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#Occupywallstreet #takewallstreet Still Spreading & Rachel Maddow On The People's Mic & The GOP Is The Theocratic Party

#takewallstreet #occupywallstreet
Global revolution live stream

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UPDATE: 10:30 PM, Oct. 05, 2011.

Protesters To March With Unions, Others [LIVE UPDATES] Huffington Post, Oct. 05, 2011

Protesters To March With Unions, Others [LIVE UPDATES]

UPDATE: 4:32 PM, Oct. 5, 2011.

 The mass arrests of #Occupywallstreet protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge is an  assault on democracy and individual rights by the NYPD and The Obama administration.
Will those arrested or anyone who have or will take part in such protest be labeled as "security risks " and put on "No Fly " list or labeled "terrorists" and so on. I can see no reason why not if one buys into the American paranoia about millions of fifth columnists living in America from Muslims to anarchists or Human Rights organizations and activists.
Meanwhile the Tea Party protesters no matter how outrageous  racist and paranoid they sound or their use of violent incendiary rhetoric  are depicted as being Patriotic Americans

The mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge resemble a clear, premeditated police tactic that has come to be known as "trap and detain," said Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, executive director of the Partnership for Civil Justice. The tactic goes something like this, she said: the police permit and escort marchers to proceed with their activities before suddenly corralling them into a closed off area and arresting everyone in one sweep.

Quote from : " Mass Arrest Resembles Infamous, Costly Police Tactic, Critics Say" by Jason Cherkis at Huffington Post, October 4, 2011

Toronto G20- Police Kettling Protesters-2010
The protesters are surrounded told to disperse which they can't and then are picked off one at a time.
And most Canadians no longer believing in the right to dissent cheered the police.

G20 Toronto - Queen & Spadina - Police Block in and Arrest Protesters and Bystanders

If such illegal and unethical and criminal actions can be taken by police in Canada then no nation is safe from such authoritarian antidemocracy tactics.During the protest the Canadian police used "agent provocateurs" to ginny up the violence or at the very least allowed violent anarchist groups to commit violence in order to justify the Police's draconian actions.
Over and over again when the Anarchist group the Black Bloc were smashing windows and cars etc. the police pulled back even though other more peaceful protesters demanded the police intervene.
But of course that's not how the mainstream press reported the story but rather tries to create the impression that thousands of protesters were taking part in violent activities.
During the G20 protests in Canada the police and the government of Canada showed their true face and what they thought about citizens exercising their right to free speech and to protest.
These protests in Toronto were legal since the organizations had permits to march and yet the police attacked anyway. The only real difference in attitude and response on the part of authorities in Canada as opposed to Egypt or Bahrain is that the police didn't kill anyone. But next time don't expect that the police will be restrained even in quaint Canada.
The police some suggest were just experimenting with these tactics and checking how far they could go without Canadians getting upset. It seems Canadians like Americans in general allow the police far too much latitude and tend to believe the police over eyewitnesses or even over video proof of police over-reaction.

Snatch and grab arrests of peacefull civillians G20 toronto June 27 queen and spadina

Rachel Maddow -Explains people's Mic at #Occupywallstreet Protests in NY.

and From "We're Going To Wall Street" October 5, 2011 by Angie

This video has us pumped for the protests that are changing everything. So join us, either in person or by showing your support at the Virtual March on Wall Street at!

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Take Back the American Dream with Van Jones

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gaining huge momentum with Middle America at Digital , October 5, 2011

New York - has progressed from a small undistinguished movement to a front runner of national emerging protests within 19 days. This movement against corrupt corporations and Wall Street has quickly gained momentum within Middle America.

protesters are staging its Union March today from Foley Square to the Financial District in Brooklyn, NY, around 3:00 EDT or 20:00 GMT that will be accompanied by the Transport Workers Union, the New York State United Teachers, and the Service Employees International Union. Adding to the support, New York CBS Local reports that nation-wide college walk outs are being planned as the Anonymous Hacker group threatens to shut down the New York Stock Exchange website on October 10.

Estimating to be in the numbers of 5,000 protesters, will be joined by community groups and members as part of their “Take Back the American Dream” conference from October 3-5 with live streaming. With five million members, their motto for an online war is “I stand with the Wall Street protesters. It’s time for the banks to own up to the greed that helped wreck our economy,” with I SUPPORT signing available.

According to New York CBS Local, the group is also calling for a student walk out at college campuses across the country starting at 2 p.m. to protest “against unforgivable student debt and soaring tuition rates. Professors are asking their classes to take the day to actually go to this rally

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While the rich get richer the poor get poorer and the middle class disappears.

