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#OWS Occupy Versus Arab Spring, Kent State Redux & WorldNetDaily Wants Police to Use Flame Throwers on Occupy Protesters

UPDATE: 11:33 PM, November 18, 2011.

The quote below was made by Vice President Spiro Agnew in April 1970 just before the Killing of four students by the National Guard on May 4 of 1970 at Kent State University.
(Qoute taken from From essay " HISTORICAL CONTEXT OF THE EVENT" 1997 by J. Gregory Payne May 4

Vice-President Spiro Agnew, the spokesman for many Americans, suggested that police-and authorities treat student demonstrators as enemies. In a speech made in April of 1970, Agnew advised police to ". . . just imagine they (students) are wearing brown shirts or white sheets and act accordingly." 

In 1970 President Nixon announced the widening of the war in Vietnam to include its neighbor Cambodia . Nixon inherited the war from the previous administrations of President Johnson and President John F. Kennedy but he took the war to a new level of by increasing high altitude carpet bombing of parts of Vietnam and Cambodia.This new scorched earth policy led immediately to intensifying the opposition to the Vietnam War especially on university campuses across the US.
At Kent State university the National Guard were brought in to crush anti-war demonstrations.
This led to the infamous killing of four students at Kent State.

Kent State Massacre- Nixon Widening the War & Neil Young 4 Dead in Ohio

That was then this is now!
The elites which rule America only have so much tolerance for real dissent .

Police start arrests at OWS Day of Action protest

NYPD arrest retired Philly police captain Raymond Lewis at OWS protests

Uploaded by RTAmerica on Nov 17, 2011
As NYPD arrested Philly police retired captain Raymond Lewis at OWS protest, crowds were cheering. It comes as peaceful Occupy Wall Street protest has turned violent yet again. RT correspondents on the ground report that police have begun to arrest people brutally in Manhattan. RT producer Lucy Kafanov, who is on site in New York, is reporting clashes between police and protesters.

More Press targeted -
Militarized Zone downtown New York
No distinction made by police  between Media and protesters
NYPD blast LRAD Sonic weapon against OWS protest

WorldNetDaily Columnist: Turn "Flame-Throwers" On Occupy Protesters, Prepare To "Beat [Them] With Truncheons" by Media Matters staff November 17, 2011

WorldNetDaily's Phil Elmore used his November 16 column to call for the violent removal of the Occupy Wall Street protesters from their encampments. Elmore wrote that law enforcement should "[b]ring flame-throwers" and be "prepared to beat with truncheons and shoot with rubber bullets every last filthy hippie." He also called the Occupy movement a "cancer" and warned that it "will infect us all if we do not sterilize it now."

The right-wing media have been conducting a relentless smear campaign against Occupy Wall Street, calling protesters "lunatics" and "parasites" and comparing them to the Unabomber.

This call for violent action against the protesters does not come in a vacuum. On November 15, police in Seattle used pepper spray on an 84-year-old, a pregnant woman, and other participants in Occupy Seattle. Last month, an Iraq war veteran suffered a skull fracture after he was hit by a police projectile at Occupy Oakland.

From the WorldNetDaily column:

This is no longer a question of freedom of speech. This has long ago ceased to be an issue of the right to assemble. No American citizen has the right to terrorize and threaten his fellow Americans in this way. No mob of Americans should be permitted to endanger and to harass the public the way these hateful "Occupy" hippies have done for months.
Call out the National Guard. Turn on the fire hoses. Send bulldozers. Bring flame-throwers, for pity's sake. Men and women who give a damn about their country, wearing Hazmat suits and respiratory gear, empowered by the lawful government of this nation, should be marching in ranks on every Obamaville this very moment, prepared to beat with truncheons and shoot with rubber bullets every last filthy hippie. Put a stop to this miserable army of miscreants before they are permitted to rape, infect, or ruin one more person.
The "Occupy" movement is a cancer. The "occupiers" are criminals and terrorists. The Obamaville is a creeping death made of Nylon, placards and human waste. This movement is a third-world rot that will infect us all if we do not sterilize it now.
Note in the above article the use of  " eliminationist " style language such as characterizing the occupy movement as a "cancer" which needs to be removed . Similar language has been used especially by the right in the US when referring to  Illegal Immigrants or Muslims or Liberals and secular humanists.
This is also the rhetoric used by racists such as Anti-semites; it is the language of the White Supremacists and of  the terrorist organization the  Ku Klux Klan .

So we get the spectacle of the Neocons, uberconservatives as represented on Fox News and CNN in agreement with pseudo-liberals calling for the shut down of the Occupy Movement by any and all means necessary.

These uberconservatives supported the Tea Party movement and made excuses for their uncivilized behavior but the Tea Party was not against the Rich and powerful and were in favor of even less regulations on the various financial institutions, Corporations, CEOs , or the Wall Street gambling organizations who even make out like bandits when supposedly the country is on the brink of bankruptcy.

