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Bush, Blair Found GUILTY of War Crimes in Malaysia Tribunal Obama Supports Military Rule & Bogus ? Election In Egypt & Michael Savage Defends 1% Calls Occupiers " Refuse of Society" Who Are "Work Shy"

Topics for today:
Songs for #OWS Third Blind Eye
                            Miley Cyrus???

Bush and Blair War Criminals                
US backed Egyptian Military on a rampage
Sally Kohn defends #OWS protesters
Michael Savage attack on #ows

and now for a song for #OWS & Zuccotti Park

If there ever was a time by Third Eye Blind

and one by Miley Cyrus
Liberty Walk
Sounds like Lady Gaga meets Pink.
As for her so called scandals they are overblown by a craven media which is not able to deal with these young singers maturing and going through changes after years of being treated as media's little darlings
For one thing who cares if she smokes weed and drinks -
The Mainstream Media and the American radical Family Values crowd think smoking weed is not just unhealthy but downright evil
Yes Bob Marley smoked weed
Did these people ever watch "That 70s Show" or the series "Weed"
Besides it seems odd to celebrate people doing a dozen or so shots of hard liquor in an evening and demonize those who use marijuana.
So did these people ever watch any rapper videos sex, liquor, drugs and rock and roll.
Rock and Roll traditionally was seen as an alternative life style and mode of thinking now the Mainstream Media and the pro-status quo crowd are insisting it should be tamed to suit Conservative consumerism Middle Class values preached to them by their overlords the 1% and their fascist police state.

as for the song; it like the one by Third Eye Blind needs more hard hitting and ironic lyrics and more insider references to the Occupy Movement .

If either performers are serious they should go to an Occupy protest and donate large sums of money to the #OWS or 99%.
And I would suggest the same actions by all those media stars who claim to be sympathetic to the movement as long as they don't let Rod Stewart or other rich rock and rollers like Gene Simmons & Mick Jagger join who have no sense of community social responsibility they just want the cash  -that my number one demand as it were-they love to take your money but never give anything back -if I'm wrong then correct me. And in what sense then is Miley Cyrus any better or worse than these phony aging  Pop Singers

Miley Cyrus Rock Mafia - IT'S A LIBERTY WALK!

Bush and Blair found guilty of committing genocide and crimes against humanity.
The Iraq War itself was a crime as a War of Aggression.
All nations the tribunal argues have an obligation under international law to arrest and put on trial Bush and Blair if they travel to these countries .

Bush, Blair Found GUILTY of War Crimes in Malaysia Tribunal

Uploaded by RevolutionNewsUS on Nov 24, 2011
Real News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — Former US president George Bush and his former counterpart Tony Blair were found guilty of war crimes by the The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal which held a four day hearing in the Malaysia.

The five panel tribunal unanimously decided that Bush and Blair committed genocide and crimes against peace and humanity when they invaded Iraq in 2003 in blatant violation of international law.

The judges ruled that war against Iraq by both the former heads of states was a flagrant abuse of law, act of aggression which amounted to a mass murder of the Iraqi people.

In their verdict, the judges said that the United States, under the leadership of Bush, forged documents to claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Egypt is just Another American backed brutal authoritarian Regime-
Clinton and Obama were big supporters of Mubarak until it became too embarrassing for them. Now they back the military regime . President Obama gave in on replacing Mubarak but as I have said Obama is not really in favor of a substantive change in government in Egypt.
So if anything the Obama regime has undermined the people's uprising in Egypt.
Obama like previous US presidents wants an American and Israeli friendly government in Egypt.

In the video below we get a good picture of how the present regime in Egypt is far from being supportive of human rights or civil rights or real democracy.
Note how peaceful protester are beaten , murdered in the streets and those apprehended are sent down an alley way to be processed through a violent gauntlet of soldiers and police.

U.S. Backed Egyptian Military Murdering Peaceful Protesters
RevolutionNewsUS Nov 22, 2011

Uploaded by RevolutionNewsUS on Nov 22, 2011
Real News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — Egyptian military junta carries out deadly crackdown on protesters...

The US-backed military junta in Egypt carried out a violent crackdown on protesters over the weekend, killing several and injuring over 700. The repression was in advance of the November 28 parliamentary elections.
Protesters have been demonstrating against state violence and the refusal of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) junta to hand over power, ten months after mass protests and strikes forced the resignation of the dictator Hosni Mubarak.
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, 23, died in Cairo on Saturday after being shot in the chest by police firing live ammunition. Another protester was shot in the head by snipers in Alexandria. The death toll from the weekend police attacks is now five, but it is expected to rise.

Fox News fear mongering about #ows
Stephen Moore of Wall Street Journal insists that all the financial problems in America were caused by President Obama.

Sally Kohn attempts to bring reason rather than just hyperbole and twisted rhetoric to the debate over the Occupy Movement.

While Fox News tries to paint all protesters as being violent instead Sally Kohn says the Occupy Movement has to deal with the small destructive fringe element which does not represent the movement. Meanwhile Fox News tries to brand the occupy movement with the actions of the few and to demonize the movement as out of control and erroneously claiming few Americans support the movement.

