor Bloomberg's instructions invaded Zuccotti Park in the middle of the night a typical move usually associated with 3rd world dictatorships they also destroyed personal belongings and publicly owned property ie tents, sleeping bags, clothes and a library of some 5,000 books.
After all Books like the internet are considered subversive in any sort of authoritarian or police state.
The USA is entering into its new face of Empire building in which it will not permit US citizens to gather and voice their objections to the Empire's agenda in any way shape or form.

City Attacks Information at Zuccotti: Books Dumped in the Garbage, Press Intimidated
Books dumped in the garbage.
Press intimidated and shut out. These are not the signs of a functioning democracy. by Bryce Covert at New Deal 2.0 via, November 15, 2011

In recent weeks, one of Occupy Wall Street’s perhaps greatest victories became crystal clear: since the protests took off, the number of news stories talking about inequality has skyrocketed. This is perhaps one of the movement’s greatest strengths: the spreading of information about issues that were previously ignored, if felt viscerally by most Americans. Growing income inequality has been no secret, but few were talking about it on a national scale until the movement put it on the radar.

The discussion and dissemination of information is a hallmark of the movement. On any given trip down to Zuccotti Park, by far the most common activities I observed were teach-ins on various issues surrounded by smaller, informal conversations ranging from crony capitalism to bank bailouts to student debt. The way most illustrious thinkers got involved with the movement was to visit the encampment and share their wisdom. This love of information was also embodied in Occupy’s call for transparency. Protesters seek a government whose operations are open to the public and not just to lobbyists, one that is accountable and accessible to its citizens. Signs like this said it simply:

But perhaps no greater embodiment of this love of information and knowledge was the People’s Library. The first time I went to donate books it consisted of a dozen or so bins neatly arranged by category and title; the last time I was there it had grown to become one of the largest pieces of infrastructure in the park, insanely well organized and beautifully displayed.

It’s perhaps most chilling to me, then, that when I awoke to news of the evacuation it quickly became clear thatpolice simply threw all of those carefully donated and organized books in the trash. The symbolism of amilitarized police force piling thousands of incarnations of our country’s knowledge and history into dumpsters is hard to escape today.

To top it off, the press was barred from entry and the few who snuck their way in were treated terribly. Those who tried to reason with the police that they had media credentials and therefore should be allowed access to cover events in a public space were rebuffed. As Rosie Gray of the Village Voice

Mayor Bloomberg claims the raid was to protect people, including the protesters, from supposed dirtiness and violence. But who is protected when information is blocked or destroyed? Only those doing deeds that can’t stand up to the scrutiny of transparency. Information is one of the most powerful tools of a functioning democracy. It suffered a blow last night.

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