The tactic used to trap and then arrests 700 protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge has been in use for years in the US at least since 2000 but it has gone international. Last year during G20 protests in Toronto the same tactic was used.
People are place in an area where they are surrounded by police and told to disperse but they can not do so because they are blocked in.
How for instance were protesters to disembark from the Brooklyn Bridge when there was no place to go. Should protesers then have jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge or beat their way through police lines.This was all a farce a set up for the police to make mass arrests.
When this sort of anti-democratic policing takes place where's the legislators or the White House and the Department of Justice or even president Obama -they all seem to act like its not happening or that it is a local police matter.
The issue is that in this case the protest is not aimed at New York City but at Wall Street establishment and their government paid for cronies.
In the 1950s and 1960s during demonstrations in the South the state and the federal government became involved because the rights of those citizens protesting were being ignored.

What would it take for the US federal government to get involved in such a massive infraction of citizens rights.

Will President Obama only get involved when the NYPD kills a number of citizens .
As argued before at this blog we have seen a trickle down effect form the legal abuse and torture of so called detainees by US personnel at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.
So the logic goes that even protesters are to be viewed as enemies of the state.
Many of those who are Pro-Obama fear he will not win the 2012 election and so things will get worse. But the problem is President Obama has made no real changes in the way the systen works to empower the elites while disempowering average American citizens.

The issue with Obama is that he makes great speeches claims to be on the side of average citizens but over and over again he has proven he is on the side of the elites.

 But what can we expect since those who took part in the Civil Rights movement or the Anti-war movement in the 1960s were more often than not treated as "enemies of the state' and as unAmerican to dare question those in authority or the US government or Department of Justice.
One need only remember Birmingham and the Chicago anti-war demonstrations and the anti-poverty movement how they were suppressed.
Even Rev. . Martin Luther King Jr. was accused by the mainstream media as being a "Commie" because he wanted equal rights and political and social justice for all and he committed the further  sin of  publicly speaking out against the Vietnam War .
The situation in America is not much better today in America as anyone speaking out against the insane wars being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and the murder of over one million indigenous peoples in these countries.
If MLK were here today he would be far from proud of America or of its government including Barack Obama

Mass Arrest Resembles Infamous, Costly Police Tactic, Critics Say by Jason Cherkis at Huffington Post, October 4, 2011

WASHINGTON -- Ben Becker, 27, sat in the back of a police-commandeered transit bus on Saturday night, his hands placed tightly behind his back in plastic cuffs. He'd been marching on the Brooklyn Bridge as part of the demonstrations. And like hundreds of other activists railing against the inequities of the financial system, he had been swept up in a mass arrest by the New York Police Department.

Becker was one of the first placed in custody. His bus filled up fast. They waited, tied up for hours, and did not know their charges, Becker said. For many, this was new: the march, the chanting, the arrest.

"Some of the teenagers on the bus were extremely nervous," Becker said.

But this was a scenario Becker knew well. He was the named plaintiff in the Partnership for Civil Justice's 2001 federal class-action lawsuit against the District of Columbia, known as Becker v. D.C. That case stemmed from the D.C. police department's mass arrest of anti-IMF/World Bank demonstrators on April 15, 2000. Becker was one of nearly 700 people arrested during that march. He was 16 at the time.

On Tuesday, the Partnership for Civil Justice filed yet another class-action lawsuit -- this one again on behalf of Becker and others arrested on the bridge.

"I was telling the young people -- the teenagers -- the people who had been protesting for the first time, when we were sitting on the bus for hours, I was telling them the similarities to April 2000," said Becker, who is currently an adjunct professor at City College of New York and a graduate student studying history.

The mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge resemble a clear, premeditated police tactic that has come to be known as "trap and detain," said Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, executive director of the Partnership for Civil Justice. The tactic goes something like this, she said: the police permit and escort marchers to proceed with their activities before suddenly corralling them into a closed off area and arresting everyone in one sweep.

The police will use a side street, a park, or, in the case of , a bridge -- usually an area where the people trapped cannot disperse, and where they end up having to beg the police to leave, Verheyden-Hilliard said. Journalists, tourists and legal observers are often caught up in these dragnets. A reason for the arrests is crafted after the fact, she said.

The NYPD says its officers warned the activists not to take the motorway. “There were claims police had not issued warnings,” Paul J. Browne, the chief spokesman for the police, stated in an email to The New York Times. “In fact, warnings were issued and captured on video.”

The NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.

Verheyden-Hilliard said the fact that the so-called warnings were videotaped shows premeditation. She added that the warnings were bad theater -- police were speaking inaudibly into a bullhorn; they were for show only, she said.

The Fanatics have taken over the Republican Party.
Frank Schaeffer explains how the religious Right extremists have now become the insiders in the Republican Party GOP
Their aim is not democracy but a theocracy ala Christian Evangelical Taliban.
Mormon candidates are problematic for the Religious Right who consider Mormons as not being true Christians.

Rachel Maddow -Frank Schaeffer on Religion & Politics in the 2012 Election.

Mike Vanderboegh Inciting violence against the Democratic Party March 23, 2010.
"We can break their windows. ..Break them break them now. "
Tells Republicans and others to throw bricks through the windows of Democratic Party's headquaters in every state and district across the US.
The anti-government leaders call for a Kristallnacht to protest against Obama administration
Mike Vanderboegh is now Fox News expert on issues concerning gun ownership rights

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