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#OWS #99% "This One Could Take Them All Down." : By Chris Hedges & Is " Iranian" Assassination Plot Brainchild of Mossad , MI6 & CIA ???

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"This One Could Take Them All Down." : By Chris Hedges: : : Information Clearing House:

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Facing a growing uprising by the American people for greater economic, political and social justice begun by the it appears that this is seen as a real threat to the powerful elites and the status quo so the Obama Regime and the corporate elites and the mainstream media are ginning up the the threat to US security by Iran in order to launch attacks on Iran to distract the people of America from the dire economic situation . As Chris hedges and other dissidents point out the Wall Street protests are cutting through the propaganda of the 1% revealing that 99% of Americans have little or no say or influence over how they are to be governed by Washington . Washington and the White House are the mere puppets of the rich and powerful elites. Legislation being considered in Washington that is the Congress and Senate is more often than not at the mercy of the rich and powerful elites . Laws and legislation is approved or not according to the interests and whims of these corporate elites.

It appears that the plot to assassinate the Saudi envoy in the US was the brain child of the Israeli Mossad, Britain's MI6 and the CIA.If this scenario is true then the Obama Regime has stooped to the level of propaganda and lies of the former Bush/Cheney Regime.
The Bush/Cheney created false intelligence in order to justify invading and occupying Iraq and now the Obama Regime following their lead is also inventing phony plots and misinformation and exaggerations and other propaganda about the imminent threat from Iran for the US to justify war with Iran by the US or to soften up the public for an attack on Iran by the Israelis.

Unfolding a Plot: Mossad at Work By Ismail Salami via Information Clearing, October 19, 2011

-- Despite its evidently make-believe facade, the cooked-up story of the Saudi envoy assassination plot does not seem to be something which can be easily banished from the minds of the American powers that be.

...Some Republican congressmen have expressed their interest in waging an all-out war against Iran, a threat they keep refreshing every time they have an excuse. They have clearly stated that Washington should not dismiss the idea of resorting to military force against Iran, an idea which is being strengthened in Congress.
“I don’t think you should take it off the table,” Michigan Representative Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, has said.

The US government keeps preaching at others and talking of dismantling this or that regime which they term as ‘dictatorial’ or ‘sponsor of terrorism’. Now that the lot has fallen to the US government itself, they are at a loss and appear despondently desperate. The implosive voice that is eroding the American system from within cannot be easily smothered or contained.

Therefore, the US has to find a way to divert international attention from what is going on in the country and zoom in on Iran...

Soon, Washington’s political equation was abruptly disturbed when a top ISI official revealed that the man involved in the alleged assassination plot of the Saudi envoy Adel al-Jubeir had received forged documents from Mossad.

“The accused man [Mansour Arbabsiar] received fake ID documents from Mossad three months ago,” the Pakistani Urdu-language Ummat Daily quoted the Inter-Services Intelligence officer as saying on condition of anonymity.

According to the Pakistani intelligence expert, the man in question was slated to carry out an operation codenamed Foss Fling for the notorious Israeli intelligence agency.

In parallel with this appalling revelation, The Independent ran a story about Adam Werritty, an unofficial “chief of staff” to British Defense Minister Liam Fox, his best man and former flat mate who accompanied him on a number of official visits and virtually made all his decisions and even held top level meetings.

Things went wrong though when it became manifest that he had in February arranged a meeting between Fox and senior Mossad operatives at a security conference taking place in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv, where they discussed effective plans to overthrow the ‘Iranian regime’. Werritty was said to have regularly met Iranian anti-government groups, Israeli operatives and right-wing US groups with an overwhelming interest in destabilizing President Ahmadinejad and overthrowing the Islamic government.

...The loosely-structured assassination plot is part of an extensive espionage and sabotage network supported and co-funded by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and CIA.

The marriage of the pernicious intelligence agencies e.g. Mossad, CIA and MI6 in trying to sabotage and cripple the Islamic government indicates a diligently wrought out plan over many years and one which has been heavily funded.

In the final analysis, what seemed at first to be a simplistic effort by the US to corner Iran into political isolation has begun to branch out into ramifications of Kafkaesque proportions.

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