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#OWS UPDATE: UC Davis Chancellor Katehi 's Walk of Shame & Apology For Pepper-Spraying OF Students & Ryan Harvey 's Version of Phil Ochs' "Cops of The World"

The performance below is Ryan Harvey's  original  adaptation and updating  of the Phil Och's song "The Cops of The World"  It is actually quite good. Though this version is not as nasty and crude as the original.

Cops of the World

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The 1% in America and their enablers would have pepper sprayed and then beat with batons someone like Rosa Parkes for daring to break an unjust law. They still appear to believe that the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s 1960s was some sort of commie plot . They said the same about the anti-war movement and the women's movement or the Gay Rights movement etc.

The conservative and  even their counterparts the liberal law and order crowd  have argued then and now that   the law even when unjust must be treated  as being sacrosanct.
They refuse to accept that what was thought of as good law or just law at one time is later considered an unjust and bad law ie the Jim Crow laws or laws that protect racists

This is a longer version of the Pepper-Spray incident at UC Davis which shows the police being forced out of the area by chanting students.

Police Pepper Spray Peaceful Protesters

Would those who support this brutal over rection by police on students protesting peacefully would they now justify the brutality and abuse of participants of the Civil Rights Movement -being cynical I would say they would. For instance the Fox News channel and its loyal watchers often remark that the Civil Rights Movement was unnecessary that African-Americans had it good in America not just after slavery but even when they were slaves. If you doubt this just take a look at the screeds and fact challenged diatribes of Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage or Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham . They claim to support democracy and human and civil rights yet they are the ones proding authorities to take drastic draconian actions on American citizens execising those rights if the protesters are on the wrong ideological side . These vile conservatives are always at odds with any sort of positive change in which the rights and freedoms are extended to a larger portion of the populce.

So when African Americans insisted they be given equal rights with white Americans these uberconservatives were against such reforms as they have also been against equal rights for Asian Americans, Irish Americans, catholics or Muslim Americans.

The Walk of Shame- The Silence is chilling
UC Davis Chancellor Katehi walks to her car (higher quality)

Address on the quad Chancellor Katehi appologizes to students for the actions of police on Friday November 18, 2011

UC Davis Chancellor Apologizes from Joe Boydston on Vimeo.

also check out :
Katehi apologizes for police action; crowd calls for resignation by Cory Golden at Davis Enterprise,November 21,2011

and it appears the UC Davis Occupy Movement is up and running again except it has grown and is supporting by more people than before.
As with other movements in America the use of Police State style tactics often backfire especially these day when every other person is filming things as they take place and uploading    video and pics to social networks. So we no longer have to wait for the six o'clock news or what have you to find out what's going on. And when police attempt to prevent filming of their actions this media black out becomes the headlines except of course on Fox News which appears to be aligned most closely with the 1% ruling class and as being the enemy of the 99%. This is the case even though Glenn Beck Fox News  and Dick Army used average Americans to push for their agenda which would be at odds with the very  interests and concerns of the majority of  those who showed up at The Tea Party Rallies across the USA.

Many of the Tea Party supporters are part of the working class or lower middle class who are being negatively impacted by the policies of the GOP and the conservative Democrats who want to lower everybody's wages ; reduce any benefits they may have; make the schooling of their children more expensive and increase the costs of health care . Meanwhile these conservatives are exporting more jobs outside the US and are taking their money and putting it in other countries as investments while moving their money stocks and bonds to countries which act as tax havens for the rich and powerful. These callous members of the 1% are far from being patriotic since their loyalty is not to America or any other nation but rather their loyalty is to amassing wealth and increasing profits end of story.

Occupied again: Tents back up on UCD quad by Cory Golden at The Davis Enterprise ,November 21, 2011

Anyway as pointed out in the article below there is in fact a court ruling made in 2002 which banned the use of pepper spay in cases of peaceful protesters and allowed for it only when a crowd was violent and out of control. The students on the Quad of UC Davis campus on Friday November 18 were not violent nor a threat to anyone nor out of control and so the use of pepper spray was uncalled for and in fact against the law.

2002 court ruling limits use of pepper spray by Anne Ternus Bellamy at The Davis Enterprise, November 21, 2011

A federal appellate court ruled 10 years ago that police offers can be held liable for using excessive force if they spray nonviolent, seated protestors in the eyes and face with pepper spray.
That ruling, by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, involved the use of pepper spray on individuals protesting logging in old-growth Redwood forests in Humboldt County.
Protesters had linked themselves together using “black bears,” which were steel cylinders that protesters put their arms through and which essentially prevented them from being easily separated.

Why this is a Gettysburg Address moment for higher education By Cathy N. Davidson at The Davis Enterprise.com, November 21, 2011

Where are the university leaders, today, who will take the moral high ground and side sympathetically with the rising tide of students who are occupying higher ed and protesting the current assault against higher ed and the subsequent rising costs of tuition and fees?
All of us — and university presidents more than anyone else — know the state of higher ed today demands critical attention. Yet, instead of working with the protesting students, too many university leaders are calling in police to “maintain order” or to preserve “safety” or “security” or “sanitation.” But the police don’t come to preserve order; they come in post 9/11 anti-terrorist SWAT gear and the result is brutality incommensurate with minor crimes such as camping overnight on university property.
There are real choices that need to be made about how to address the Occupy protests. We’re at a turning point, a Gettysburg Address moment, where moral authority and moral force needs to be eloquently articulated before this historical moment devolves into violence and polarization.
Our students are not wrong in the content of their protests. Calling the police does not address their issues; as we have seen too often, it can foster violence — with an ever-more imminent potential for tragedy.
The issues students are protesting today are not just student issues. They are wide social issues that hit students with particular force and emphasis. These issues include the radical economic disparity of rich and poor that leaves a depleted middle class, a compromised future of productive possibility for work, escalating educational costs and decline support for public education, and the irrelevance of much of the current educational system (K-20) for the 21st century that students today face.
I do not believe there is an administrator in America today who could not rattle off these issues. So why, when our students are peacefully sitting in the quads of universities all over America, expressing these serious concerns, are so many universities reacting by sending in the police? Equally important, why are some other universities willing to listen to the protesters — often with very good, “teachable” results from which everyone learns?

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