Saturday, November 26, 2011

America A Dream Deferred & #OWS Still Going Strong

For President Obama and his deferring the American Dream betraying the 99% to appease the 1%
Danny Glover reads Langston Hughes "Montage of a Dream Deferred"

For Americans celebrating their Thanksgiving Holiday here is a commentary by Beat poet Allen Ginsberg about America its promise versus reality.
America by Allen Ginsberg with music by Tom Waits

The economic and political systems in America is geared towards increasing the prosperity of the elites or 1% while penalizing the 99% according to the boom and bust economic model of the current deregulated Monopolistic Capitalist system. Both major political parties and the mainstream media are enablers of this corrupt unfair system.

When We Fight Back by Scott Tucker,, November 24, 2011

...The Democratic and Republican parties rig the rules of the electoral game to shut out and shut down anti-capitalist and socialist campaigns for public office. The professional pols in both corporate parties have as much shame as the UC Davis cop who held up his red can of pepper spray like a prize toy. And then strolled at leisure down a line of students sitting with arms linked, spraying them in full view of cameras. Gosh, that guy may not get rich, but he earns a living keeping the corporate state safe from college students. The same students scared of being buried alive by debt upon graduation.
The open criminality of the corporate state is founded upon such a cunningly complex system of dodges, tricks, traps, loopholes and tax shelters that any good corporate lawyer can be hired to convince us that this system is not criminal at all. No, the financial system is a marvelous Gothic cathedral of legalism, complete with gargoyles gazing down on the peasants. Even the Genius of the Market may be found ensconced in a sunlit rose window.

As the next article points out that the Occupy Movement or the 99% movement has had  its first big political win as Voters in a referendum to Repeal austerity legislation in Ohio won by a healthy margin. The Occupy movement has had a big impact on the public and media in their discussions over America's financial crisis. More people are now talking about the income gap between the 1% and the rest of Americans.

Chalk One Up for the 99% by Andy Kroll at Truthdig,com, November 26, 2011

...What a game-changing few months it’s been. Occupy Wall Street has inspired 750 events around the world, and hundreds of (semi-)permanent encampments around the United States. In so doing, the protests have wrestled the national discussion on the economy away from austerity and toward gaping income inequality (the 99% versus 1% theme), outsized executive compensation, and the plain buying and selling of American politicians by lobbyists and campaign donors.

Mentions of the phrase “income inequality” in print publications, web stories, and broadcast transcripts spiked from 91 times a week in early September to nearly 500 in late October, according to the website Politico—an increase of nearly 450%. In the second week of October, according to ThinkProgress, the words most uttered on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News were “jobs” (2,738), “Wall Street” (2,387), and “Occupy” (1,278). (References to “debt” tumbled to 398.)

And here’s another sign of the way Occupy Wall Street has forced what it considers the most pressing economic issues for the country into the spotlight: conservatives have lately gone on the defensive by attacking the very existence of income inequality, even if to little effect. As AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka put it, “Give credit to the Occupy Wall Street movement (and historic inequality) for redefining the political narrative.”

Wall Street in Ohio

The way Occupy Wall Street, with next to no direct access to the mainstream media, commandeered the national political narrative represents something of a stunning triumph. It also laid the groundwork for OWS’s first political win.

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