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FOX NEWS & Ann Coulter Calls Wall Street Protesters NAZIS #Occupywallstreet #takewallstreet Movement Spreads Across America

UPDATE: 3:34 PM, October 4, 2011.

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Protests against Wall Street spread across U.S. The Star.com, October 4, 2011

NEW YORK, N.Y.—Protests against Wall Street entered their 18th day Tuesday as demonstrators across the country show their anger over the wobbly economy and what they see as corporate greed by marching on Federal Reserve banks and camping out in parks from Los Angeles to Portland, Maine.

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The US government made up lies in order to invade Iraq leaving some 5,000 US soldiers dead and some 650,000 Iraqis dead. This is a war crime.
The US government , big business, Wall Street and the quisling media lied to protect the rich and powerful.
The US government supports massive bail outs for the rich and Banks, and Big Business.
But the government and the rich refuses to help those losing their jobs, their homes, their futures.

And those who are suffering are further victimized by the Media especially FOX NEWs and the rich and the GOP /Tea Party gang & the Dead inside Neocons and neoliberals as they characterize and insult and try to marginalize those left to suffer as "losers" , "failures", "stupid", "lazy" etc.

Or as Pastor John Hagee says let the poor starve. That's the Ayn Rand Libertarian Christian way so they say.
Maybe some of these arch conservative wealthy individuals are on the defensive since they want to convince other Christians that Jesus never meant to bar the rich from his followers or even to allow them into heaven. So they spend a lot of energy convincing Christians that one can be rich, greedy , selfish , mean spirited and God will still love you -well BS go read the Bible .

So the media also relies on this sort of character assassination to justify not covering or being dismissive of these protests.

Yet the Media seems to relish covering Tea Party demonstrations trying to they claim giving voice to all sides.
But the Tea Party is financed by the rich & the GOP.
The Tea Party want to lower taxes for the beloved rich while many of the Tea Protesters as individuals may be sincere but they have been sold another lie.
Yet the media are dismissive of these ongoing protests and what they are protesting about.
It is not in the governments interests or the interests of the media to express genuine concern for those being left behind in a financially unjust society .
While those in power play Global Politics spending trillions on unnecessary wars their solutions are to attack government programs meant to help people when they are in need.
As we see in these protests the main issue of the Elite is their strict anti-democratic perverse form of upholding the law and denying those who protest their basic rights of free speech , freedom of association, the freedom to gather in public and the right of dissent.
Just by denying the protesters the right to use bull horns or other amplifying devices are they therefore willfully interfering with citizens' right to free speech.

: George Soros Understands Protesters' Pain‎

Ann Coulter hates those Church picnics or block parties or fund drives etc.
She argues any form of community organizing is pernicious and will lead to Totalitarianism

The insanity of Ann Coulter- she is anti-revolution because they always end up a bloody mess. Odd for her to make such claims when she was praising the Tea Party Mob uprsiings and as an American it is odd because the US was born out of a violent revolution against the British Empire.

But she and Fox News are against Community organizer so if a community in a city has a bake sale or charity drive , food or clothing drive or even a block party or a community getting together to put pressure on local politicians to improve their local school or to build a playground ro Ann Coulter these are all the first steps towards a NAZI Totalitarian State.

Also rember a few years back how the people of New York as a community wanted to help out after 9/11 does she think that was bad .

And what about those communities who raised money to buy equipment for the US soldiers in Iraq or getting together to send cards or letters or baked goods to US soldiers in Iraq.

and by the way does Ann Coulter object to communities which organize protest against Big Government or who are concerned about a new Mosque being built at Ground Zero or any where else in America.

So is it her contention that a community gathering together to lobby for a new set of street lights or cross walk that this too is just the beginning of a Nazi take over.

 So Coulter and Hannity and Fox News are against governments helping out individuals in need or communities which are in need.
As we have heard for a number of years these insensitive winner take all Uberconservatives don't even like the government to help out during a natural disaster so as she would say let the people of those areas deal with it themselves. But if they organize she has said they are just a bunch of Nazis . So she does believe as Ayn Rand did that the special people the elite like herself should defend one another and to hell with the average American. Remember she and Hannity, or Glenn Beck or Limbaugh are all wealthy and so are not average Americans. She is in fact a member of the 1% .

"Coulter: Wall Street Protests Start of 'Totalitarianism'at NewsMax.com ,Tuesday, 04 Oct 2011

Conservative iconoclast Ann Coulter has equated protesters with the Occupy Wall Street Movement with Nazis and likens their anti-capitalistic rhetoric to the “beginning of totalitarianism.”

