Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Movement & Heavy Handed Police Response & War Zone USA 99% Versus 1%

And here's a little video I made for the Occupy Movement.

FOR #OWS War Zone 99% Versus 1% & El Pueblo Unido
Uploaded by gothgod on Nov 14, 2011
FOR #OWS Occupy Movement -Police in Riot Gear turn Peaceful Protests into a War Zone in Portland USA. Includes War Zone, Lone Man at the barricades & We Need More People
And 100,000 protesters shut down the Port of Oakland

Global Revolution
Keith Olbermann on the duty of Citizens when the Free Press, The Media and government Fails to do their jobs to protect the Interests of All American Citizens and not just the rich elites and the powerful

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

Hillary Clinton The citizens of Iran have the right to protest to put their grievances to the government

But American citizens it appears do not have the same rights as those Hillary Clinton claimed for Iran's Citizens

Clashes follow OWS victory at Zuccotti Park
October 14, 2011 RT

Thousands Rally to Resist Occupy Portland Evictions
Nov. 13, 2011

10,000 filled the areas around the Occupy Portland encampments last night as the deadline approached for eviction. 12:01 am came and went but the cops could do nothing: too many supporters blocked their path. It was peaceful.
The cops waited it out and are clearing out the Chapman and Lownsdale Park camps this morning, tearing down the remaining tents. There is a General Assembly meeting at Pioneer Square at noon today. Occupy Portland will continue. The whole world is watching!

#opdx #occupyportland

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