So it is no surprise that the likes of Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity and the FOX Channel gang are using the Occupy Movement to attack president Obama.
Firstly they erroneously suggest that the Occupy protesters are all fans of Obama and the Democratic Party. This is not so.
They also claim Obama is ratcheting up Class Warfare rhetoric in the hope of bringing about more disorder and anarchy further his own agenda.
This would be funny but the situation is more serious than that.
Why should corporations and individuals be rewarded for downsizing their companies and moving the work as it were to other countries where there are fewer regulations ,lower taxes, corporation friendly or non-existent labor laws or to just invest their money in foreign countries or hide money in off shore accounts or Swiss bank accounts.

Most of those in the Occupy movement are just as upset with Obama as they would be with Bush Jr. and Bill Clinton and Bush Senior and Ronald Reagan for their economic and social and political policies which always favor the rich and powerful over the rest of the citizens of America.

The Occupy Protesters are upset that Obama also gave out billions to bail out various corporations, banks , Wall Street , economic institutions and did little for the average American.
They are also critical of Obama's widening of the War on Terror which is another part of the economic puzzle which is rarely addressed.
While wanting to go on an austerity plan cutting the budgets of various government agencies not substantial cuts are being made to the US military or CIA and the the Intelligence and policing agencies make work program.
We see this everyday as the police departments across the US bring out their newest toys or weapons to crush a mostly peaceful protest movement.
Note for instance Sean Hannity only points out the injuries to police officers and not the injuries to the protesters. He appears to believe that the protesters are an ignorant uncivilized out of control mob who are out to destroy America .
Hannity's solution is the arresting of  thousands more and maybe kill a few to send an uncompromising message to the protesters.
When the Tea Party held protests one did not see the same sort of police presence but at Occupy protests hundreds or even a couple of thousand police show up.

Sarah Palin: Obama Is Using Occupy Movement To "Perpetuate" Class Warfare Via Media Matters ,November 17, 2011
From the November 17 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

 And so here we are in 2011 with President Obama who inherited the Global War on Terror which included the unwarranted immoral War of Aggression and occupation of Iraq.

The hope had been that the new President would at least begin ratcheting down this war and its rhetoric instead Obama ratcheted up the war in Pakistan and Afghanistan and in countries such as Yemen and decided to bomb the crap out of Libya for some six months or more as he widened the War on Terror .
One of the stated reasons for taking on Qaddafi at this time was to defend the human and civil rights of the people of Libya.
Another stated reason for taking on Qaddafi was that he was supporting various terrorists organization even though there is little proof of such activity in the last 5 or 6 years.
The US and NATO also accused Qaddafi as developing Weapons of Mass Destruction which he in fact ended long before being bombed by the US and NATO.
The real reason for taking on Qaddafi was in more likely to do with the US and NATO plan to encircle Iran and to deter other nations from doing anything which does not fit into America's extension of its Empire into the Middle East and Northern and Western Africa.
After taking Libya and defeating Qadaffi and leaving the country in the hands of rebels who may end up as bad if not worse than the Qaddafi Regime.

Meanwhile President Obama is being pressured into a possible bombing and invasion of Syria and or Iran.
Iran as President Bush argued is part of what he called the Axis of Evil even though Iran was not an imminent threat to its neighbors or to the US.
So the public once again is being drowned in US Government and Mainstream Media propaganda to manufacture consent for a war against Iran and/ or Syria and other sovereign nations that are depicted as imminent threats to US and Western interests.

If the US and NATO were so concerned about human rights and the spread of democracy then they should have been also involved in putting pressure on other governments in the region such as Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Behran and not just keeping these regimes well armed with American and European weapons which are then used to crush any moves on the part of their respective citizens for justice, fairness and freedoms such as freedom of the press, the freedom to assembly the freedom of association and freedom of speech and more involvement in policy making in these nations.

In Bahrain for instance the protesters initially wanted the government to listen to their grievances and to bring about some changes leading to more economic, political and social justice. They were not even calling for a regime change. The Western Media Propaganda Mchine used the narrative given to them by Bahrain's leaders and the Saudis and the Obama administration in which they erroneously led the public to believe that the uprising in Bahrain was engineered by Iranian government . They pointed to the fact that a large portion of those protesting were Shia Muslims and that Iran is ruled by Shia Muslims . The reality is that the Shia in Bahrain are treated as second class citizens and so have been seeking justice and fairness from the government.

But then again that's not quite what these wars, invasions, interventions by the US and its sidekick NATO  are all about. They are about ensuring that these governments are American and European friendly as for the public that's not really an issue except when the US and NATO can use to get more support from their own citizens in the US and Europe.
Having citizens line up to vote and getting their thumbs painted purple might be a nice photo-op but it does not mean that the elections have any real substantive meaning and out come.

The other issue here is that as we see with the Occupy Movement in the USA those in power will only tolerate so much criticism especially when it is aimed at the rich and powerful on Wall Street or the lobbyists in Washington or daring to criticize US domestic and foreign policies.
So as the members of the Obama regime praise the Arab Spring though belatedly and with much reluctance they have little patience for any such movements in the Homeland ie America.
They seem in fact to be hoping that these uprisings will only lead to some cosmetic changes and not substantive changes. For instance they don't want Egypt to significantly change its policies regarding their support for Israel's blockade of GAZA.

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