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#OWS Update & Call to Occupy Bank Foreclosure Sites & Call To NYPD To Cease it's Unconstitutional Stop and Search Program

Police arrest civil rights activist and Princeton professor Dr. Cornel West, one of approximately 30 arrests, during a protest against police stop-and-frisk tactics in front of the 28th Precinct in Harlem as part of the Wall Street movement.

 Photo below: Folk singer Pete Seeger, 92, joins others, as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, on a march down Broadway from Symphony Space on Broadway down to Columbus Circle late Friday night.
Wall Street and its media flunkies believe Pete Seeger who is 92 years old is a threat to National Security and to the Political/ Economic elites in America. Seeger is even armed and dangerous with not one but two canes.

So is this 92 year old activist a real threat to the NYPD and to Wall Street and therefore an enemy to the 1% status quo-will Obama demand his arrest as a a subversive along with Naomi Klein & Colonel West & other dissidents.

Verizon employees and members of the Communication Workers' union, CWA Local 1101, carry a banner reading "Verigreedy Wireless" as they're joined by Occupy Wall Street demonstrators for a march to the Verizon building on West St., then back downtown for a rally on Nassau St.

Wall Street Tsunami: OWS grows in force
Uploaded by RussiaToday on Oct 22, 2011
There's been another round of protester arrests in New York. Anti-corporate demonstrators complain police are taking too heavy an approach to their continuing peaceful rallies. RT's Lucy Kafanov is at the heart of protests that inspired a global movement.

Occupy Europe: Thousands march in Germany & Spain

Uploaded by RussiaToday on Oct 22, 2011Thousands staged demonstrations against the power of banks and for greater democracy in German cities on Saturday, while several thousand Spanish teachers and parents marched in the capital Madrid to protest against austerity measures. In Berlin the second edition of the so-called 'Occupy Berlin' protest against the financial system drew several hundred demonstrators to a march which ended at the Reichstag building, Germany's parliament, on Saturday afternoon. Protesters chanted slogans against banks as they walked past Berlin landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate. After the massive turnout at anti-bank protests last weekend, Berlin police were out in force this Saturday but no serious incidents were reported. A similar demonstration was held in Frankfurt, where several thousand people protested against the power of the banks and for greater democracy. The demonstration was organised by 'Occupy Frankfurt' and the international pro-democracy, anti-globalisation movement 'attac'.

Occupy Israel: Anger simmers over lack of change

Uploaded by RussiaToday on Oct 22, 2011Israelis inspired by American activists have spent weeks protesting and calling for social justice on the streets of Tel Aviv. But now that the rallies have ended, people are left wondering when the reforms, promised to them by the government, will emerge.

While Wall Street and big corporations , banks and investment firms make record profits they continue to lay off employees to down size and to send jobs off shore and to countries which have no history of treating workers fairly that is paid a living wage rather than be treated as mere slaves wholly dependent upon the whims of the overlords on Wall Street or elsewhere.

Note the pro-Wall Street pro-greed stance in this headline while they brand anyone criticizing the government or the disproportionate influence of the wealthy in America which is stifling true democracy as therefore being Un American or anti-American or Not real Americans. ..
 To criticize any part of the Capitalist System is deciphered as being anti-all aspects of capitalism.
 These critics who are part of the 1% or groupies for the 1% also argue that any policy which smacks in any way of socialism must be evil - taxing the rich -social security, old age pensions, maternity leave , the minimum wage, Unions, collective bargaining , food stamps, medicaid, universal Health Care for all  or civil rights legislation or international laws and agreements and the United Nations and so on.

There are those citizens who are not part of the 1% who in fact prostrate themselves at the feet of the rich and powerful.
Then these quislings tell the American people that Christianity is all about prosperity and the amassing of wealth so the wealthier one is the Holier one is and is therefore loved more by the Christian God than are those who are poor , homeless, the destitute , the millions in US prisons , the working poor etc.

Occupy Wall Street: Anti-capitalist protesters demonstrate against Wall St., corporate greed Daily News Photo Gallery , October 23, 2011

Note the pro-Wall Street pro-greed stance in this headline while they brand anyone criticizing the government or the disproportionate influence of the wealthy in America which is stifling true democracy as therefore being Un American or anti-American or Not real Americans. .

The have touched a nerve by daring to criticize the corporations and CEO's and their bought and paid for politicians.
Most people supporting the #OWS protest are not against "capitalism" per se but against rapacious, unregulated profits before people style Capitalism which has no interests in improving the lot of the average American citizen.

Instead the Media which defends Wall Street unconditionally turns the whole issue into us versus them -that is Wall Street-their claim is that those criticizing Wall Street are a mob of unreasonable extremists. But the OWS are supported by over 50% of the population.

NYPD's stop and frisk tactics protested in Harlem; Princeton Prof. Cornel West among those arrested BY MATTHEW DELUCA AND JOSE MARTINEZ DAILY NEWS WRITERS Friday, October 21st 2011

The NYPD, which stopped, questioned and often frisked a record 601,055 people last year, has come under fire for targeting blacks and Latinos in disproportionate numbers - and for stopping innocent people in the overwhelming majority of cases.

"You have to do nothing else except live in your neighborhood and be a young black or Latino male to be a suspect," Matt Main, of the National Lawyers Guild, told the Daily News.

A call to have protesters occupy foreclosure sites to challenge the banks right to foreclose.
Such protests would increased publicity and therefore public awareness and possibly a favorable response from the Obama Regime .

How to Make Banks Really Mad: Occupy Foreclosures by: Mike Konczal, New Deal 2.0 ,October 22, 2011

Could the next step after camping in Zuccotti Park be camping out in homes facing foreclosure?

As people think a bit more critically about what it means to “occupy” contested spaces that blur the public and the private and the boundaries between the 99% and the 1%, and as they also think through what Occupy Wall Street might do next, I would humbly suggest they check out the activism model of Project: No One Leaves. It exists in many places, especially in Massachusetts — check out this Springfield versionof it — and grows out of activism pioneered by City Life Vida Urbana. It is similar to activism done by the group New Bottom Line and other foreclosure fighters. Here is PBS NewsHour’s coverage of the movement.

The major goal of Project: No One Leaves is to mobilize as many resources as possible to protect those going through foreclosure and keep them in their homes as long as possible in order to give them maximum bargaining power against the banks. For those focused on “weapons of the weak,” this moment — with banks and creditors using state power to conduct massive amounts of foreclosures, thus impoverishing poor neighborhoods through a financialized rationality — is a crucial opportunity for resistance. From the webpage:

Post-Foreclosure Eviction Defense. We mobilize tenants and former homeowners living in recently or about to be foreclosed homes (bank tenants) to stop evictions, protect Springfield’s housing and communities, and mobilize bank tenants to fight back against major lending institutions and banks that are tearing our communities apart.

Their model, a two-step process known as the Sword and the Shield, works:

“The Sword”. Encouraging residents to stay in their homes, and to make their stories public, we organize blockades, vigils and other public actions to exert public pressure on the banks. The sword works together with:
“The Shield”: We inform bank tenants of their rights and work with legal services & progressive lawyers, to use aggressive post-foreclosure eviction defense to get eviction cases dismissed, win large move-out settlements (if it makes sense for that family/person), and force the banks to reconsider foreclosure evictions.
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