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FOR #OWS : " O'CHILDREN " Abattoir Blues " BY NICK CAVE & Arcade Fire's " Modern Man " & Twisted Megyn Kelly Pepper-Spray No Biggie???

For #OWS Sunday Sermon & Hymns 

O'Children By Nick Cave
One interpretation of the song could be that Nick Cave apologizing to the younger generation speaking for an older generation of Baby Boomers & YUPPIE Fascists who preferred their own comfort to working for a better more just and equitable and egalitarian society.
If not convinced listen to Nick Cave's Messiah Ward & Abbatoir Blues off of the same album.

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Music of Nick Cave 'O'Children'from the album Abattoir Blues /The Lyre Of Orpheus with some images I added of children & war & death combined with paintings of German expressionist George Grosz & Surrealist Rene Magritte & James Ensor as we move towards an authoritarian & theocratic state -by gothgod& gord for
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Note for some strange reason the song was used in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1 when Harry and Hermoine dance.

Abattoir Blues from album of the same name
"Mass extinction hypocrisy these things are not good for me"
" this culture of death"
"the need for validation 's gone completely berserk "
" I wanted to be a superman but I turned into such a jerk "
Abattoir Blues - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

And compare this song to those by Arcade Fire's songs on their album Suburbia especially City With No Children in it & Modern Man etc.

Arcade Fire - Modern Man | Reading Festival 2010 | Part 6 of 16

Arcade Fire - City with No Children | Bonnaroo 2011 | Part 5 of 15 | 1080p HDArcadeFireTube3
Uploaded by ArcadeFireTube3 on Aug 25, 2011Part 5 of 15 - Fire - "City with No Children" at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN - 2011-06-10

"Never trust a millionaire quoting the Sermon on The Mount"
"A millionaire inside a private prison"

Megyn Kelly of Fox News defends the use of Pepperspray by police on peacefully protesting students. She claims that pepperspray is just an edible food and so is not that harmful. She argues the police had the right to use such force on peaceful protesters.
One wonders what Megyn Kelly and O'Reilly would allow police to do if these students had been shouting or chanting or if they stood up would lethal force be next.

As has been discussed previously the courts have ruled that pepper spray is allowed to be used when dealing with someone or a group that is violent and out of control and not on peaceful protesters.
So for a lawyer Megyn Kelly missed that ruling besides ythe fact she and O'Reilly appear to be claiming that American citizens do not have the right to peacefully assemble or to voice their grievances against the government in public especially if they are liberals or progressives or part of a liberal university .

So would O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly and the rest of the gang at Fox News support police taking such actions of Tea Party protesters for instance at a Town Hall Meeting held by their legislative representative .
The Tea Party protesters went into public meetings and prevented members of the Senate or Congress from speaking. They caused a public disturbance and refused to be quiet while others spoke. So should police have pepper sprayed and dragged these protesters away.

One can only assume that Megyn Kelly and O'reilly would have the same reaction during the Civil Rights movement -if they and other Law and Order proponents had their way they would have insited police fire live rounds into demonstrators in Selm or Montgomery or used machine guns and tanks on the March on Washington to send a message to black Americans and others who believe they are being treated unjustly since in America non-whites and the poor and those who are liberal or progressives have fewer rights than the rich white Americans what these stooges call "Real Americans" that is successful white and Christian.

Anyway Sam Seder pokes fun at Megyn Kelly and O'Reilly for their disengenuous erroneous self-serving defense of the police pepper spraying students at UC Davis.
If they think Pepper-Spraying is so harmless we should challenge them to allow someone to pepper spray them and of course in the same measure the students at UCDavis were.
Like those who thought water-boarding wasn't so bad once they went through the procedure then agreed that it was a terrible and traumatic experience after less than a minute.
But it is disturbing that bit by bit step by step so many Americans believe that "torture" is OK along with pepper-spraying, arrests without warrants or without official charges or having their Miranda rights read or being allowed to call a lawyer or have their family or others notified about where they are being held-
Now if someone demands to know why they are being arrested they are then charged with resisting arrests and causing a public disturbance-welcome to the bizarre world of 2011 or George Orwell's 1984

Seder begins his commentary with more disturbing facts about the people who only watch Fox News they tend to know less than those who don't watch news at all.

Fox News' Megyn Kelly: "Pepper Spray? No Biggie!"

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From the Majority Report, live M-F 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM:
Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly discuss how pepper spray is "a food product, essentially" when discussing the UC Davis incident. And you wonder why a recent poll found that those who watch Fox News are LESS informed than those who watch no news at all?

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