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Chris Hedges Arrested at Protest & NYPD Directing troublemakers to OWS? Jon Stewart On Mainstream Media's Poor Coverage & Michelle Bachmann " Nuke Iran"???

Chris Hedges arrested

Keith Olbermann on Occupy Wall Street Movement
OWS: More footage of People's Hearing of Goldman Sachs including Chris Hedges and Cornel Westmunderlarkst
Uploaded by munderlarkst on Nov 5, 2011From Countdown with Keith Olbermann on 11/3/11. Cornel West, Chris Hedges and other protesters conduct a mock trial, aka 'people's hearing', of Goldman Sachs headquarters. Afterwards, they went to the Goldman Sachs headquarters to deliver they're guilty verdict where protesters, including Chris Hedges, were arrested. Of note, George W. Bush had been there the night before, as well. They held a mock trial as a symbolic gesture because financial executives haven't been tried for their manipulation of the market and stealing taxpayers money for the bailout.

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                       Celente : " Washington is Wall Street & Wall Street is Washington " 
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Occupy protesters demonstrate resilience to crackdowns and cynicism in the media but it is still unclear what lies ahead for the movement. While camping out and singing songs is one thing, getting the right politicians elected quite another. The movement is unified and people are waking up to the two-party dictatorship, and realizing that the political system does not represent them anymore.

The Young Turks -NYPD trying to undermine Occupy movement

Jon Stewart compares Occupy Movement & the Tea Party Movement.
Fox News , Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity suport the Tea party protests and argue that Americans have the right to protest.
But when the left and progressives protests suddenly these protesters are dimissed as crazy uniformed pot smoking hippies who should all be incarcerated - the Mainstream Media when not being dismissive see the Occupy movement as unAmerican or anti-American as NAZIs and or Fascist and as dangerous .
They reduce the economic, political and social issues and grievances raised by the Occupy movement to being anti-American and extremely anti-Capitalism.Most of those taking part in the Occupy movement mainly want the American people to have more of a say or input into the government.
They are concerned over the power of the corporations over government policies.
They believe the system has become corrupted and is broken.
They want more regulations to better control the lobbyists.
They want major substantive reforms to be instituted .
They are disenchanted and angry with most of the legislators whether Republican or Democrats.
They believe that Members of both parties have failed the 99% of Americans who are not rich.
They believe that the government main focus should not have been about bailing out banks and other financial or investment institutions.
They believe the main focus should have been on average American citizens to come up with various forms of debt relief for instance and on creating more jobs .

Jon Stewart criticizes media 's unbalanced coverage or non-existent coverage of the Occupy Movement.

And in related news from the War Party they want of course more war . So bomb Iran and  " let's get this party started."
The question is that after bombing the crap out of Libya does Obama need to do more to prove he is in fact deserving to the title of Commander in Chief or does he need to start another war to make sure he gets re-elected.  So Obama is as bad ass as Bush & Cheney. Just think of all the drone strikes he has authorized in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and so on. Doesn't that prove he is a "Real Man" . Real Men like to kill and blow shit up.
Unfortunately for Obama Iran is no more a threat to the US than it was ten years ago. He and the hawkish members of his administration will I guess need to start up the propaganda Machine to sell another war to the American public and the world . After what has occurred with Gaddafi Obama now knows that NATO and the UN will kow tow to most of his whims.

Michelle Bachmann and others ginning up for war with Iran

Bachmann: Iran Threatened U.S. with Nukes 

Uploaded by TheYoungTurks on Oct 31, 2011GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann makes a transparently false charge that Iran has threatened the U.S. and Israel with nuclear weapons it denies possessing.

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