Speaking with Fox Business’ Eric Bolling on Monday about the protests in Lower Manhattan, which have sparked similar demonstrations in cities across the country, Coulter referred to the demonstrators’ use of the phrases “demolition of capitalism” and “if we can learn to share we can all live in prosperity.”

She said: “All of those quotes could have been said in 1789 in France before the French Revolution, or the Russian Revolution, or with only slight modifications when the Nazis were coming to power, in Cuba under Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. This is always the beginning of totalitarianism.”

Coulter also said the Democratic Party loves “mob uprising,” and added that Democrats “always assume that the mob leaders will remain mob leaders and not end up like Maximilien Robespierre, beheaded a couple of years after the [French] revolution began. That is often the way revolutions go.”

In her latest book “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America,” Coulter spends two chapters examining the French Revolution and writes that "the Democratic Party is the party of the mob.

“Indeed, the very idea of a 'community organizer' is to stir up a mob for some political purpose."

 and so here are the peace loving Tolerant Christians attacking those who disagree with them .
In Essence they want all non-Christians to be marginalized and denied the same rights they have.

Tea Party Violence: Teabagger Tries To Kill Man With Obama Bumper Sticker

Protester Assaulted by Violent Tea Party Members at Palin McCain Rally

violent attack by gun rights tea partiers against sing along members at madison capitol.mov

 GOP & Tea Party support anti-Islam Mobs

Tea Party Attack Muslim Families Attending a Charity Dinner for Homeless in America

and here's a juicy bit of illogical disingenuous rhetoric by The Tea Party Gang (Patriots)
The Tea Party spokespersons down play the confrontational over the top rhetoric of their mass protests- they also seem to forget Tea Party gangs showing up for Town Hall meetings and refusing to allow their political representatives from speaking.

Nor do these right wingers ever admit that the Anti-Abortion campaigners often break the law by harassing clinic's clients and trying to prevent people from entering clinics and if we recall ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly have over the years encouraged violence against the staff of these clinics-Coulter referred to the murder of Dr. George Tiller as a post birth abortion and it was Bill O'Reilly who invented the term Tiller the Baby Killer but we are told that when these say such things or incite violence that's OK because they are Patriotic Christian Americans or as Palin calls them the "Real Americans".

They of course see nothing wrong with those Tea Party enthusiast carrying hand guns or rifles to a protest even when President Obama was going to be there.

So if thousands of #OccupyWallStreet protesters showed up with legal guns or rifles in a region a state or municipality that allows carrying fire-arms in public ie " open and carry " Ann Coulter and the gang would not make an issue of it ???

Tea party leaders grapple with ‘Occupy Wall Street’ by Steve Nelson at The Daily Caller 10/04/2011

The “Occupy Wall Street” protest movement, based in New York City and inspiring similar protests across the country, has been described as the left’s response to the tea party. But do the two movements share any common ground?

According to Tea Party Patriots National Chairman Mark Meckler, the answer is an emphatic “no.”

“These are law breaking people,” Meckler told The Daily Caller. “We have nothing in common with them other than we are all American citizens. My read on the news is that they do not even know what they are protesting.”

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips agreed. “I see very little in the way of commonalities between the two groups,” Phillips told TheDC. “The Occupy Wall Street protesters act mostly as a mob, without any real coherent explanation of their grievances.”

“The protesters are upset about bailouts but they want to see that money used on more social programs, where the tea party objects to the government bailing out businesses,” Phillips explained. “The tea party thinks that money should go back to the people as tax refunds or should never be taxed in the first place.”

According to Phillips, “The ultimate goal of the tea party is a reduction in the size of government and a return to constitutional bounds. The goal of these people is ultimately a socialist revolution.”

Tea Party Express co-founder Sal Russo, however, offered a more nuanced assessment of the protesters.

The tea party movement, according to Russo, can trace its roots to the Ross Perot campaign of the early 1990s, which he said contained “a strong dose of opposition to crony capitalism.”

“I think you find that the left and the right come together on that, kind of for different reasons, but come to the same conclusion that government ought not to be picking winners and losers,” Russo told TheDC.

Russo couldn’t recall any confrontations between tea party supporters and the police, nevermind on a scale similar to Saturday’s march over the Brooklyn Bridge, where 700 demonstrators were arrested.

Meanwhile in the real world that is the world outside the FOX NEWS Ann Coulter world the Wall Street protests have spread across America.

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