Monday, October 03, 2011

#99% Take Back Wall Street Protests Spreading Across US NY, Boston, Seattle

Eyewitness accounts suggest that NYPD police guided a portion of the protesters onto the lower level of Brooklyn Bridge once on the bridge they were trapped by police on either side and then the NYPD arrested some 500 to 700 protesters including a 13 year old who offered no resistance. Is the NYPD afraid of thirteen year olds. Is the Obama administration on the side of the 99% or on the side of the 1% . Well of course as Cenk Uygur would say of course Obama is on the side of the wealthy and the status quo . Obama made that decision as soon as he occupied the White House. Obama is on the side of the wealthy and the well connected and Big Business and the Security Military Industrial Complex.

By not choosing to investigate and indict members of the former regime for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity Obama chose to be on the wrong side of history.
By bailing out the bankers and investment firms rather than the average Americans who were soon to lose their homes because of the Housing/Mortgage/Wall Street Ponzi scheme .

Meanwhile Obama is too concerned about appeasing the GOP/Tea Party gang to be bothered with people who he believes have no power and no right to make any demands on his government or any other.

We need to remember the Obama regime was not in favor of the Arab Spring/ popular uprisings and continues to undermine such uprisings especially if the oppressive brutal government of a particular nation is considered an American ally ie Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen , Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan , Pakistan etc.

In the final analysis so far since Obama became president it has been business as usual in Washington DC. except for a lot of high sounding well crafted speeches with no real action to follow the promises and pledges of the Obama regime. The new guys are just like the old guys .

First hand account of Brooklyn bridge mass arrests - Occupy Wall Street

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These protests are not about left & right, don't let the mainstream media make you believe otherwise, this is not just a left wing movement. The protesters are highlighting corrupt financial institutions & their hold on both sides of the political divide. We all need to forget about partisan affiliations, get this criminal elite off our backs & work together to sort out the planet.

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