Sally Kohn further argues that the Occupy Movement is upset with both parties and how Democrats and Republicans have become puppets for Wall Street and Big Business. As she puts it "Washington has become a wholly owned subsidary of Wall Street".

There is a group in Wall Street, Washington and in the Mainstream Media that want to use these isolated violent incidents to undermine the Occupy Movement itself.
Meanwhile Sally kohn says the OWS movement has changed the conversation in America because instead of talking simply about the deficit or just blaming the Obama administration the Media and average Americans are now talking about the income disparity between the rich and the rest of Americans.

Occupy Wall St Crackdowns -- Sally Kohn on Fox News
Uploaded by movementvision on Nov 28, 2011

In the last post we were discussing the different takes on Naomi Wolf's accusations about the Obama administration or federal agencies working behind the scenes to crush the Occupy Movement.
Given the rhetoric coming out of Fox News and the GOP /Tea Party in their references to the Occupy Movement there is bound to be some concern over how the federal government maybe or is involved in the crackdown of these protest .
What Joshua Holland in his critique of Naomi Wolf's article on the authorities response to these protests is that he is concerned that liberals and progressives should be careful in their arguments and rhetoric and not so easily adhere to some far fetched conspiracy theory for which there is little or no proof.

My own concern is that liberals and progressives and those who support the Occupy Movement not get too side tracked by arguing about rhetorical style or too easily buy into some conspiracy theory on the one hand or on the other to be so partisn in favor of Obama and the democrats that even proven facts are dismissed out of hand .
President Obama has shown that he is either too naive or too concerned about upsetting the republicans or the elites and so that the Obama Regime is not much different than that of former President George W. Bush. In the end there are millions of Americans who supported Obam who now feel betrayed by his policies.
Obama for instance has done nothing to bring George W. Bush and all be called to account for their crimes meanwhile Obama has continued and widened the dubious Global War On Terror and has supported various and sundry authoritarian regimes and was late in understanding the importance of the Arab Spring but Obama has also gone after whistleblowers and has allowed the use of torture techniques which he refers to as enhanced interrogation techniques while bailing out Wall Street and the Bankers while doing little if anything to help out average Americans who have or will lose their jobs, their homes and their dignity. It appears as if he has just written people off in the same way Glenn Beck or Michael Savage and Fox News have done .

Michael Savage and others on the right in the USA paints the Occupy Movement as being made up of what he calls "useful idiots' or the extras in life's play who are of no use to anybody.
Then he compares the Occupy movement to Hitler's NAZIS and to Lenin's Bolsheviks which led to the deaths of tens of millions .
So in his comparisons is Obama playing the role of an authoritarian leader using the mob as it were to drastically change America???
Glenn Beck and Limbaugh and Fox News since the 2008 presidential campaign have been comparing Obama to Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Pol Pot & FDR and Woodrow Wilson etc.
So Obama has not just made some errors in judgement or different ideology from these conservatives but in fact is pushing ahead with some secret NAZI or Collectivist agenda and is therefore "Evil " incarnate.
Savage refers to these occupiers in terms equivalent to what Hitler referred to as the "Eaters" & the " Work Shy " that is those who do not contribute anything to society according to their definition.
Even when millions are unemployed in America Savage and Fox news etc. refer to those out of work as lazy bums . This attitude is similar to that held by Hitler and Mussolini and many Americans during the Great Depression . During the Great Depression there were many in America who had no sympathy for those thrown off of their farms or out of their homes by the bankers and the elite . First they took away their farms, their homes , their jobs and then attacked their dignity as citizens and as human beings.
So Michael Savage and his like minded pro-elite buddies at Fox News would like to see more heads cracked and more protesters mowed down by machine guns or tanks to get rid of this unwelcomed group of people in American society.

It is a bit hypocritical and ironic that Savage and other who claim to be in favor of free speech, the freedom of assembly and the freedom to present one's grievances to the government are in favor of these freedoms and rights when it is people on the right protesting but if they are construed as being liberal or progressives then suddenly they are no longer in favor of these rights.
Savage compares the protesters to American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq whom he refers to as heroes but calls occupiers cowards and dirty hippies.
But one wonders aren't these troops fighting for the rights and freedoms of all Americans and not just those whom Michael Savage and others agree with.
Isn't the real test of these rights is a matter of defending the rights of those expressing an opinion which you do not agree with.

The other thing to note is the use of eliminationist style rhetoric or propaganda used by Michael Savage as in calling protesters "Society's human refuse" or the Work Shy or Lazy dirty unAmerican traitors-scum of the earth. So Michael would be all for putting these protesters in jails or in labor camps.

Michael Savage - Occupy Wall Street: The Occupiers Library

Uploaded by ModernAmericanThinkr on Nov 29, 2011
www.michaelsavage.com - Michael Savage plays a clip of an Occupy protester crying about the "library" he and his fellow Occupiers created being removed from the public space. Savage concludes with a powerful statement that illustrates the contrast between Occupiers and warriors. "Our young warriors fighting on the front lines, with privations, are starving for the company of real men in government.

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